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Mel’s Lunch Date – Dirty Sex Tales


Oh she is so Gorgeous! 5 feet 2 inches tall. Long luscious auburn hair cascading over her back and shoulders. Her skin so soft and creamy and the softest eyes that have ever laid eyes upon me. She has a smile that will brighten the room on the gloomiest of days. Her name is Melody, and she is my fiancée and the woman with whom I plan to spend the rest of my life with. But I am certain from my own readings that it is not the soft sensual sappy stuff that has you here.

Not long ago I moved my fiancée in with me. For a long time she was developing a justified complaint that seeing as how my work shift opposed her own that I should start stopping by and taking her to lunch. I told her I would but after a couple weeks she brought it up again. I felt like a total heel, I had totally forgotten about it. So I made plans right the and there. But only, in my head!

The Next day I showed up to her workplace at around 12 or 12:30 in the afternoon, to take her to lunch. She had gotten up and ready and was dressed and out the door before I could see her. So when I saw her I was pleasantly surprised. She was wearing a dark blue suit coat over top of a white satin button down, and a dark blue skirt to match her jacket. On her neck dangled the same gold cross the always wore. It accented the cleavage of her shapely C-cup breasts. The bottom bit of the cross dangled teasingly over her cleavage just at the beginning of her deep valley.

She had not been expecting me so she had yet to look up from her work. She was wearing a pair of reading glasses that seemed to add just that extra something to set off even more of her radiant beauty. When first seeing her I was struck speechless. No surprise really, she always caused a moment of breath taking speechlessness whenever I would lay eyes upon her. Most especially the first time each day. It was like laying eyes on her for the very first time. Not today, but the first time EVER laying eyes upon her. She never ceased to have that effect on me.

So anyway, I had arrived a little early so I could afford those minutes of standing and staring, watching as she worked. Watching her little expressions of her eyebrows crinkle up as she thinks hard or is momentarily perplexed. Or the purse of her lips as she sighs and stops to clear her thoughts before pouring over more reading, and more documents. My god she drove me wild. I could actually feel my hear pounding from my chest. I was reminded then and there of why I decided 6 months ago that I wanted to never have to miss a day of getting to lay my eyes upon her for the rest of hour lives.

I think I stood there for about 5 or 10 minutes before she felt me watching or maybe noticed a shadow in the doorway, but finally she looked up. My heart skipped a beat when her face lit up with a smile that would pale a thousand stars.

She practically leapt over her desk as she ran around and leapt into my arms. I was forced to catch myself and her when she nearly knocked us both to the hall floor. I picked her up and hugged her in a returning embrace and spun her through her office.

 “What Are you doing here? ” She asked with a knowing smile.

 “What do you mean? I am here to take you to lunch silly. ” I battled back.

 “Were you expecting someone else? ” I asked in mock defensive tone.

She swatted me playfully squealing a  “no way bucko! ” and hurried around her desk and grabbed for her purse. I lead her out to the car and off to lunch we went.

Settling into our seats at a local restaurant I ordered a beer and asked her what she would like to drink. Being on her lunch from work she ordered only a coke. We sat there a few minutes and I asked her what she wanted for dinner tonight. She gave me her  “are you sure that is your first beer look  “.

 “What does it matter to you, you will be at work. ” She said somewhat sarcastically.

I grinned back at her and proceeded to tell her I took the rest of the week off for vacation and would be changing to first shift the following week.

I thought I was going to have to pick her jaw up off of the table.

 “You’re kidding me!!!! ” she said.

 “Nope! I put in the request nearly a month ago, on a bid sheet. I got the call this morning to find out I got it. So when the boss told me I asked him to put me off for the week for vacation. ” I said.

 “I have no idea what I want for dinner. Why don’t you surprise me ” he said.  “But I do know that I want you for dessert every night from now on ” she demanded.

Having finished our lunch I drove her back to work, hugged her tight and close before letting her out of the car, and headed for home. I had much more planning to complete after all.

Once I got home I began our dinner. Cutting up carrots, broccoli and cauliflower for steaming, and slide a Prime rib roast into the oven to slow cook and baste for the last few hours of her shift. Then once dinner was started and well under way I took off back to town and bought a bottle of pink champagne and a couple of crystal wine glasses. On the way home I stopped at the local Hardware store and picked up a nylon rope.

When I arrived back at home I put the champagne on ice and settled in to watch TV for the last hour and a half remaining. All I could do was sit there grinning devilishly and anxious as a mother fucker at the night to come.

Oh Damn! The Candles! I thought. And jumped up to search for some long candles and some fancy sconces. Finally finding some and setting them up and set the rest of the table. She would now be pulling in at about any time.

About 10 to 15 minutes later I heard the familiar sound of her car in the drive way and quickly lit the candles and dimmed the lights. The champagne bottle, the ice, and the crystal glasses setting the room in a reflected glow of the candles as she entered through the front door.

Sure enough for the first half minute or so she allowed me I stood there and stared at her. Almost not knowing what to say. Her beauty again leaving me speechless.

I laughed at first as she darted across the room nearly in tears as she took in the sight and the setting I had created. The environment seethed romance almost as brilliantly as her beauty could draw a crowds attention.

The stereo was playing an old classic rock tune. (neither of us being a big fan of instrumental music this seemed to go well.) I circled the table and pulled out her chair. With a fluid grace that she alone can accomplish she took her seat as I slid her gently to the table. Kissing her gently as I made my way to the oven.

We ate dinner in near silence. Spending most of the hour eating and matching each others gaze and breathing in the surrounding atmosphere. We engaged in some idle chit chat as I enquired of her day at work and she grilled me rather relentlessly about the amount of planning this took and then of course the cost. I told her to hush, we could afford a nice night.

My foot raised between her thighs about 3 quarters of the way through our meal. Sliding up her skirt to nudge her clit. She never wore panties except for when necessary so I knew the only barrier was my own sock. She grinned at me with the most devilish grin that melted me so completely. After teasing her thoroughly I stopped and told her she could have no more before thoroughly completing whatever work she brought home with her.

 “I want nothing distracting you when we go through the rest of the night I have planned ” I told her, and if her work was done then that would not be in her mind.

With a pouty face she shoved away from the table and padded down the hall to her office, briefcase in hand. I gave her all of 15 minutes to get good and settled into her work. Then I entered her office and pretended to love up to her from behind her desk chair.


The shocked look on her face as she felt the cuffs lock onto her wrist was sheer priceless! I then withdrew the rope I had bought previously, and tied it tightly to the chain of her cuffs, And pulled her over her desk . Then I pulled the rope under the desk and tied it firmly to her ankles just loose enough not to cause her pain.

 “What the fuck are you doing!? ” she squealed.

 “Be quiet slut! ” I demanded.

I then grabbed her skirt and unzipped the back of it and yanked it down, exposing her tight and pert ass! Then lifting the back of her shirt up over her back so nothing obstructed my view.

She looked back at me with fire and defiance in her eyes as I looked on at her beautiful ass and fine pussy lips. The lips that defied her anger and glistened lightly of her sweet and musky scented arousal.

 ” Are you enjoying this? ” I asked. Pulling a spray bottle of icy water out from beneath her chair and spritzing it over her ass.

 “NO Damn it now Untie me! ” she demanded with a hint of fury in her voice. But only a hint and the only contradiction to the arousal told by the rest of her flesh.

I brought my hand down across her ass.

 “Enjoying it now? ” I enquired.  “Answer me with Yes Master when you respond! ” I added.

Again she shook her head with defiance and growled as she pulled against her bonds.

I brought my hand down again.

 “Now?! ” I asked. Failing to conceal the smile in my voice.

 “Fuck you! No! Now un-fucking-Tie!! ” me She Demanded.

and I watched her ass turn a nice rosy shade of red.

 “OWWWWW! Ok! Ok! ” she cried!  “Yes I like it. I… I love it! Yes Master I a enjoying it. ” She said through a shaky voice.

Smiling I leaned forward and gently soothed and caressed her ass. Soon the caressing and rubbing became kneading and massaging. My finger tips invading the crack of her pretty ass, while she moaned and whimpered in pleasure and the burning pain from her hot and rosy ass.

Relinquishing my grasp of her I then took a single finger and traced it down along her ass crack and teased it over her now soaking lips. She nearly broke the desk in two as she bucked and jolted hard as my fingers teased her pretty pussy lips. OH Master she exclaimed! As she relaxed and began to anxiously await whatever I had planned next.

I walked around in front of her unfastening my pants as I walked. Pulling my stiff cock out and aiming it directly at her mouth. I needed no coaxing or ordering. My little slut greedily inhaled my cock into her mouth and her throat. I began to slowly thrust and piston my cock in and out of her waiting and hungry mouth.

I began to gasp and moan at the magic her tongue worked on my cock. Even with her hands bound and unable to be used she still gave a fantastic blow job. My gasps and heavy breathing seemed to almost challenge her to entice my cock to even further pleasure sensations. Oh my god I moaned….. Yes Suck me slut. Make me cum.

I piston in and out of her engulfed mouth. My hips starting to buck involuntarily as my orgasm draws nearer. Reaching down and pulling her nipples as I felt the familiar heat and tightening in my balls.

 “I am going to cum baby! ” I gasped.

Almost before I finished my cock erupted in the back of her throat! She did not lose one drop either…. She held my cock sucked tightly into her mouth until she had managed to clean very last drop.

I moved back behind her and kneeled and with my thumbs I pulled her slick pussy lips apart and wasted no time in pressing my lips and tongue hard to her waiting and throbbing clit. I sucked and nibbled and probed her sopping pussy with my tongue and fingers. Only stopping to bury my tongue deep inside her ass.

Her body tossed and threw and writhed on her desk. Her hair flying wildly about the desk, flinging pens, pencils and papers everywhere. Her juices are so sweet and tasty I cannot get enough. I need her to explode on my tongue.

 “Cum on me you little slut! Cum on my tongue! ” I demanded.

As if on cue her body raised up and bucked against her bindings and the desk. Her ass settling firmly against my face as my tongue darted so deep. Lapping, licking and sucking every last drop of your cum and pussy juice. She writhed and gyrated on my face and tongue. Squirming and squealing with the pleasures of her orgasm.

 “Oh MY GOD!!!! That was absolutely amazing! ” she said.

It was just about that moment I slammed my cock deep inside her scalding and sopping pussy. But even wet as she was her cunt squeezed my cock like a vice!

 “OHHHHHHHHH! ” she let out in a low guttural moan.  “Ohhhh!! Yes Fuck me! ” She said.

I began pumping my cock like a jackhammer in and out of her pussy. She came and came on my cock. Squealing and screaming louder than before through each one. After about 25 minutes of good hard fucking I exploded deep inside her pussy and released her bonds. We fell to the floor of her office panting in a deep and satisfied trembling.

I lifted her and carried her to the main living room and laid us both in front of the Large stone fire place. Our naked bodies tight together and warm inside each others embrace.

 “I love you ” We said almost in perfect Unison as we laid there and napped. We awoke periodically and made love all night long. With her ending up calling off of work the next day.

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