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The Claiming of AMANDA RAE


The story begins around the time I was about 25 years old. I had been out of the Army about 4 years. when I ran into Jim and Amanda Rae while out for drinks. I had not seen Amanda Rae in probably 8 years or more. Not since High School anyhow, and after a few games of pool and a few beers, they invited me to dinner at their place for the following evening.

I was at first reluctant to accept given my level of attraction to Amanda Rae. One that had been strong since our teenage years. Now 8 years later she was still stunning. Amanda Rae stands about 5ft. 1in. Tall. She has long dark brown hair. Dark like Chestnuts, soft blue/gray eyes, fair but not pale complexion. Kind of a light caramel color that tans to a deep golden brown that the sun generally bleaches natural honey highlights into. But then there is her figure. She is Petite, and as I said 5ft 1in tall, and about 125 – maybe 130lbs. In high school she had always been into Volleyball and Softball so she was quite athletic built. Now she had not lost a single step. Her breasts had always been a bit on the larger side, and still were at a 40-DDD, a tight tummy and wide almost betty boop class hips. She was a 50’s and 60’s pin-up Goddess!

So Saturday being the next day, I stop for a couple of 12pks of Amberbock and MGD, also picking up a bottle of Cabo Wabo tequila on the way. The invitation was for 6 and I arrived fashionably late at around 10 after. They asked me if I was planning to go on a binge, having brought so much alcohol. But seemed more than willing to pop open some beers and join me in a few while dinner was finishing being cooked.

For probably the next hour or so all was good. Then Jim asked about the Cabo…  “Isn’t that the tequila Sammy Hagar owns and distills? ” Apparently he was familiar with Toro and Jose, but had never tried Cabo.

So Amanda Rae cut up some lime and brought out some salt, while I poured the first round. We kept it relaxed with 2 or 3 shots each. But those shots really hit my two hosts like a freight train hits a hay wagon. But surprisingly, and much to their credit, they were able to roll on for some more beer and chitchat. This is where the conversation got interesting.

Jim became quite comfortable with he and Amanda Rae’s sex life, and once he started Amanda Rae was more than okay with filling in the blanks. Apparently they married for love and gave little thought to their sex life. Jim had apparently been skipped when his genes took the train to endowment. For a guy who stood 6ft 2in and was an easy 230lbs. he was only equipped with a 4 1/2 incher at full mast.

Believe you me this conversation had certainly crossed into TMFI territory. No, I wasn’t exactly comfortable with the topic. Mostly because I was having such a hard time not laughing from the mental imagery this was creating. But I managed to keep a hold of my manners despite my current condition. That is truly a feat for those whom know me. My mouth tends to have no shame when sober. Let alone 5 beers and 2 shots in.

Once the personal and intimate details were out of the way they began to tell me about the fantasies and RP they used to pick up the slack in their loveplay. Mostly the usual, daddy and his babygirl, cops and speeder etc. But then they went onto tell me their biggest sexual fantasy. It was a bit darker and was about a home invasion where a man broke in and bound him in the spare bedroom, then had his way with his unwilling wife in their marital bed. At this point they had my full undivided attention. I was by this point totally convinced that it was cabo, whom had loosened this fantasy from their vault of  “Never-tells ” and definitely not to a kinkster friend who used to date the lady involved. Whatever the reasoning, I had begun hanging on the words in their fantasy. Even wrote some of the key details down in my address book. So I could be certain to remember them all when I needed to.

Shortly after all this my hosts began showing signs of having pushed the limits of their day and were passing out. So I grabbed what remained of the Amberbock and went home. I couldn’t help but jack off to the mental imagery of Amanda Rae bound and gagged with a cloth or gagged on a hard cock while her husband was helpless to do more than listen.

My first thought was damn! what a low down friend I am to be getting off on their imagined plight. But then I thought about it. If it was truly a wishful fantasy, then they may have needed the tequila to confess this darker side of their sexuality. So, I started thinking about it and the more I thought about it. The more I began to come up with a scenario to make their fantasy night come true.

I spent the next 2 weeks planning and plotting, then scrapping and replanning the possible scenarios. My first idea was to bring in someone I know who does similar shit, but quickly dismissed it. That friend uses similar tactics to collect money owed to him or his biker club. No use exposing Jim and especially Amanda Rae to someone who might not know when to stop. No… It would have to be me. The more I committed myself to it the more I looked forward to doing it. I was going to invade their home by force and have my way with Amanda Rae while her husband could only listen. Well, atleast that was the initial plan anyhow. By the time I actually made my move, I had settled on a new twist of my own.

So you know where the story is going and where it began. You know what Amanda Rae looks like and what Jim’s physique is anyhow. 6ft 2in, 230lbs. with Straw-blonde hair and a pale complexion. Sort of a real life Ken – Doll from Barbie. He also has Green eyes and a 3inch killa of phallic-manila!

You now know as well that I had personally taken on the duty of making their little no-tell never-tell fantasy come true. So now I will tell you a little about myself. My name is Jay Kenton. My friends and those who have known me long enough just call me Chaos. It’s kind of been my nickname and high school football legacy. Mainly because my physique kinda contradicted my speed and quickness on the football field. At 5ft 6inches tall and weighing about 160 I looked like a stocky sawed off whisky barrel on legs. Not fat by any means, atleast not in HS or at the time of this story anyhow. I had short sandy brown hair, softer brown eyes, and a reddish tan complexion that darkened to native American red-brown in the summer. I was for the most part quite average looking. Aside from dressing more like a biker and having a bit less shame than I had in high school, not much had changed. The thing that broke the mold where the average line was, was my cock. No I was not gifted with some foot long appendage. I had a just above average length of 7 1/2 inches. But my girth is what had always been and still is my ace in my sleeve. I have not measured its circumference, but I can tell you that when fully erect I am thicker than a beer bottle, and barely fit inside a pringles can. Yep, built and hung like a whisky cask. But believe it or not it was not always a gift. I can promise you it got me as many nights with the woman having no interest in the least of having my cock split them open.

Now lets get back to the story. Between the night of our candid drinking session and the night that I actually put my plan into action, 4 weeks had gone by. We had shared a couple dinner nights and drinks at the bar. But if they remembered the topic of discussion then they were not going there again. Maybe in hope that they really hadn’t shared and I didn’t bother reminding them. In fact part of my plan’s success hinged on them not remembering any too soon. The rest of my plan hinged on me being able to predict their behaviour. So before I made my move I downed a beer, slammed a shot of cabo, and poured the same on my shirt and pants. I am not a complete idiot. A home invasion wrap is atleast a 2 year sentence, added to a potential rape and other charges I had to hope that appearing to be highly intoxicated would hopefully bring friendly, though annoyed concern. That was just how Jim and Amanda Rae were. If a drunken friend is behaving erratically. They’re first instinct is to comfort the friend in need.

When I arrived at their house, I left the lights on, and staggered to the door, then taking 5 sober steps, kicked the front door open with a loud crash! Yelling and slurring that Jay is Home! There were the telltale footfalls of them running to investigate and I heard Jim say…  “wait! don’t call yet It’s just jay. He’s just drunk. Lets see what’s wrong first.  “

As he made his way downstairs, I slipped behind the coat rack, as he reached the last step, using a maneuver we practiced in counter terrorism for disarming and disabling potential threats, I took him quickly to the floor and bound his wrists with a zip-tie. I then gagged him and while he struggled mentally with my actions, I quickly secured the front door then grabbed my bag of tricks that I left on the porch before kicking in the door. Then using his forearms I leverred his larger frame to his feet and then made him lead the climb upstairs toward where Amanda Rae awaited news on what was happening.

Again my predictions were spot on. When Amanda Rae first seen Jim bound and gagged with me pushing him into the bedroom. Instead of 911 she yelled;  “Jay! WTF is WRONG what the hell are you doing to Jim? ” I simply shrugged drunkenly, and slurred;  “Only what’s necessary. “

Now in their fantasy, Jim gets bound and immobillized in the spare bedroom. I think it was a safety net. Hotter heard than it might be to watch. But this is also where I boosted the dramatic flare. I believed he had to be able to see it happen, if he would be able to cope with it later. To see that she was fucked hard. To see that no real harm came to her beyond a good fucking.

So instead of taking him into the spare bedroom, I tied him to a metal chair they had in their bedroom, and sat him at the foot of the bed. Once he was tightly secured and I knew he couldn’t get free, I then turned on the lights and set up my camcorder. I then opened my bag and took out a red silk mini wrap and matching babydoll teddy.  “If you don’t want Jim harmed, put these on. Nothing else and you can change right here. Nothing you reveal now will avoid my eyes later either. ”

Concern now shifting to Jim, and confusion lead to her slipping off her pj’s and only soft wimpers of fear and hmmphs of annoyance left her lips. Once she finished changing, a spectacle which had been the beginning of the recorded event, I then told her to spread herself before her husband on the bed and masturbate herself. As she did so I told her to tell him to take a good look at this hungry pussy. Because tonight for the first time since they married, her pussy would be truly sated. Her cunt would be newly owned.

The things I made her say began to turn the little mynx on. Whether from the lude shameful behaviour she was having to enact, or maybe someplace in her head she knew what was happening. But the more she fingered and teased her pussy, the hotter and nastier her words became.

While she did this, I was just beyond the camera undressing. Once I stepped to the edge of the bed, her aroused tones became suddenly uncertain.

 “Jay! you don’t really plan on… Bbbut! No Jay! You can’t! We’re married! JAY! ” Amanda Rae was now protesting verbally and struggling quite fiercely. By now I was on the bed and had her by her hair with my right hand, then by the throat with my left. Just to add spice for the camera I lifted her my her throat and choke-slammed her to the bed. Instantly silencing her out of fear and shock.

 “Shut UP! ” I growled once I had her pinned.  “Now I have lots of not so nice devices in that bag. Do as you are told or I will start giving Jim some nasty scars! ” I hiss into her ear.  “and don’t go thinking that I wouldn’t. because you and he are my friends and blah blah… Because my response. How much of what I’ve done already would you have thought possible of me? ”

I let that sink in for a minute then once she nodded I said;  “Good Girl! Now lets start this with a little bit of head eh! Suck my cock! and if you even think of biting me. I swear Jim will regret it! “

Amanda Rae seemed to ponder their situation a moment. She hesitated briefly then as though giving in to her inner desires, or playing it safe for now, she began to lick my cock. Her dainty tongue, as petite, and agile as she had always been. Began to trace along my cock. Her enthusiasm growing as her eyes got wider from the ever increasing girth of my cock. Once I was fully erect she seemed to forget this was being forced upon her.

 “Jay… ” she whimpered nervously…  “Jay, my toys… none of them are this thick Jay! There is no way I can… ” Her words suddenly choked off as I forced my shaft into her mouth. She choked and gulped around it. But soon found a pace that I allowed her to continue on her own. The longer she sucked on my shaft, the more vigorous she became. The cock hungry slut that had been created by years of being kept captive in her own mind. Locked deep down in her conscience was now taking over her morality.

Her lips stretched tight around the head of my cock. The billiards sized bulb of my cock being sucked in and out of her mouth like it held some hidden life changing sustenance. She moaned and groaned in pleasure as she bobbed voraciously.

After several minutes of her blowing me in front of her captive husband, I was drawn to a growl and groan from Jim. When I looked at him I saw him watching, and I saw the shift in him from anger, to sadness, then frustrated lust. He could not look away from the wanton cock hungry slut his wife had become before his very eyes. It was at that moment that I lost my grip. Seeing him watching his wife’s transformation with a sense of eagerness. Realizing that I had just turned him into a cuckhold and he had accepted that role. I palmed Amanda Rae’s gorgeous head and ground my balls into her chin as I exploded. My balls began blasting thick heavy ribbons of cum down her throat. Which she swallowed dutifully.

But even as the last shot of cum oozed from my cock she continued to nurse upon my swollen and now hyper-sensitive cockhead softly. Stroking the shaft and caressing my balls with a tender hand. She knew what she was doing. She was making certain that I remained hard and ready.

I then pulled her around by her ankles so she was laying across the bed. Insuring that mat had a clear view of my fat cock as it began forcing entry into his wife’s cunt.

 “But Jay! I’ll never be able to take your girth! ” She whimpered with uncertain fear!

Grinning down at her as my fingers stroke her clit.  “Well Amanda Rae, I have always said… If it don’t fit. FORCE IT! ” I roared the last bit as I leaned in and drove my shaft to the hilt into her. Her hands suddenly pushing up and away at my chest even as her legs wrapped around my thighs like a vise. Amanda Rae’s face buried against my chest, her teeth sunk into my left peck as she screamed. Her body both clinging and struggling for escape as she trembled from the extreme sensations of pain and being filled battered her senses.

I hesitated only a moment, barely long enough for her inner most walls to expand around me and cease their convulsing. Then even as she shook her head and uttered her pleas for me not to yet, I began easing back out of her cunt. Once the tip alone remained within her I powered back into her again. The bite she had on my chest clamped down tighter as she groaned in pleasure, pain, and growled from the overload of primal passion that now battered her core. But still I did not stop. Each thrust became the building momentum for the one to follow as I steadily began to pound that pussy without mercy. My balls slapping as my hips thumped her thighs.

After about 5 minutes of this merciless pace, I felt her suddenly begin writhing and flopping hysterically upon the bed. Her hips rolling and bucking with the relentless battering of my hips and impaling cock. Her eyes were rolled back and her body had become flushed with red from her tummy and seemed to spread outward in waves to the tips of her fingers, even to her very toes. As she was racked with the most intense orgasm that she could ever remember having.

Only then did I grant her some mercy and remained balls deep in her pussy. But I wasn’t still. I ground in short rolling circles My cock being worked around her inner most depths like an auger. Her petite form now lays motionless beneath me. Her large breasts rising and falling is her only sign of life. Then I slowly pull out and snatch her up without warning. Flipping her onto her hands and knees so suddenly she can barely support her upper body in time. Her forehead finding her husband’s thigh for a support as I growl suddenly.

 “Well now! look at your gallant Husband! So hard and aroused is he at seeing his wife made a whore. I think he’s even a half inch bigger! Now suck him! suck your husband slut! ” My voice coming in low guttural growls by now. As she dutifully, whether on actual thought or obedience took him from his pajamas pants and began sucking his small but hard cock. At that exact same moment, I drove my fat shaft balls deep into her like she were a bitch in heat. Slipping my arms around her waist as I begin to fuck her hard, fast and mercilessly. My balls tightening as I increase my intensity.

Amanda Rae squeals around her husbands Vienna sausage as I batter her cunt from behind. My thrusts slowing but becoming sharper, more instinctively driven as I feel my balls tighten with cum. The pressure forming a knot out of my ball sack as it fills with semen. Then as Jim erupts into her mouth, my fat shaft explodes into her cunt. Pumping thick hot ropes of pearly white cum into the very core of her womb.

I then made her go to the bathroom and rinse her mouth and brush her teeth. While she did this I dragged her husband into the spare room, untied him from the chair, then bound his wrists and ankles behind his back. Once I covered him up I went back into the bedroom and spent the rest of the night fucking Amanda Rae. By the time the noon sun was warming the drapes, she had been fucked so many times we had both lost count.

It was 3 days later before I decided to contact them. Thinking it best to let the dust settle before seeing how they were coping. I was just dialing their number when there was a knock at the door. Amanda Rae was there, and looking nervous, but not unhappy. When I opened the door she darts right past me and drops onto the sofa.

 “Where the hell did that demand for me to call you Master came from? ” She asked me while breathing heavily.

 “Umm… What? ” I replied.

 “When you were behind me, the second time. After you’d put Jim in the spare bedroom. You told me I would not know mercy until I addressed you as Master. So, Master, I am asking. Where did that come from? “

 “But before you answer me Master, I want to propose something that both myself and my husband have agreed to try. If the idea pleases you. We are offering you me. I spend a weekend or week with you. I spend 2 weekends or weeks with him. ” She finishes rather nervously.

 “When you are with me, I own you. You do as I wish, when I wish it, or your fate, in terms of punishment is mine to determine. ” I finish her proposal with my own.

 “I will be your Master, Owner, and Lord. You will see me second only to God. ” I continue.

 “Yes Master ” She accepts.

 “You will eat when I tell you to eat. Wear only what I choose for you to wear. You will know this choice because I will have it laid out for you. If nothing is laid out. Then you wear only this. ” As I hold up the black leather Collar.

 “As your slut, your, whore your slave. Master ” She confirms.

So began on that day, a 4 year relationship. Two Men, one woman. One Master, One Husband, one slut.

-Master of Chaos and his Amanda Rae-


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