Mom’s Horse Hunger Part 2

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Chapter 3

Slowly, dressed in shorts and top, Patti descended the stairs. She was flushed, embarrassed about facing her mother, wondering how she could look her in the face after knowing what she had done with Blazer.
 “I was beginning to wonder if you were going to sleep all morning, ” Alice said as Patti came into the kitchen.  “Sit down. I kept the eggs hot. “
Patti lowered her gaze and sat quietly at the table. With her mother facing the stove, she stole a glance, admired her mother’s round well-formed ass snug in tight denim. A vision of her mother’s bare ass flashed through her mind, and she quickly turned away.
 “Is anything the matter? ” Alice asked, putting the hot plate of scrambled eggs in front of Patti.  “You’re awful quiet this morning. “
 “I’m fine, Mommy, ” she said, brushing her blonde hair from her face. She wanted to talk, wanted to desperately, but she was too shy, too afraid of what her mother would say if she told her what she had witnessed.
Alice dropped into the chair across from Patti. As she sipped coffee, she stared at her pretty daughter.  “C’mon, Patti. I know something is troubling you. Spit it out. Maybe I can help. “
Patti’s cheeks burned as she stuffed egg into her mouth. She glanced up, caught her mother looking and turned away, silently she ate, forcing a nervous smile between bites. She couldn’t shake the image of her mother naked with Blazer and the vision had her hot all over again.
Patti squirmed uncomfortably in the chair under her mother’s direct gaze.  “Nothing’s the matter, Mommy, ” she said.  “Honest. “
Alice finished her coffee.  “Is it a boy? ” She smiled warmly.  “You’re at that age where you think about boys. ” She winked.  “I’ll bet they think a lot about you. “
Patti’s face turned scarlet.  “It’s not a boy, Mommy. Honest. ” She wished she had never seen her mother out in the barn. Everything was all mixed up now.
 “You should be thinking about boys, ” Alice said. A wide smile broke across her face and her eyes glowed.  “Trust me. “
Patti turned away.
 “It’s sex, right? ” Alice laughed.  “Of course it’s sex. ” She reached across the table and touched her daughter’s hand.  “What’s the problem? “
 “No problem, ” Patti lied.  “What about you? ” she said, changing the subject.  “Daddy’s been gone a long time. Don’t you think about sex? “
 “Of course, honey, ” Alice laughed.  “I never stop thinking about it. “
 “What do you do about it? ” Patti’s heart was racing at full speed.
It was Alice’s turn to blush.  “Nothing, ” she said, avoiding Patti’s questioning blue eyes. They were the same eyes as her father’s, pale blue and wide.
Patti smiled, feeling at once on the offensive. She pressed.  “Don’t you get horny? “
Alice allowed a smile.  “Sometimes, ” she said.  “I take a shower. “
 “I’m tired of taking showers, ” Patti said boldly.  “I’ll be all wrinkled by the time I’m old enough to get married. “
Alice laughed, the tension gone.  “Maybe not, ” she said.  “Maybe not. “
Patti leered openly at her mother’s jiggling tits as she laughed. She wanted to see them, like she had seen them through the window of the bar, bare, totally exposed.
Alice caught her daughter’s gaze. Something she didn’t understand possessed her. She jutted her tits out proudly.  “Yours will be this big in a few years. “
 “I hope so, ” Patti sighed dreamily, ogling her mother’s large tits hidden from view by her blouse. A surge of lust swept over her, making her bolder than at any other time in her young life.  “Can I see them? “
Alice was caught off guard. She recovered.  “Sure. Why not? ” A strange excitement coursed through her veins. She undid the buttons of her blouse and watched Patti’s eyes sparkle.
Patti’s heart leaped into her throat. Up close, her mother’s tits were even more beautiful and exciting. She thought of Blazer slopping his big lips over her mother’s flesh. She wanted to do the same thing. A tremor rippled over her flesh. The idea sounded strange, yet she knew it was what she wanted. She wanted to share everything with her mother, including Blazer. Her young mind spun.
It was as if Alice could read her daughter’s mind. She too was thinking along the same lines. They seemed to be drawn together.  “Let me see you too, honey. “
 “They’re small! ” Patti exclaimed as she fumbled with her top. She pulled it off, her small budding tits sticking out proudly, the nipples swollen.  “See? “
 “I feel like we’re girlfriends right now instead of mother and daughter, ” Alice said, her soft gaze flowing eagerly over her child’s gorgeous tits.  “How about you? “
Patti nodded.  “Yes, ” she said, her throat drying up.  “Can I touch you? “
The request stunned Alice. A hot shivery sigh escaped her mouth.  “Sure, honey. ” Dazed, doing things she had never dreamed of, Alice stood.  “Maybe we should go upstairs to the bedroom. “
Patti nodded. She wanted to go out to the barn, but she held her breath. Blazer, she knew would come later. She offered her mother her hand and silently, they went upstairs.
 “Have you ever done this with any of your friends? ” Alice asked. Her head was reeling. What was happening was bizarre. She wanted Patti, her child, wanted Patti as badly as she wanted Blazer.
 “No, Mommy, ” Patti said. She went to her mother, rubbed her small tits against her mother’s large overripe tits.  “Oooo, I’m so hot. I’ve never felt this way before. “
 “Neither have I, ” Alice said honestly.
Patti, not interested in the whys, but only in satisfying her own sexual curiosity, played with the snap on her mother’s jeans. She opened it, slid the zipper down and pushed the jeans off her mother’s hips. Her head in the clouds, all she could think about was doing the same thing to her mother that Blazer had done. She sighed and slumped against her mother.
 “Relax, honey, ” her mother soothed, stroking her child’s smooth back. She held Patti, felt her tremble. Her own body was in a raging turmoil. She was caught up in her own passion and in the passion of her daughter, and she couldn’t bring herself to put an end to it.
 “Ohhh, Mommy, ” Patti purred, sensing, even in her innocence, a reluctance in her mother’s part.  “You feel so warm and soft. “
She rubbed her flesh into her mother’s. Anxious hands found and massaged her mother’s tits. She was out of her mind. Her mother’s large swollen nipples burned into the palms of her eager hands.
Alice no longer thought about what was right or what was wrong. Her daughter’s hands had her crazy hot. She wanted to go all the way.  “Sweet, Patti, ” Alice murmured.
Patti stepped back, drooled as she gaped her mother’s lush body. Her eager gaze flowed over her mother’s flesh.  “Take off your panties, Mommy. Be naked. ” To help her sexually stunned mother, Patti quickly pushed her own shorts down, exposing her own body completely.
Alice was dizzy with passion. It was as if she were the child. She blinked and gazed hungrily at her daughter’s slim, maturing body.  “You’re beautiful. ” She hooked her fingers into her own panties and pushed them down, baring her cunt for Patti’s delight.
 “Not like you, Mommy, ” Patti swooned. She took her mother’s hand.  “Let’s get in bed and touch each other. “
Willingly, Alice allowed her young daughter to take her to bed. Deprived for so long of the joys of sex with a person, she couldn’t stop herself. The barrier was broken and now nothing mattered.
Patti, anxious and excited about anything sexual, cuddled in her mother’s arms, both naked on the bed.  “Oooo, Mommy. I’m so hot. ” She tilted her head, blue innocent eyes filmed with lust.  “Are you? “
 “Yes, honey, ” Alice gasped.  “I’m hot. “
Patti scrambled out of her mother’s arms, climbed over her and straddled her body. She looked into her mother’s flushed and excited face.  “Are you as hot as you were with Blazer? “
Alice’s mouth dropped open.  “You … you know? “
 “I was watching through the window, ” Patti sighed.  “I saw everything. ” She wriggled her hips. Warm pussy cream oozed from her virgin cunt.
Alice felt her daughter’s juice on her sizzling flesh.  “Does it bother you? ” Her senses were being bombarded–first the horse, then Patti, then Patti’s confession. It boggled her mind.
 “The only way it bothered me, Mommy … ” She paused as a tremor swept up through her body, breaking her flesh out in goose bumps.  “It got me so hot, I ran back to my room and got myself to cum. “
Alice brought her hands to her child’s small plump tits. She kneaded them gently, enjoying the youthful texture and softness.
 “Ummmm, I like that, Mommy! ” She gasped, her long blonde hair swishing across her bare back.
 “I can tell, ” Alice said.  “You’re creaming all over me. “
Patti giggled.  “Like you creamed Blazer? “
 “Not that much, ” she said, relaxing completely for the first time with Patti.
 “Give me time, ” Patti hummed. She leaned into her mother’s massaging hands.  “Can I do what Blazer did to you? ” She licked her lips with greedy anticipation.
The request stunned Alice briefly, but she had no intention of refusing her daughter anything. Besides, her daughter learning about sex at home was a lot safer than spreading her legs for any boy who smiled at you. She had learned that the hard way when she had been Patti’s age. She didn’t want her child suffering the same nasty gossip she had suffered for so long.
 “You can do whatever you want with me, ” she said.
 “Will you do it to me next? ” Patti asked boldly.
 “Yes, ” Alice gasped, totally committed.  “We’ll do it all. “
 “Oooo, Mommy. ” She swooned, her blue eyes sparkling.  “Then we’ll go out to the barn and do it with Blazer. ” She almost fainted. The idea had her head swimming.
 “I’ll show you things you haven’t dreamed of. “
Patti squiggled down her mother’s body, leaving a trail of virgin cunt cream.  “What, Mommy? What? “
 “You’ll learn soon enough. ” She humped her ass up.  “Now start pretending you’re Blazer. “
Patti scrambled off her mother’s luscious body. She feasted her eyes on her mother’s tits.  “Oooo, Mommy. ” She dropped her mouth and gobbled hungrily on her mother’s huge globes of tittie meat. She sucked loudly, slurping, soaking each tit in warm spit.
 “Oooo, Patti. Patti! ” Alice squirmed on the bed, legs spread, mouth open, short gasping breaths escaping. She combed her fingers through her daughter’s thick blonde hair.  “Chew my nipples, Patti. Ooo, suck them. Suck them hard. “
Patti obliged her horny mother. She sucked deep, whipped her tongue over her mother’s hard bullet nipples. Her hands roamed her mother’s flesh, exploring, delighting in every soft wonderful inch.
 “Mmmm, ” Alice purred.  “Bite! Bite! ” She pressed her child’s head into her pulpy tits.  “Ewwww, bite them. “
Patti chomped hungrily on her mother’s nipples. She used her teeth and gnawed each nipple, feeding on her mother’s moans of pleasure. She chewed the fleshy tit-globes, turning them red as Alice squirmed and twisted beneath her daughter’s mouth.
 “My pussy, honey. Eat my pussy. ” Alice was delirious. Passion swept through her body like an out of control fire.  “Eat me, honey. Eat me! “
She humped her ass, swiveled her hips.
From the corner of her eye, Patti saw the erotic movement of her mother’s body. She finished with her mother’s tits and was drawn to her mother’s pussy as if her cunt were a magnet.
 “Yes, Mommy, ” Patti sighed.  “I’ll eat you. I’ll eat you just like Blazer did. “
 “Yes, my darling baby. Do it just like Blazer. “
Patti licked a path down her mother’s silky skin. She tasted her own pussy juice. It excited her. She crawled between her mother’s parted legs, gaped at her mother’s cunt. Soft, thick, curly brown hair covered her mother’s pussy, unlike her own sparsely covered virgin cunt.
Alice felt her daughter’s eyes on her cunt. She squirmed.  “Eat me, honey. “
Patti, sexually precocious, ignored her mother’s pleading moans. She stroked her finger up through her mother’s cunt gash. Warm fuck juice seeped out over her exploring fingers.  “You’re so wet. “
 “Unnnn, ” Alice moaned. She lifted her head and saw her daughter between her legs. Gasping, she dropped her head back on the bed. It was like a dream.  “Eat me. Eat me. ” Even her own voice sounded strange.
Patti, although only a little girl, found that she was in charge. She knew it and that knowledge sent hot shivers through her virgin pussy. She brought her fingers to her mother’s gaping cunthole and fucked them inside her scalding pussy.
 “Oooo, Patti! ” her mother walled.  “Ohhh, God! “
Patti gasped. No barrier blocked the way. Her fingers were quickly gobbled up by her mother’s hungry cunt. Spongy pussy muscles pulsed against her exploring fingers. She wedged her fingers tight and gouged at the cushiony walls of her mother’s hot pussy.
 “Oh, Mommy. It feels so good inside your pussy. ” She twisted her fingers, tormenting her writhing mother.
Alice arched her back. She humped her daughter’s fingers wildly, enjoying the feeling of having her cunt filled, even though they were only fingers.
 “Harder, Patti. Finger-fuck me! Hard and fast! ” she curled her fingers into fists and pounded the bed, thrashing on the bed as she trembled in bliss.
Patti continued to tease. She stopped moving her fingers.  “Wouldn’t you rather have me eat you? ” Patti purred, getting great pleasure out of dominating her mother.
 “Yes! ” Alice gasped, writhing like a snake on the bed.  “Yes, Patti. Eat me! Finger-fuck me! ” She was delirious, not caring what her child did as long as she did something.
Patti giggled lewdly and fucked her fingers wildly into her mother’s pussy. As quickly as she had started, she stopped, leaving her mother gasping and twitching in ecstasy. She brought her fingers into her mouth, licked the creamy white film off each finger.
 “Mmmm, you taste so good. ” Patti was fast losing her edge over her mother. Passion was enveloping her. The scent of her mother’s cunt and she red inviting pussy gash overwhelmed her.
 “Eat me! ” Alice wailed, her pussy empty, her flesh on fire.  “Please! “
Patti swooped down on her mother’s cunt and buried her face between her mother’s lush parted thighs. Warm sticky pussy cream greeted her as she fused her lips to her mother’s pussy.
 “Oh, Patti! Patti! ” Alice jumped, ground her cunt into her daughter’s mouth.  “Suck! Suck! “
Patti could no longer tease and torment. She needed to suck the velvety wet gash of her mother’s cunt as much as her mother needed to be sucked. She gulped the puffy folds of her mother’s pussy into her mouth. Warm flowing fuck juice soaked her face.
 “Yessss, ” her mother hissed, twisting her neck and humping her pussy.  “Yessss, Patti … suck! “
Deep sucks drew her mother’s cunt into her mouth. Patti chewed on the soft tender lips of her mother’s pussy. Sudsy cunt juices flowed into her mouth. Gurgling, she groped under her mother’s humping body and grabbed the cheeks of her jiggling ass.
 “Tongue me! ” Alice squealed.  “Tongue my pussy. ” She ground her cunt into her daughter’s greedy mouth, soaking the horny little girl with white frothy pussy juice.  “Tongue me! “
Patti did. She fucked her tongue into her mother’s steamy cunt and explored her pulsing pussy with elaborate licks. Deep squiggling plunges of Patti’s tongue had Alice wailing for more.
 “Patti! Patti! ” Alice was in heaven. She whipped her hips in a tight frenzied arc, bowed her back and stared hypnotically up at the ceiling.  “Tongue me, Patti! “
Patti sloshed her tongue through her mother’s buttery pussy ooze with long darting plunges, then quick sweeping strokes over her vulnerable cut. Her mother’s whimpering cries and jerky body movements had the teenager acting crazy.
Patti pulled her mouth from her mother’s cunt. Her glassy blue eyes gazed at her mother’s tormented expression.
 “Am I better than Blazer? ” she gasped, licking her lips.
 “Yessss! ” Alice cried.  “Don’t stop! I was there … so close. “
Even in her lust-crazed mind, Patti was stunned. The thought of making her mother cum had never really penetrated her young innocent head.  “Really? ” she gasped, thrilled with his new piece of knowledge.  “You almost had an orgasm? “
Alice was writhing in frustration.  “I still can … if you lick me, ” she gasped between panting breaths of air.  “Stop talking … suck. Please, Patti! ” She was trembling uncontrollably.
Patti plastered her mouth back on her mother’s overheated pussy. She smeared her face with warm pussy juice, darted her tongue into the red pulsing gash and licked. Tiny spasms rippled through her young virgin body. She chewed the folds of her mother’s cunt, her tongue swishing back and forth over the oozing pussy gash like a wet rubbery whip.
 “Oh! Oh! Oh! ” Alice was groping towards her orgasm. Patti’s inexperience had her hovering close to the peak.  “My clit, honey! Chew Mommy’s clit! Bite it! ” She clawed the sheets, shaking, humping, anxious for the pleasure of an explosive orgasm.
Patti, wanting to please her mother, sucked and chewed, her teeth at last snatching up her mother’s hard blood-filled clit. She sank her teeth into the rubbery stem.
 “Aghhhhh! ” Alice screamed, soaring to the peak and her orgasm.  “Ooooo, honey! Don’t stop! Chew! Chew! “
Patti chewed, sending her mother shrieking into a climax. It boggled the child’s mind, and she attacked her mother’s clit and overflowing pussy with all the energy of youth.
 “I’m cumming! Cumming. Ohhhh, Patti. I’m creaming! ” Alice thrashed on her back, twisted her hips, pounded the mattress with her fists.  “I’m … cumming … oooo … yessss! “
The blonde little girl gobbled her mother’s cunt with greed. Hot pussy-cum flowed into her mouth, down her chin, over her lips. She sucked hard, destroying her mother’s clit with her gnawing teeth and hard tormenting sucks.
 “Yes, Patti! ” Alice wailed, swirling at the peak as orgasm after orgasm enveloped her twisting humping body.  “Harder! Suck harder! “
Patti sucked, almost tearing her mother’s clit from her body. She nipped hard on her mother’s clit, clawed her mother’s jerking ass with her nails and rode out the fiery storm raging in her mother’s body.
Alice arched her back and drew her legs up, feet flat on the bed. She humped, jerked, twisted, and mangled her cut into her daughter’s teeth. She screamed, found her own jiggling globes of little flesh and mauled them.  “Aghhhh! Patti! Aghhhh! “
Patti was astounded, overwhelmed by her mother’s passion. She kept her face fused to her mother’s cunt, rode the full fury of her mother’s raging orgasm, and hoped she was pleasing her more than Blazer had. She used her teeth, her tongue, her lips, combining the sensations, experimenting, enjoying it all. She gurgled as hot sudsy cunt-cum flowed into her mouth and throat.
 “Unnn! Un … Patti! ” Alice’s body froze. She was trembling, balancing herself on the balls of her feet and her head. Her neck was strained, her eyes floating into her skull.  “Patti! ” She quivered, then collapsed back on the bed, shaking in the sweet aftermath of her orgasm.
Patti continued chewing and sucking. She became like an animal. Her lithe young body quaked with lust. Her mother’s pussy, her mother’s screams, and her mother’s orgasm had made her insane.
 “No … more! ” Alice screamed.  “No … more! ” She jerked, wrenching herself free of her daughter’s snarling sucking mouth.  “Oh, Christ! “
She sat up. Dazed, she looked at her child writhing on the bed, her face coated with cunt-cream.
Patti lifted her head.  “Can we go see Blazer? ” she whimpered.  “Please. “
Numb from her climax, Alice nodded.  “I’m ready. Put on some clothes. “
 “Let’s go naked, Mommy, ” Patti said drunkenly.  “We’ll give Blazer a real treat. “
Caught up in her child’s passion and unabashed enthusiasm, Alice nodded.  “Sure, honey. Today, anything goes. “
 “Right, Mommy. Let’s go. “

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