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My Australian Vacation: Part two

Hi all, this is Saravanan. Hope you all enjoyed the first part of the story. So the vacation days came. What happened later is what I’m sharing here.

I left for Australia with a lot of dreams and a pair of testicles full of one-month’s cum untouched. I was hoping for Mr. Suresh to pick me up at 4am when I landed there. He was there waiting for me as I expected. He greeted me well and we hugged heartily. We grabbed my luggage and walked towards his car, a surprise was waiting for me there in the front seat. Yes, it was Gayu. My dream woman Gayu. I saw her for the first time and I was dumbstruck.

I knew she was 32 and I pictured her as a woman. But she looked like a 26 old girl, looking sweet and temptingly hot. She gave a warm smile and stepped out of the car as we stopped by. Suresh patted me on my back and introduced her to me.

“Saravana, this is my wife Gayathri. Gayu, our friend Saravanan”  She said hello and gave me a handshake but I wasn’t in the world at all. I was astonished at her looks. We boarded my luggage in the car and started. I took the back seat as they sat in the front. We remained silent for the first few minutes and then Gayu broke the ice.

“How was the flight?”

I was actually checking her out. Her cheeks, her lips, her boobies pressing against her dress, her little pound of flesh trying to escape her hip. I remember her smile at the airport and wondered how sexy it looked. Her teeth, she tucking her hairs behind ears, all those were going on my mind and I was staring at her. Both of them turned at me and then I realised and said “yeah good, good.. It was good.”

Suresh smiled and asked me if I was okay. I brushed it off saying it was tiredness, and I got down at my hotel and checked in. They told me to take rest and call once I woke up. Suresh looked at Gayu and then looked at me, and then they said bye and left. I was very much excited. But I decided to get a good sleep. I woke up at 12pm. I took a shower and got ready and then called them. Suresh came and picked me up. I asked him where we were going. He smiled at me and said “Home”.

We reached home, and I saw her getting ready. The kid was at school. She was in a red fancy top and a white pant. As I saw her from behind, her butts seemed to me inviting me. She smiled at us and said “Just 2 mins” and went inside. I was confused.

“Bro what is happening?”

“You are going shopping with her”

“What? Me and her alone?”


“Bro.. Come with us.. We barely know each other”

“That’s exactly why I’m sending you alone”

I was excited and nervous at the same time. We bid him bye and left at 1 from home. I was shy to start a conversation and she spoke first.

“We’ll go to the mall nearby and get a few items. Then we’ll pay visit to the streets. Is it okay?”

“Um, yeah.. Sounds good”. She gently laughed. I asked her why and she said nothing.

“Adelaide is a beautiful city. I’ve seen many matches on TV.”

“So you watch cricket too? Suresh even stays awake sometimes for cricket.”

“Yeah..” We spoke about general things and the conversation was going. I grew more comfortable and starting calling her by her name. She too started calling me as “da” which is addressing a guy in singular.

To my surprise I found that she was fond of cartoons. We discussed about the cartoons of our childhood. I imitated a few of them and she laughed heartily at a few jokes. I loved her laugh. I kinda got melt in it that I wanted to deep throat her. But I was shy still to approach.

We walked through a few streets and visited few buildings. Then we decided to get back home. It was 6.30pm. We got into the cab and kept talking random things for some time. A message prompted that “Destination is 5 minutes away” in the mobile. I looked at and then we both looked into each other’s eyes. Her look, was saying something. It was a look of a girl who had hoped for physical contact from her man but got disappointed. I felt my heart beating faster than ever. I was looking into the eyes of another man’s wife. She was keenly looking into me, that she wouldn’t mind if I kissed her.

I looked at her lips. Perfect, rose lips with small lines on it. She had just a lip balm. She kept looking at the road and then at me, right into my eyes. She was hoping that I would kiss her. I gulped my throat and made up my mind to kiss, but the destination arrived. She sighed and we both got down. Suresh welcomed us.The kid was home and watching TV. They introduced me as an Uncle from India.

The husband and wife went for a private chat while I was talking to the kid. In a few minutes she changed to a nighty and went to prepare dinner. He called me in private and talked.

“How did it go?”

“Good bro.. She’s so hot. But I’m..”

“Shy. She told me” he smirked.


“She told me you are impressed with your behavior, you a very nice guy. But shy to make a move. She is disappointed with that part alone”.

“Yes.. It will take a day or two.”

“Yeah I told her the same. Don’t worry we have time”

We had dinner together and she talked to me normal. It made me little confident. They got the kid sleeping and I was ready to leave to my hotel. Suresh asked Gayathri to send me off. She came until the door with me and said bye with a smile. Ah, that smile. It killed me again.



I suddenly pulled her close and hugged her. She didn’t oppose. I felt her soft body pressing against mine, her huge boobs crushing on my chest. It made me a beast. I grabbed the curve of her hips and gently rubbed them. I felt her breathing pace grow. I rubbed my nose on hers and went sideways, and planted a hard kiss on her cheek. Her cheeks were so soft as maida flour, that my kiss fell like a crater on her cheek. As I kissed, I inhaled her smell and she leaned on my shoulder a bit.

I started sniffing her neck hungrily and she pushed me suddenly. “My kid is inside only” she said and tried to move away.

I pulled her and hugged her from behind. I placed my bulge right on her butt as she could feel it inside her nighty. Her breathing got heavier. I said “Your husband will take care of him” and grabbed her cheeks and pressed them. Her lips poked in front like flower buds. Still from behind I rubbed her lips with my finger and inserted my index finger in her mouth. She helplessly kept my finger in her mouth as I was holding her tight and making her do it.

She loved it, being forced by another man in her own house, while her husband was inside. The thought made her horny and she breathed heavily. I turned her around and pushed her on the wall. Went closer to kiss her and drew back. But she came forward instinctively, as I had teased her enough. After doing this twice or thrice and making her desperate, I grabbed her lower lip between mine and started sucking it hard. Her lips were so soft, and she tasted so good. Her saliva was like a wine to me, the more I had it, the more it tasted sweet. Before I get my tongue in, she pushed me and this time she quickly moved away. “Good night. Bye” she said and went.

I was having a rock hard on and went back to my room with joy. Her lips, her breath, her smell everything was still inside me and I controlled myself with all my willpower not to shag off. I went to bed and in a few minutes I received a message from Gayu.

“You fraud” I didn’t reply.

“I thought you were a shy guy. Guess I’m wrong”

“Ha ha.. Assumptions won’t be right with me.”

“I thought you would kiss me or hug me or something at the airport itself. But you were shy”

“I would have done it, but it was only the first time I saw you.. And to be honest I was dumbstruck”

“Enough lies”

“Seriously.. Ok one minute, are they both sleeping?”


“Hmm.. Seriously you are so sexy. I haven’t really met any woman like you so far. You would have known with my kiss itself ”

“What’s so special with me huh :P”

“I love everything about you. Your eyes, the cherry lips, your hair, your smell.. Your shape, the soft skin of your body, pressing against your thin clothes.. I wish I could be your dress.. ”

“Oh..kay I think enough for today”

“I love how huge your tits are.. Wanna see how the nipples suffer inside your bra. Why don’t you free them, love? Let them free 😛 ”

“Huhh.. That’s a bit horny. BTW, I wish I could free them everyday”

“If you did that, your colleagues wont work at all 😛

And oh I forgot your butts, they are awesome. Sexy, round and fleshy. Gives you the sexy look that kills me. Wish I could eat them. Your husband doesn’t go anal?”

“We don’t like it”

“I guessed it”

“Okay.. We’ll see tomorrow. Good night”

“That’s all huh Gayu?”

“What else?”

“Anything it can be..”

“Why don’t we sleep and talk tomorrow”

“Can’t wait.. Good night Gayu”

I read the conversation again and again. Every word of it made blood gush through the veins of my cock, making it rock hard.

The next morning I got ready. I had planned a visit to few more places nearby, of course with Gayu. I got a text from Suresh bro.

“Morning Saravana.. How do you feel?”

“Great bro.. I have a plan to visit a few more places today. Would be great if Anni could come along”

“Why are you asking me permission da.. Take her with you. Did you ask me permission before kissing her last night 😛 ”

“Bro, how do you know”

“I asked her to say the full story. I was sitting with her and reading every message you sent her. I have to say I’m impressed for day one”

“Ha ha.. Bro I have planned to take her to my room.. After lunch.”

“No, don’t leave me alone.. I wanna be there”

“Bro, I hoped for privacy first time.. Please”

“Okay we’ll have a bet. I will ask her not to go to your room. Let’s see whom she obeys.”

“Yeah, we’ll see bro”.

To be continued..

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