My First Time At A Swingers Club

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Elba had been married for 5 years she thought she had her husband had a great sex life. But one night she walked up behind him when he was on the computer, he was looking at a picture of a couple. When she asked him who they were her husband, David told her the picture was a couple who had sent him an email at random. They were swingers looking to invite us to a swingers club. She asked him if he was interested in that sort of thing. He laughed a nervous kind of laugh and said they picked him at random but they are a good looking couple. But going to the club is no commitment to do anything. She walked away but she could not get the idea out of her head. Having sex with someone while your husband watches as he is doing it with someone else as well while she watched.

About a week later she saw David at the computer again and she walked up behind him. The same couple’s picture was on the screen. He looked at her and said they sent another email. This one has another picture. He clicked the mouse and a second picture came up. This one showed the woman in just sexy black panties on her knees. Her breasts were maybe 34DD she was holding the guy’s cock. It was bigger than average but thin. He was standing there in just boxer shorts. They were both good looking. David asked her if she was interested. As he asked her, he patted her ass.

She reached down and squeezed his hard cock and said you seem to. He laughed and said going to the club does not commit to doing anything. Do you want to go. Elba said yes, contact them. She walked away but was thinking about that nice big cock and idea of taking it with David watching her watching he sucking on that woman’s full 34’s.

Two days later on Wednesday David called Elba from work telling her that the couple got in touch they wanted us to meet them at a local swingers club on Friday night. She said, OK, like you said there is no commitment in just going.

On Friday afternoon she took a shower. She dried herself off in front of a full length mirror. Before she put on a skippy red lace bra over her 38″s she checked them out. They very still firm and round with large brown nipples. She worked the match red lace panties up her thighs over her38inche ass. She looked at her red lace covered ass and gave it a nice hard smack. Yes it was still firm. She put on black thigh highs. She looked at herself in the mirror. She stood 5ft6 150ish 38 on top and bottom with a 25 inch waist. Yes she was still pretty, still sexy, still desirable and to night she might be having sex with a stranger while her husband was doing the same with the other guys wife. The thought of it made her tremble with excitement and she could feel her nips swell a bit. She put on a short low cut black dress. Her husband came home from work they had a quick dinner and they left for the swingers club.

The club was in a commercial area where you might have been looking for a factory not a club but that just made it easier to conceal what went on there. Once inside it looked like a nightclub. They had not gotten far into the club when the couple in the picture approached them. They introduced themselves as Paul and Catherine. They went to a table and order drinks.

After the second drink, Paul asked her to dance. It was a slow dance and Paul did not hesitate to pull her close to him, her boobs crushing up against his chest and his cock pressing against her pussy. As they danced it he moved his hands down from her waist on to her ass. Elba looked around to see who might be watching what he was doing with her ass But she noticed that she was not the only woman having her ass played with. David was dancing with Catherine and he was rubbing her ass too. As Paul continued to rub her butt she could not help but feel her nips swelling with excitement.

When the music stopped they went back to the table. They ordered another round of drinks. While they waited for the drinks another couple came to the table. Paul and Catherine knew them. They were Don and Peggy. They joined the group for drinks and Peggy invited everyone to go back to their home for drinks and some adult fun. They left the building and got in their respective cars. As Elba and David drove behind Paul and Catherine’s car, David said we don’t really have to go there I can turn off and go home if you want to. Elba’s response was, this was your idea and I want to go through with it.

When they got to Don and Peggy’s home, Don was quick to give everyone a drink. After the first drink Catherine moved David to a love seat and sat on his lap. They began kissing. Peg led Paul to the far end of a large couch. Don sat next to Elba and began kissing. Don did not waste time as they kissed he quickly unzipped her dress and worked the top down around her waist. He just as quickly removed the bra tossing it on the floor. As they continued to kiss he was cupping and kneading her large firm breasts. He slowly worked his way down her neck with licks and kisses and started sucking on her left nipple while he played with the right one. He went back and forth between the two nips sucking them hard like she had milk. Her nipples got so nice and swollen and sensitive.

She looked over saw that David had Catherine dress and bra off. He was nursing her and putting his hand down into her panties. Watching him with her added to Elba’s arousal. She was not sure she understood why but somehow Don’s making love to her in front of her husband and Catherine added greatly to her arousal. As Don continue to suck at her larger swollen brown nipples he worked her panties off. He slowly worked his mouth down to her her shaved pussy. As he licked and sucked at Elba’s clit she could look over at Peggy and Paul, she was sucking his cock. David had Catherine on all fours fucking her doggy style. Watching the other two couples was sexy, exciting, and somehow made it all ok. Watching the other two couples and knowing they could glance over at her having my pussy eaten greatly added to her arousal. She was squirming and moaning real loud.

As Don continued to eat her pussy it seem to explode as she screamed and it gushed into his mouth and all over his face. He sat back on the couch. His cock was nice and hard. Elba did not hesitate to go down on her knees between his legs and started to suck his cock. It was shorter than David’s cock but much thicker. It was so nice and hard and throbbing in her mouth as she sucked on it. Don moved her in position on the floor to do her doggy style. She was facing the other two couples and he got the tip of his cock in her and rammed it all the way in. She gave out a yelp as he proceed to fuck her good and hard. He fucked her with the other couples watching. She could see Catherine now on her knees sucking David’s cock She felt so sexy so aroused. By the time the love making ended Don had come in her 6 times, three times in her mouth and three times in her pussy.

The guys got themselves another drink and sat naked on a couch together. Catherine and Peggy came over to her and help her up off the floor on to another couch. They sat on each side of her. Elba was totally surprised when Peggy kissed her. As the kiss continued she felt two sets of hands cupping and kneading boobs. She had never done anything like this with another female. But the two of them taking turns kissing her and playing with my boobs. It was incredible. They played with my boobs much longer than any guy and they had her nipples so engorged with blood. Then they both started sucking on her nips. Having both boobs nursed at once was more than twice as good as just having one sucked. As she looked over at the guys they were all watching and stroking their cocks trying to bring them back to life. Catherine turned her on to her left side so she could play with her nice big ass as Peggy was beginning to finger her.

Peggy was working her pussy with two fingers, ramming them in and out of her hole. Peggy was enjoying herself and commenting to all how nice and wet Elba was. Catherine’s fingers were exploring the crack of Elba’s nice big ass. They kept working her up for the longest time. Elba moaned and her pussy gushed all over Peggy’s hand. Catherine and Peggy did not want to stop any more than Elba did.

Peggy positioned Elba on her knees between Catherine’s legs. Elba looked at Catherine’s pussy with a small landing strip above it glistening from her cum. She was so close to Catherine, she couldn’t help but take Catherine’s scent in. It filled her head with lust. She had never tasted another women’s pussy but she lean in and kissed it and slowly pressed her tongue into Catherine. As her tongue when into Catherine she could feel her heat and taste her sweetness. Elba had licked her own cum off her fingertips when she masturbated but this was so different so much better. She was so aroused, she was shaking. Peggy took a strapon out of a draw in one of the living room tables. She put it on and quickly lubed it. She got behind Elba and slowly pushed it in to her pussy. Elba was so aroused and focused on eating Catherine. She did not bother to look around or think about or care who was fucking her. Once Peggy got it inside her she starting fucking Elba faster and faster. The guys were sitting on the other couch watching the 3way sex show and loving it. They were all stroking their cocks. As Catherine loudly encouraged Peggy to make Elba’s first girl fuck a really good one she came in Elba’s mouth. Elba felt so sexy eating pussy tasting Catherine warm sexy cum. Most of it went into her mouth and she savored the taste before she swallowed it. Some ran on to her cheeks and it felt so warm and sexy. She so loved eating Catherine.

Peggy kept fucking her. Peggy had her shaking. She could feel her stomach muscles convulsing. Her pussy exploded. Cum came gushing out around the strappy. Peggy pulled out of her and she stayed there on all fours for several minutes. She was still shaking and moaning and her pussy was still gushing. She looked down cum was dripping down her thighs. She was kneeling in a puddle of cum on the floor.

Then the guys came over holding their hard cocks. Don went to his wife Peggy and she got down and start to suck him off. Paul came over to Elba at Catherine’s encouragement. He pressed his cock slowly into her very wet pussy. He fucked her good and hard as She watched Catherine getting fucked by David. It was like a contest, who could make the guy they were with cum first. Peggy succeeded in getting Don off first. Then David seem to shoot his load in Catherine. At that point all eyes were on Elba. They watched Paul’s cock sliding in and out of her pussy. They rooted him on to fuck her good and hard The women encouraged him to shoot his load in her. Paul slammed hard against her ass as Elba felt him pump his sperm into her. She could look around and seek everyone looking watching at her getting fucked. They watching added to her arousal and orgasm as she felt more cum dripping out of her pussy as Paul’s cock came out.

Peggy and Catherine helped her up and got her into her dress. Peggy whispered into Elba’s ear that she did not need to put her bra and panties on just to go home. Catherine got dressed. Peggy put on a robe and they walked them both couples out to their cars. Catherine leaned in the window and kissed Elba. After the kiss Catherine whispered in her ear that now she was a swinger. And that Catherine would gladly give her what she needed.

They drove home. At first they did not talk. David asked Elba if she had a good time, She said hell yes. They were both tired and went right to bed. It was not until the next morning that Elba realized that Catherine had kept her bra, but she had pinned a note to her panties. The note said, “you are a swinger now, when you need more call me.” The note included her phone number. She put the panties in her draw she knew that she was bound to call her.

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