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My Friend’s mom is a Prostitute

Hi friends I’m Mr. Reddy. After reading lots of incest stories in this site I’m going to share my fantasy which I had with my roommate’s mom. I’m aged 34 now from Hyderabad. Firstly I will narrate about my friend he is Swamy. The heroine of this story is his beautiful and sexy hot mom Ramadevi.

We both were good friends and we are from different cities. We never visited our families but we both know about each other’s families. His family consists of his parents and one sister (married). First time I saw his mom photo in PC. She is so hot and looks like (Rajita Telugu actress) sexy hot bitch. He loves his family very much. His dad is a farmer and his mom is housewife. They stay near Ongole in Andhra Pradesh.

I used to read lots of incest stories and got fascinated to them and I used to masturbate thinking of his mom. He is little homely type and he don’t know about my intensions.

Once one of my friend’s marriage was there in Ongole and I went to wedding with my village friends. We were three members and we have a habit of banging prostitutes. We got a broker number and contacted him he came to us and showed some hot babe’s photos and we selected two girls and while checking his photos I saw a picture and got shocked. It was my roommate Swamy MOM. I hide my excitement and randomly asked about many girls details in his phone and asked about RAMADEVI details he said she is a housewife and she is good candidate so on.

So I make a plan to bang her.

After marriage we came back to our places and later after two days I called broker and asked to book RAMADEVI for one full day. He said ok sir and conformed the date.

I said to swamy that I am going to my hometown and went to Ongole and met the broker and asked about Ramadevi. He said that she is not a regular prostitute. She will be available rarely she is a housewife. She also don’t accept more men. She accepts only one mat at a time. In the meantime I entered my lodge room and waiting for my Babe. She came to the lodge and called broker he informed room number and she came in. I was overjoyed seeing her. She came in dark blue colored saree and she is so hot. She greeted me as sis and I welcomed her with warm hug and I paid asked broker to leave the room. He said that he will come tomorrow morning and he went.

I closed the door and locked it. She was still standing. I make her sit on the bed and I sat beside her and asked about her details. She said about her (I was shocked she said all true details). I asked for a selfie and to my surprise she didn’t oppose and I took some closed pics with her for further use.

I praised her beauty and slowly kissed her lips and she responded like professional. While kissing her juicy lips I removed her saree pallu. She is hugging me hardly. I sensed that she is so Horney woman and I removed her saree and pavada. She is in her blouse and panty. Slowly I removed all her dress and made her nude. She is bit chubby but wowww sexy. Her pussy is well trimmed for this event. I squeezed her big boobs and she started to moan. I start to kiss her whole body from legs to pussy and belly to forehead she is one real slut.

I start to eat her pussy and she is making waves with excitement. She is pushing my head deep inside her pussy and she is leaking her juices. I stopped there and again kissed her lips and pressed her hips. I asked her what her favorite position is. She said that she only did missionary & doggy until now. I said cowgirl will be super and make her sit on my dick and with her weight It went straight into her vagina and hit the G-spot. She is enjoying it. I banged her for 15 min and we both cummed.

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I asked her what she would like to drink. She said no. No. I don’t drink. But I forced and ordered Signature Ultra one full bottle and offered her a peg. She said no, I didn’t drink until now. I Forced her and handed her a peg and said up to tomorrow you won’t go out of this room then what’s problem in drinking and she accepted it. I asked her whether anyone in your family know about this. She said no one knows it. She also said she is doing for her son studies and her physical need as her husband is not satisfying her.

I took my mobile and clicked one more picture while she is having whisky. She said no don’t take photo while drinking. I said we don’t know each other’s and even I am in this picture so it’s my private and I won’t show to anyone. She has no option other than to accept. After 3 pegs again I fucked her in all positions. Suddenly her phone rang and I saw it’s my friend swamy number. She signaled me to keep quiet and she is speaking with him. She said to him that she is in her moms village and she will return to their hometown by tomorrow evening.

After that I banged her in all ways and I tipped her handsomely and she said thanks and I gave her my secret mobile number which swamy didn’t know. Later I went back to my hometown and she used to call me every now and then and also asked for some small amount of cash and I paid thinking of future.

I went to Hyderabad and swamy was happy to see me and life is going smoothly. One evening swamy said that his family is coming to Hyderabad next week and asked me is it okey if they stay in our room. I said no problem your family is like my family and so on. I didn’t called her from then and ignored her calls purposefully to surprise her.

I will explain what happen next when she came to know that I was her sons close friend and how I make her my slave and pimped her to my close circle.

This is my first encounter with RAMADEVI My friend mom. Hope you guys liked it. Please give comments and contact me at [email protected]

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