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My Son forced me – Dirty Sex Tales

This happen quick a few years ago so I’m going to tell it that way. Hi I’m Tina, I am a petite 4 foot 11 inch tall Sandy long blonde hair mom. I’m 34 years old, my husband is a truck driver and only home on weekends. So that leaves me to raise my 3 sons pretty much by myself. Mike is 16 hes the oldest and to which this story is about. Mike is about 6 feet tall takes after his dad. Strong for his age. Problem with kids their age he thinks he is smarter than you. Their hormones are raging and that gets them in trouble. Well this weekend he stayed out past his curfew and his father grounded him. It was Monday night. We live in a 2 story house with a basement Mike bedroom in the basement the other 2 are upstairs on 2nd floor. The master bedroom on 1rst floor. My Husband left for week and we were all getting ready for bed. I tucked the two boys in bed and went down and checked on mike. He was his normal bitchy self smart mouthing he did not need me tucking him in bed. I left it at that and went and took a shower. 15 Minutes later I was out drying myself and a heard a noise downstairs. I quickly slipped on my robe still wet and ran down to find mike Sneaking out window. I yelled at him and pulled his foot and he came falling back into room. He was too big for basement window and was having trouble getting out. He yelled “bitch that hurt”. I didn’t think I saw red, I smacked him across the face. He jumped up and grabbed my arm and said “what was that for?” I pulled away, he still had hold of my robe and it pulled it off my shoulder. I twisted away in doing so my robe fell open and I tripped and fell on floor. I don’t know what he said or if he said anything. He picks me up and throws me on his bed. He stands over me and I roll over so not to be exposed to him. That’s when he lays on me “Get off me” I yell. He grabs my wet hair with one hand. He pulls down his pants with other. I struggle against his grip. Then he just thrust into me. He let go of my hair and started fucking me. Pinning me down with his hands on my back. I struggle enough he cant stay in me. So he rolls me over and pulls my legs up and pins them on my sides. I try and hit him but he holds my wrist against my legs. He entered me and aggressively fucked me till he came. He laid on top of me with his full weight. I tell him to get off me and hit him. He sets up takes me over his lap and starts spanking my ass hard. I don’t know how many times. Then he stood up picked me up and forced me over the dresser. For the third time he enters me. I’m crying by now. He pulls out and out of no where shoves it in my ass. I start to scream but he puts a hand over my mouth and muffles it. He didn’t want his brothers to hear. I feel him tense up and cum in my ass. He yanks me up by the hair and says you will tell no one. Or I will say you molested me as a kid. He opened the door and shoved me out. Throwing my robe after me. I took another shower and went to bed. I never said anything to anyone. The next day he got home from school an hour before his brothers. I was in the kitchen. He never said a word. He walked up to me, pulled my pants down and picked me up on counter top. I didn’t fight because he was a lot stronger than me. Once again he fucked me setting on edge of counter. Before he came he pulled out and pulled me off counter. Grabbing my the hair he shoved my face into his cock. He pulled my hair till I opened my mouth and he face fucked me till he shot his load down my throat. I was gasping for air on floor when he went to His room. This went on all week. My husband got home on Friday, I acted like nothing was wrong. Saturday my son fucked me in basement while my husband was watching tv upstairs. He came in me twice down there. He told me not to take a shower or he would tell. That evening he caught me alone again and quickly filled me with more cum. My pussy was wet and cum smeared. That night my husband wanted to so to keep with normal, we did. I was soaked with my son’s cum and he didn’t notice. Sunday I found myself horny. I was getting turned on by this. I literally went to basement when my husband mowed yard and knowing Mike would fuck me. This time I wanted it. I for the first time met his thrust. I climaxed hard 3 or 4 times with Mike. We kissed. I heard the mower shut off so a knew he would be coming in house So I hurried and got dressed and went back upstairs. That was 3 years ago. My son has been fucking me everyday since. I am in a constant state of arousal. I want him all the time. I let him fill me before I fuck his father. I also climax with him. I am 6 months pregnant now. I know who father is. I’m getting wet telling this story. Tina.

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