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My Treat – Dirty Sex Tales

U and Dr. Williams have teamed up. My wrists are tied to the headboard, and I’m naked. Gagged. At ur mercy. My clit is visibly throbbing. My cunt dripping onto ur sheets. I was told to keep my legs spread wide, or else they would be tied as well, and so far I have listened. You two are in the next room. Every once in a while I hear you kiss, but other than that I hear nothing. When You finally come back out, ur both wearing a strap on and nothing else. Ur each carrying a bag. One in labeled “after”. I want to ask what the bags are for, but even without the gag I knew I wouldn’t be allowed to. So I wait. Knowing Mommy and Dr. Williams will explain if they feel they have to. Apparently neither of u do, as the bag labeled “after” is set aside, but the other is placed beside me. Lube is pulled out, as well as nipple clamps that have a clit clamp as well. Then comes one of my favorite toys. The anal beads. There are 10 total. I have never taken more than 6. Each bead is slightly bigger than the next. The smallest is the size of a peanut. The last one is a the size of two baseballs. I know the purpose this toy. It’s to stretch my asshole. Get me ready to be pounded. And I can’t wait. With no warning the clamps are put on my nipples. I arch, and moan. Mommy and Dr. Williams smirk and then my clit is slapped. My clit hardens more. The clit clamp is put on and yet again I arch and moan. There’s a finger in my ass. A lubed finger. The coldness ks spread around, before a second finger joins. I spread my legs as far as I can, trying to make it easier for whoever is stretching me. The fingers are gone, soon replaced by the first 4 anal beads. The 4th one is the size of a chicken egg. The fifth is pushed in, then the sixth. I can’t stop moaning. My pussy is leaking like a small river. I’m so turned on. My clit and nipples throb in a delicious pleasure. Before K know it the seventh is in me. Mommy and Dr. Williams are so proud of me for taking it like a good girl. So proud, they are gonna reward me. With another bead. And they do. The eighth is forced in, then it stops. Hands are caressing my hair, my thighs. A thumb wipes away a tear that has escaped my eye. The strap on dildos are lubed up. Beads removed. Dr. Williams moves beneath me, so I’m on my back, on her chest. Before my ass has a chance to close, she pushes into me. All 9 inches, 2.5 Inches thick of black dildo cock is pushed into me. I’m panting, moaning. Aching for more. I feel the plastic balls against my ass cheeks. She’s so deep in me. My pussy lips are spread and I lift my head to watch as Mommy pushes in. 10 Inches, 2.5 Thick. Y slickness helps u push deep into me. Then I feel the plastic balls, resting against my perineum. Oh the pleasure of having both of my holes filled with big cocks. I’m so happy, and in so much pleasure I want to cry. But I don’t. Then ur moving. Gliding in and out if my holes. Starting slow, but picking up speed until ur pounding me. I cry out around the gag. The clamps pull at my nipples and clit with every thrust. I cum 4 times, each time stronger and longer than the last. When I cum the fifth time, I squirt. Hard. I scream around the gag and u both stop. I’m writhing and moaning. U gently pull out. After letting me calm, u tell me it’s time for part two. Everything is removed from me, and a wash cloth is used to wipe me down. New clamps are put on my nipples. Stronger than the last ones. A stronger clamp is put on my clit too. Then suction cups are pulled out of the second bag, as well as a pump. One by one, a suction cup is put on my nipples and clit, then the air is sucked out until my nipples are standing tall inside the cups, away from my tits. They are almost an inch tall. The same is done with my clit. I hear tape, and a vibrator. The vibrator is taped to my stomach, the end of it pressing against the cup on my clit. When it’s turned on, the vibe will go thru the cup to my clamped clit. Another vibrator is pushed into my pussy, a long string attached for when it’s time to remove it. I feel the vibe against my cervix, and it feels good. A dildo, an alien dildo, with bumps along the shaft, is pushed in after. It’s only 9 inches, but the bumps press against my inner walls. A similar dildo, 10 inches long, is pushed into my ass. Then I get a nice surprise. A new gag. And a new sitting position. You both help me sit up, and the pleasure intensifies in my holes. My current gag is removed and replaced with a dildo gag. The dildo part is only two inches. The other end is a ring, with a big hole in the middle. Meant to keep my mouth open, easily accessible. It’s pushed in and I look up. U both have a new dildo attached to the strap on. Mommy’s is 9 inches and Dr. Williams is 9 as well. U both lay down, and I watch as Dr. Williams pushes hers I to Mommy’s ass, and Mommy’s is pushed into Dr. Williams pussy. I get it now. I’m being forced to watch, but not participate. You both move slowly, savoring each other. Touching, kissing, making love in a way only two women can. And it’s sexy. I feel each thrust as I move on the dildos. U move with each other for an hour, each cumming twice and moaning each other’s names. I have cum 10 times and have passed out from all the pleasure. When I wake, I’m clean and in bed, all the toys are off and out if me. On either side of me, u both rest as well.

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