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My wife with the tailor

Here is your Jalle Jammeell with another fuck story of my wife.

As usual read it in her own words:
Once I was alone at home slowly I found out I am being turned on without any particular reason when I touch my crotch I found my panty soaked with my pussy juice.

I thought about where to get a cock and came up with an idea that is to call the muscular tailor at the nearest town. He is from other state but speaks Malayalam so I called him to come to my house as I have three sets of dresses to be tailored and bring some fashion books with newest fashion.

He accepted as he knows me, I told my house location and to make sure he comes fast I told him I am alone.

He arrived within half an hour on his bike. I opened the door let him in told him to sit at the dinning table offers him juice. He gives me four fashion books all with very sexy fashion.

I went into the bedroom took materials putting it on the table called him in. When he came I showed him one material and one dress in the book, told him to take measurement and should be tight fitting, the nighty I was wearing is loose fitting.

When he came with his tape I offered him no resistance I stand still. First he took measurement of my neck then at my chest and told me my dress is too loose.

I said you can measure it tightly according to you, he said I will have to touch you am afraid you may get angry. I said I get angry if dress is not to my liking, you touching won’t make me angry.

Now he takes measurement of my boobs hold my boob upwards then he
Puts his hand in my nighty pinched my nipple.

I pull my nighty off and told him to take measurement correctly, now he is brave he plays with my boobs after finishing taking measurement he touches my crotch. I asked him to eat me and lay on the bed on my back.

But he turns me around, now I am on my tummy, he separates my ass crack and kissed there, I pushed my ass upwards now my ass hole full on display to him.

He licks my ass hole circles it with his tongue entering my pussy with his finger, one first then second finger entered and started to finger fuck my pussy so fast and hard I came so quick and hard.

Now taking my cum and lubricated his cock and my ass hole he Positions his cock at my asshole.

He is going to fuck my ass hole first and entered my asshole with his fuck rod, now he starts to fuck me at the same time plays with my clitoris.

This makes me cum fast again, now after depositing his seed in my ass he goes to the toilet.

After cleaning his cock he mounts me 69 my pussy at his face his cock dancing at my face, he licks my pussy sucks my clitoris, I suck his cock and balls.

Now he unloaded his second load in my mouth, I too gave him my pussy juice and he licks clean every drop.

Now on me missionary saying now get ready for the real fucking experience he drills my love tunnel with his love rod.

Fucking slow motion, first slowly Then speeding as fast as he can, about twenty minutes he fucked me so hard deep and fast giving me multiple orgasms and unloaded his third load in my pussy, both of us satisfied.

We thanked each other kisses each other, he leaves with the material promises to return next week with my dress.

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