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Nanna Anna | Kannada Sex Story

Nanna Anna

Hi Prabavathi here, age 28 and let me introduce the true incident happened in my life with my brother aged 29. We both lost our entire family in a major accident near hubli. In that accident I lost my husband and 1 year daughter and my brother lost his wife and 2 ren. Since we lost our parents also we are very upset. We both decided to come to Bangalore for work and forget our memories.

We rented one BHK house I and within one month we got the job in callcenters.2 years passed we have almost forget every thing and leading a normal life even though I could not control and was masturbating for every 3 days while bathing. One Friday I came an hour late to my house and saw Anna (bro) has already come. I came slowly to bed room to surprise him but he was not there. Then realized he was in bathroom.

Since the door was open I thought he was washing his face and immediately opened the door. I was surprised to see the scene in the bathroom. He was sitting naked with shower on and masturbating. He was surprised when I opened the door. I said sorry and closed the door and came to bedroom to change the cloths. While changing the cloths my mind was in the bathroom thinking of the scene after 2 years.

I saw a black monster cock with 9 inches long very thick. I became bit horny. I wore sleeveless t-shirt and short gagra. Then I went to kitchen room to cook food. Since our bathroom was near kitchen room he came out shyly and went to bedroom. I prepared food and called him for dinner. He came, had lunch. Then I was watching TV, Even though I was watching TV my mind was in that monster cock then he came nearer to me and said sorry.

Me: why are asking sorry

Anna: because of the scene in the bathroom

Me: no, don’t feel sorry about that, every person who is in our situation will do the same thing

Anna: Even though ” I stopped him and said

Me: Anna I can understand your situation because even I am in the same situation. He became to cry and I too became bit sentimental, I stood up and hugged him.

Anna: then you will forgive me

Me: Anna even I do same thing bathroom

I became bit bold and began to talk with him. Since I am hugging I became hot and even feel his erection. He slowly took his hand put around my waste and hugged me tightly.

Anna: After my wife’s death I didn’t had sex with any body so I couldn’t control my feelings”

Me: I understand Anna, since we are human being we can control any thing but not Sex while talking he was slowly rubbing my back and moving towards my waste. I was enjoying his action since I too didn’t have any male contact from last 2 years. This continued for 15 minutes then he held be bit tight and his cock was touching my lower stomach. I slowly kissed his chick and moved my lips towards his lips kissed passionately.

I kissed him for 5 minutes and realized it was bad and separated from him and said sorry and went to bedroom since we had only one bedroom we both sleep in the same room so I prepared bed for both or us and ready to sleep. Then he came to bedroom and asked what happened. So I told it is wrong, I am your sis.

Anna: Prabha don’t think about the relation, just think you are female and I am male by telling this he moved his bed nearer to me and pulled my rug.

Me: Even though this is not right

Anna: then having sex with other person is also not right, in that case you don’t have sex through out you life” I didn’t say anything.

Anna: tell me why did you feel hot when my cock was touching you? Why did you co-operate when I was rubbing your waste

Me: but I am you sis Anna

Anna: then why did you kiss me by telling he slowly kept his hand on my waste. I tried to remove his hand but he put his leg on my legs. I removed his let and stood up immediately and went near the window. I was becoming hotter and hotter by his words and started to rub ground with my leg thumb finger.

Anna: Praba I can understand even you are hot now

Me: yes Anna, even I too can’t control, but if somebody comes to know about this what will happen?

He got green signal from my words Anna “arey prabha nobody will comes to know, we behave like pure bro and sis to outer world.

He came nearer to me and hugged from behind tightly, this time I co operated with him. I immediately closed the window. I asked shall put off the light. Anna, if out put off the light how could we each others private parts. He then slowly moved his hands towards my breast and started pressing

Me: Aaaaaahhhhhh Anna (bro) Anna mmmmma aaahhhhh

Anna: Prabha nina molae tumba sakat agide (your balls are superb)

Me “hauda hagidre joragi hichuko raja (then press hard raja)

He pressed for about 10 minutes then turned me towards him and stated to kiss my lips by kissing he was rubbing my waste and pressing my boobs towards his cock even.

I was pressing his boobs and slowly he put his hand into my skirt (elastic midi) and started pressing my naked boobs. He then started to remove my button of my t-shirt from front. As he was removing one by one I was becoming shy and closing my eyes. He removed my shirt and threw away. I was in bar and skirt now. He then kissed my stomach and licked the center point of my stomach.

He then slowly pulled down my skirt. Now I was on bra and panty. Then I removed his baniyan and pulled his burmoda. Now he is only on underwear. Then I saw his monster cock and said Anna ninna tunne underwear inda horage baralu jigiyuthide (your cock was jumping to come outside of the underwear)

Anna: ninna mole yu kuda bra inda hore baraue jigiyuthide (even yours ball too)

He then took me in his arms to bed. I was in bed facing upwards and he came on me and kissing all over body I was just moaning Annnnna(brrrrrrrrro)

Me: nanagae ninna tunne jote adabeku( I want to play with you monster)

Then he came down and I was his top, I slowly went downwards and pulled his underwear.

It was amazing I can’t handle with one hand. It was black, almost 9 inches and very thick.

Me: Anna ninna tunne tumba super, hennige e thare tunne sikkare saku avara jeenva pavana (bro you cock was superb, every women dreams about this type of cock)”

He just smiled at me I took his cock in hand and given blow job then took in mouth and started to sip like ice candy.

He was just enjoying, closed his eyes and moaning aaahh Praaaba aaaaha yes

After some time I stopped my activity, then he got up and unhooked by bar. He saw my balls and said le praba ninna malae tumba dodda du ide, idaralli 5 liter halu barutha (you have big boobs and I think it has 5 liters of milk)

Me: Chi Anna isthodu holusu mathadu thi nachike agolava (chi bro you are talking very dirty don’t you fell shy)

Anna: nachike patukondare yanu agolla ( if you shy nothing will happen)

I was enjoying his naughty words

Anna: nange halu kudi beku anusuthe ( I fell like drinking your milk)

Me: Bandare kudi (if it comes you drink) he took my nipple in his mouth and tried to suck hard, but disappointed but I was enjoying his activity and given fully support for activity.

Anna: le Praba halu antru illa ninna tulladru torisu (there is no milk at least show me you cunt)

Me: Lo Anna tullu nodoke asthodu isthana (so much hurry to see my cunt)

Anna ” yaradu warusha dinda tullu nodilla adake ase (since I did not saw and cunt from 2 years that’s why)

Me: ba hagadare chaddi bichi ninne nodido (come then remove my panty and see my cunt) I just sat facing upwards he went down licking my leg thumb and slowly moved upwards licking my thighs

Me: Anna nange tadedu koluvadu aaguvadill bega chaddi bichho ( bro remove my panty soon)

He slowly removed my panty looked backwards and threw it when he turned toward me I immediately crossed my legs closing my cunt.

Anna: yake tullu muchgotiya (why are you hiding you cunt)

Me “ninage torisabaradu anta(not to show you)

Anna: praba tullu iruvadu torisalu michilike alla (cunt is to show not to hide)

Me: hagidare nidiko lo Anna, nanna tullu nodi ananda padu(then see my cunt bro enjoy it) he slowly separated by legs and went nearer to it and smelled it and said.

Ninna tullina tumba kudalu ide yake bolisa baradu (there are lots of hairs around your cunt why don’t you shave that

Me: bolisi yarige thorisa beku anna (whom should I show by shaving bro)

Anna: nanage torisu praba, innu munde adu nanage misalu (show me praba now on wards its for me)

Me: hagiddare nalle ninne bolisu( then you only shave tomorrow) He said ok and inserted his middle fingure inside it and I said

Anna: what happened

Me: Anna ninna battu bedaa , adake ninna tunne bekagide (it don’t want your finger it wants your cock)

Anna: addannu hakutene swalpa thadi (wait I will put that also) He slowly moved his finger on my cunt lips I was feeling on cloud even I was putting my finger before while bathing but male finger is different from female finger.

I was moaning aaaaaaha anna anna Anna ooouccch. I could not control and said.

Me: Anna nanage tadedu kolluvadu aguvadilla bega hadu ba (I can’t control come on and fuck fast) Then he came on me and started to insert his cock into my cunt. I showed a way to his cock. He started to push his cock. It was bit tight was paining

Me: Anna sahukasha haku novu aaguthide (bro slowly its paining) he didn’t listen me started pushing almost half of his penis are inside my cunt. He then removed outside and suddenly pushed strongly. The monster cock was full inside my cunt and

I was shouting with pain and he suddenly lip locked me and started to fuck after 3-4 shots I began enjoying his fuck. He understood I was enjoying then removed his lips and I was moaning aaahhhh hadu (fuck) hadu yes aaaaaaahhhh. Now I cummed twice but he has not cummed yet. He was still fucking very hard and was lifting my ass to support him after some time he cummed in me.

My hole is full of his sperm then he became tired and laid beside be after some time he was shocked and said we are suppose to use condoms, now you may become pregnant. I told him not to worry my husband and me decided to have only one and so I got aborted by hearing this he was relaxed. I was searching for my panty to bring some thing to eat, but he said go naked and I did so.

He followed me when we entered the kitchen room I told him to take something to eat I will go for piss when I suppose to close the bathroom he stopped and he too entered the bathroom, and told he too want to piss along with me. I opened the commode and told him to piss first, but he told me piss first. I put my leg on the commode and opened my cunt lips with my finger and about to piss he told to stop and he removed my finger.

He widened my cunt and told to piss after my pissing I hold his cock and told to piss. We came to kitchen room took some fruits went to hall, switched on the TV watching, that we had fruits then I got up and sat on his thighs facing towards him started to kiss his lips by that time his cock became erect and then he said le Praba nanage ninna kunde hadabeku antha ase (I want to fuck your ass hole)

Me: Ba Anna yalli bekadaru hadu, nanu iga ninavale (come on bro fuck where ever you want I am yours) he made to bend forward ward and I tool the support of chair he came behind be started to fuck my ass hole. I was shouting aaahhha yes fuck hard, innu jora hodi (fuck fast) Anna. He was fucking very fast after long time he cummed inside my ass hole then he sat on the chair and I sat on him facing towards him and said Anna inu yawadadaur tutunalli hakabeka, nanu ready (you want to put in any hole, I am ready)

Anna: illa kane sustha aithu swalpa thadi (wait I was bit tired wait for some time) I gave my balls in his mouth and asked to lick and he was doing so then we started to kiss each other after some time his cock again erected. Now I was on his top then I said

Me: Anna ninu hage kulithuko nanu iga ninage haduve (sit as it is I will fuck you)

I tool penis into my cunt and started to move upwards and downward and he was lifting my ass as per the strokes, I was fucking faster and faster, it went for long time still he was not cumming then I faced opposite him stated to fuck. It was amazing I never had such type of sex with my husband.

I got tired even though he has not yet cum and now we got on the floors, he told that he will give dog shot. Oh god this shot was amazing, my lets are paining by that shot so we went of bedroom and started dog shot after some time he again cum in my pussy. On that night we fucked till 2:00 am. He fucked me 6-7 times and we were talking very dirty words whole night. He was saying le praba hattare ninnatha hudugina hadabeku kane, ninu tumba sukha koduthiya ( I should fuck a girl like you, you give more pleasure)

Me: illa kano hadasikondare ninnatha gandasina kayaga hadasikolla beku, ninae nijawada gandasu ( lady should be fucked by man like you, you are the real man)

Anna: mundina janmadaga ninae nanna handathi yadi bare (become my wife in next life)

Me: mundina janmadaga yake ivatininda nanu ninna handthine antha thileko (why next life thing I am your wife from today itself)

Anna: Ninna ganda hige hadatida na (your husband was fucking same way)

Me: illa avanu bega bega nanna seere yatti omme hattu nidde maduthdda avanu yawagalu nannu bethale madale illa (he just lift my saree fuck me and sleep, he never made me naked)

Me: avanu yawagu nanna kunde hattla (he never fucked my ass)

Anna: chintae madabeda iga nanu yalla rethi inda haduwe (don’t worry I will fuck you in different angles) and I was thinking that now I don’t feel I lost my husband, my brother became my second husband and I don’t think we are doing wrong, instead doing wrong with unknown person and take some disease from him it is better to be fucked by brother.

Any whey he is my brother he had right to do anything to me, and I suggest same thing to all the sisters at that time I was on his top kissing his body and we don’t know when we went to sleep. Next day we had different story. He fucked me in different style, i.e. in bathroom, kitchen etc he also shaved my pussy and I shaved his. I will narrate this in my next story. Please tell me how you my real story (I swear its real)

Jan. 31, 2023

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