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New Shop Opening – Dirty Sex Tales

The queue stretched down the road for quite away, new discount  clothes shop aimed at teens was opening with all items being sold at half the marked price for the opening day only the teens new that things were going to very cheap and that there would be quite a few very good bargains. In side the shop the staff were busy making last minute adjustments, many of the staff lived in the town and had been employed just for the day to help with the expected rush, some were still at school themselves, Sixteen year old Sara was working in the stock room preparing to restock shelves as they became empty, her next door neighbour Mark who was two years younger than what Sara was also worked in the stock room, Sara knew Mark and new he was a flasher and wondered if he would last the day with out flashing. The shop manager was just starting to unlock the  doors the long queue of teens pushed forward as he did and were soon rushing in side the shop and it was not long before the shop was packed, the changing rooms were communal rooms and some were boys and girls together which did not seem to bother anybody, the younger boys and girls were happy at seeing the older teens in their under wear, the older teens seemed more interested in the bargains and were not caring what they were or were not wearing, sixteen year old July took her hoody off, Palash who was four years younger than what July was could not believe what he was seeing when July’s naked boobs appeared, Palash thought nice and when she took her jeans off and was stood in just a G-string he thought cool he then saw two other girls with their naked boobs showing, he saw his classmate Paula with no top on and thought yes as he saw her small developing boobs and was disappointed when she did not take her jeans off. sixteen year Steve had removed his Jeans, Pao who was two years younger that Steve was looking at his pubic hairs that was showing over the top of his under pants and was liking the bulge in his pants, Palash stared in total disbelief as he saw July was now naked trying on a bra he could see her love tube, Steve was trying on swimming trunks and Pao could see his seven inch hairy dick , Palash felt a big surge and he was pushed backwards he found himself sandwiched between lots of people and could hardly move he then realised he was pushed up against July who was naked his hand was against the top of her leg Palash moved his hand across and slid it between July’s legs feeling her love tube and started to rub it he heard July say ” fuck off” but carried on rubbing knowing she could not move and stop him, Pao was now holding Steve’s dick in her hand feeling it go hard she looked down and saw Steve’s nine inch erection and started stroking it Paula was trying to stop a boy who was rubbing her boobs but could not, Palash could feel that July was now moist and could hear her voice get weaker as she said ” stop it” Palash inserted two fingers up July’s love tube and started poking around, Pao felt Steve’s dick twitch and saw three spurts of cum shoot out of it, July was now breathing heavy and Palash felt her cum and smiled, In the stock room Sara was working in a secluded area when for the first time in her life she saw Mark flash  his erect dick and was very surprised when she saw that it was about eight inches and thick it was the biggest dick that she had ever seen and stared at it and started to get aroused, Mark saw the pokies in Sara’s tee shirt and went over to her saying you want it and as he did started to gently squeeze her pokies, he then said to her ” can I fuck you” he then let go of Sara’s pokies and saw that they were now much bigger, Mark reached down got the hem of Sara’s dress and pulled it up then pulled her panties down and rubbed her love tube feeling it was moist, Mark lowered Sara onto the floor and after removing her panties parted her legs knelt between them and after bending forward was pushing his dick into her love tube as he did Sara groaned, Mark started to thrust in and out of the moist love tube as he did he slid his hands up the inside of Sara’s tee shirt and started to massage her boobs, Sara was now moaning in deep pleasure and after five minutes climaxed, Mark continued to thrust in and out of the moaning girls love tube and after another five minutes felt her cum a second time and just after he pulled his dick out of Sara’s love tube and squirted his cum over the floor, The crush in the changing room had been sorted out and Paula had gone onto the emergency exit stairs that were deserted and not long after Palash went out there where he saw Paula laying on the floor with her jeans right down and rubbing her love tube, Paula saw Palash looking at her and moved her hand, Palash stood looking at her love tube thinking very nice, then sat beside Paula and started to rub her love tube before inserting two fingers inside it and started to push them in and out and after ten minutes felt her cum, Pao was walking home thinking about what she had done to an older white boy and feeling happy,  July was speaking on her phone to her twelve year old sister asking her how old Palash was and when she was told by her sister that Palash was in her class and the same age, July put her phone away thinking I been finger fucked while naked by a little boy, Sara was sitting on the bus thinking fucked by the town’s pervert and it was bloody good. A week later sixteen year old Tina was stood watching her best mate laying on the floor naked as Palash sucked her nipples and fingered her love tube and after ten minutes was also laying naked getting the same treatment, Sara was in the disused garages moaning as Mark thrust in and out of her love tube while his best mate who was also a flasher and in his class at school stood rubbing Sara’s boobs thinking hurry up I want to fuck her as well A month after opening the clothes shop had closed down saying profits were not as good as was expected, but a few people thought that the profits of the clothes shop were very good.

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