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Spanking And More – Dirty Sex Tales

The council run old age pensioners home had been open for close to one hundred years and was home for up to thirty people, it was liked well run and had a waiting list for pensioners wanting to there, the residents of the town where the home was supported it and helped out there, then the council decided to close the home to save money due to government cut backs, there were many protests with local people trying to save the home from closure but after a court case the council closed the home, the pensioners were put into sheltered accommodation, locals started a voluntary movement where local residents called on the pensioners the help them the local school got involved, sixteen year old Laura was one of the volunteers, at a meeting of the volunteers Laura was volunteered to visit Ben who was a sixty four year old former commando, Laura was known as a loud mouthed girl but was very good with the pensioners. Laura and some of her friends left school early to go to the pensioners and after getting his shopping Laura turned up at Ben’s and had to wait awhile to be let in, when Ben let her in he said ” sorry it took me so long I was having a wank” Laura looked at him and told him he was a dirty old cunt and started to put the shopping in the cupboards, Ben told her no swearing, Laura said ” go sit down you old fart” Ben told her to watch her mouth or she would get a spanking, Laura said “yeah not from a silly old cunt like you” Ben said ” right that is it” and grabbed Laura by the wrist, Laura could not break free of the strong grip and was pulled across the room by Ben who sat on a stool and dragged the struggling Laura over his knees, Laura was surprised by Ben’s strength and felt her skirt being pulled up then her panties pulled down and off they the hard stinging blows from Ben on her naked bum, Laura begged Ben to stop but he carried on spanking her hard and after eight slaps Laura started to cry begging Ben to stop and after twelve slaps Ben stopped and pushed Laura off his knees onto the floor, Laura sat on the floor whimpering, Ben stood and told Lara that he would not tolerated rudeness and that anymore disobedience and she would get  further spankings and that from now on she called him sir, Laura said ” yes” then quickly added sir as she did she realised that her skirt was still up and Ben could see her love tube, Laura stood up and snarled at Ben who responded by clipping her round the ear, Laura responded by calling him a bastard, Ben grabbed Laura saying you will learn and pinned her over the table, Laura felt her skirt being undone then pulled from her body then the cuffs of her blouse being undone, Ben turned Laura onto her back and despite Laura’s best effort to stop him unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it free from her, Laura realised he was stripping her and soon Ben had removed her bra and she was naked, Ben then started to slap Laura’s well developed firm boobs and after a few minutes started to flick her love tube which was something Laura loved when her boyfriend did it to her and after a couple of minutes Ben noticed Laura’s erect nipples which he started to flick then went back to flicking her love tube and after five minutes Ben could hear Laura breathing heavy and ran a finger over her love tube discovering it was moist, Ben resumed flicking Laura’s love tube and nipples and noticed that Laura now had very erect nipples and soon she was gently moaning, Ben released his hold on Laura’s wrist and undone his trousers letting his solid eight inch dick spring out and when he slid up Laura’s love tube she moaned out loudly, Ben started to thrust in and out of the groaning girls love tube and at the same time flicked her nipples, after a few minutes Ben felt Laura cum but carried on flicking her nipples and thrusting in and out of her love tube and after ten minutes felt her cum a second time and a little while after a third time before he pulled his dick out of her love tube and squirt cum on her belly, he then stepped back noticing the glazed look in her eyes, after ten minutes Laura got off the table and went to the bath room as she went Ben saw the red hand prints on her bum and smiled, after returning from the bathroom Laura looked at Ben and got dressed then finished putting the shop away before leaving the house, Ben sat in the chair thinking that stuff from the Chinese herbal shop is very good a damn sight better than Viagra. As she walked home Laura could hardly believe what had happened but knew that she had enjoyed it and it was better than any sex that she had had with her boyfriend. The next day Ben was in his house when he heard the knock on the door and went and opened the door expecting to find the police there and was taken by surprise when he saw Laura stood there wearing a pair of jeans and a tee shirt, Laura said ” I came to see you were ok and if you needed any help sir” Ben let her in and once inside Laura asked him if he needed anything doing to which Ben replied ” yes there is but from now on you will work naked” and watched as she started to undress and once she was naked he looked her up and down and noticed her erect nipples which he started to flick, then told Laura to do the washing up and while she was doing it he stood rubbing her bum then reached round in front of her and started to squeeze her nipples, after twenty minutes Laura was groaning loudly as Ben thrust in and out of her love tube making her cum four times before he was finished, two days later in school Tony who was two years younger than Laura approached her and told her that his granddad wanted her to get him some bread, Laura took the bread round after school, when she went in the house she saw Tony and his girlfriend Sara there, Laura went in the kitchen and soon after Sara walked in smiled and said ” Tony’s granddad said to take your clothes off” Laura looked her and said ” what” Sara replied ” he has taught me a lot I now control Tony he was late meeting me so he is getting spanked you were late so your getting spanked” Laura went into the lounge and saw Tony stood naked his hands on his head and his dick fully erect at seven inches” Sara walked in and before Laura could stop her reached underneath her skirt and pulled her panties down and said ” step out of them ” Laura did and when Ben told her to strip Laura obeyed and when naked she saw Tony’s dick bob, after five minutes Laura was kneeling on the floor bending over the coffee table with Tony beside her and Ben spanking her bum while Sara spanked Tony’s after a few minutes Sara told Ben to move and when he did she started to spank Laura after a few minutes Sara stopped spanking Laura’s bum and told her to lay on the floor and once Laura had done so Sara started flicking her love tube and nipples and after twenty minutes when Laura was groaning she stopped looked at Tony and said ” you may fuck her now” Laura looked at Tony who knelt between her parted legs bent forward and slid his dick into her love tube, as Tony thrust in and out of her love tube Lara saw Sara undressing and once naked lay on the floor and part her legs then saw Ben slide his dick into her love tube, Tony was thrusting in and out of Laura’s love tube pushing in deep and hard and after a few minutes climaxed, Sara was moaning deeply and after a few minutes cried out yes oh yes just as she climaxed for the second time, after a few minutes Sara was kneeling beside Laura and to Laura’s surprise started to rub her boobs then flick her nipples saying ” your such a sexy bitch” after half a hour the four were all sitting naked drinking orange juice the Sara moved over to Laura and started to rub her love tube while Tony started licking her nipples,  Sara said ” leave” Tony backed away then Sara started to suck Laura’s nipples  as she did slid two fingers into Laura’s love tube and started to thrust them in and out, after five minutes Laura groaned as she climaxed and twenty minutes later climaxed a second time, thirty minutes later all four were sat dressed, Sara said ” I think we have a perfect new slave here and patted Laura’s knee, a few days later Laura got a message from Sara that said ” be at Bens at six tonight bitch” When Laura got to Bens she found four of Sara’s class mates all naked, Sara said ” Tony and his granddad are not here tonight it is just us and your late so get your clothes off”  Laura saw the four girls all had erect nipples and started to undress as she did she thought it is not Ben who needs care once naked the four girls started to explore Laura’s body as she lay on the floor as they did Sara who had stripped naked sat astride Laura’s shoulders and said ” lick me bitch” and was soon moaning as Laura’s tongue played with her love tube.

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