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Not Good Enough – Dirty Sex Tales

Cindy was feeling well pleased with herself, in the last two weeks she had got her black belt in karate to go with her judo black belt that she achieved a year ago and also had been crowned Junior Martial Arts Champion of the year, she was now sitting in her English lesson at school smirking at the tutor, when the tutor looked at her and asked her what she was smirking at Cindy smirked a bit more and told him, I got my black belt in Karate last night and was crowned martial arts champion of the year earlier in the year you stated that I was a no hoper and that people who lived on run down estates like mine would amount to nothing so with two black belts and a champion title that shows you are wrong and what’s more I am only 16 years of age, the tutor smiled congratulated Cindy and admitted he had been wrong about her but warned her there was always some body better, Cindy said ” let them try it I will beat them” 16 year old Joel who was sat at the back of the class thought to himself what a challenge about time the white bitch was brought down to earth.  Cindy spent the rest of the day talking with her friends trying to get them to join the martial arts club. As Cindy was walking home she got a text message from her mum telling her that she would not be home till late and that she would be on her own. Cindy was not worried and walked on home parting with her friend at the entrance to her block of flats.  After taking her blazer off and dumping it along with her bag on her bed Cindy went to make her self some thing to heard but stopped when she heard the door bell ring. she went to the door opened it and saw Joel and his mate Marcus on the door step, before she could say anything Joel pushed her back into the flat with a very hard shove sending her down the hall way, Cindy quickly recovered from the shove and the surprise of the unexpected attack and lunged at Joel with a kick, Joel avoided the kick and landed one of his own on Cindy’s thigh knocking her off balance, Cindy regained her balance took another kick at Joel who blocked the kick and delivered a few  blows of his own, Cindy lay dazed felt herself being pulled to her feet and heard Joel say ” I been a black belt in Karate since I was 10 years old you are still a novice and a cocky bitch who needs to be taught a lesson, Cindy then felt her hands being tied behind her back and her ankles being held, Joel then stared undoing the buttons on her blouse pulling it part way down her back when it was open  Joel then reached behind Cindy and unclipped her bra and pulled it off revealing her ample sized boobs which he gently started to caress after a few minutes he stopped and Cindy felt her panties being pulled down and her love tube being rubbed, Marcus said ” the bitch is enjoying it her fucking nipples are well erect” Joel inserted three fingers into Cindy’s moist love tube and started pushing them in and out after five minutes Joel said ” the white bitch has cum” and removed his fingers, Cindy felt her skirt being undone and drop to the floor, she looked and saw Joel standing with his fully erect 10 inch dick out and when Joel pushed it straight up her love tube Cindy moaned out loudly, Joel started to thrust in and out getting deeper and harder with each thrust, while Marcus was licking and sucking Cindy’s very erect nipples, after ten minutes Joel pulled his dick out of Cindy’s love tube pulled her head forward inserted his dick into her mouth and unloaded his cum straight down Cindy’s throat causing her to gag as he did, after he pulled his dick out of Cindy’s mouth, Marcus pushed his 9 inch erection straight into Cindy’s love tube and started to bang away after five minutes he to pulled his dick out of Cindy’s love tube and after pulling her head forward pushed his dick into Cindy’s mouth making her gag as he squirted his cum down her throat. Joel undid the rope holding Cindy’s wrist and told her she now has two block cocks to go with her black belts and left the flat with Marcus laughing as they went. Cindy lay on the floor for a few minutes then after checking the door was shut went up stairs and had a shower thinking to her self that she must have cum about ten times and that it was the first time she had had black cocks up her. A couple of hours later Cindy was down at the children’s play area leaning over the rails while her boyfriend pounded into her from behind, the two 12 year old boys were looking on in awe at the way Cindy’s big naked boobs were bouncing around, after he had finished pounding her Cindy and her boyfriend sat on the swings talking, Cindy’s boy friend smiled at Cindy and told her that she was well gagging for it tonight. Next day in school a special assembly was called where a sullen head teacher told the pupils of the school that both Joel and Marcus had died last night as the result of breathing in smoke when the flat they were in had caught fire which had been caused by a heater being knocked over. On their way to their first lesson Sally Cindy’s best friend noticed the bandage on Cindy’s hand and asked her what she done to hand, Cindy told her that last night she had cooked chips for her tea and after taking the pan off the cooker slipped and her hand went onto the hot ring. That night Cindy’s mum asked her what she had had for tea last night Cindy told her a couple of sandwiches and her mum asked her what had happened to her Cindy told her she had burnt in in science lesson at school. That night in bed Cindy said to nobody ” who is champion you two no hopers”

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