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She pulled into Jonney’s driveway. Jonney’s parents away as well. He had the big house all to himself. He lived in the affluent side of town.

His father a big time surgeon and often lectured at the local university.

His mother a doctor at local hospital.

Jonney had two other sisters and a half sister. The half sister a result of a affair his father have at a medical conference. But his parents worked it out after a 6 month separation. Jonney the result of them getting back together. His parents not sure which part of the house Jonney was conceived in.

Chloe took a deep breath. She saw the outside light come on. She opened the door getting her bag and phone. She stepped out closing the car door.

She saw the front door open. Jonney standing in the doorway. His tall muscular figure. Images of the video taken by Jenny still in her head.

” Hi ” he said greeting her. ” Come in. ” He said standing to the side. She stepped in the foyer. A huge staircase led up to the next floor. Her heels clanking on the tiled foyer. He led her through to the dining room through big double doors. They passed the sunken lounge two steps below the dining room floor.

They got to the kitchen. ” Drink ” he said.

” Yes please. ” Chloe said sitting at the breakfast bar.

” What will you have ? ” He asked.

” Alchoholic. ” She said.

” I’m having vodka and orange. ” He replied.

” Shit yes please. ” She replied.

He poured to drinks. ” So you and Jenny broken up ? ” She asked as he handed her the drink. He looked at her.

” Come to the lounge. ” He said admiring her figure in her dress. He wanted to strip her naked now. She followed him to the lounge. They sat next to each other on the big sofa. ” We have. ” He said. ” She thinks that we are not compatible any more. ” He said.

” Why ? ” She asked crossing her leg facing him. He loved seeing the skirt of her dress covering the top third of her thighs.

” I don’t know, ” he replied. Sipping his drink.

” Is it me ? ” She asked.

” You ? ” He said ” Why would it be you ? ” He asked.

” Well, I mean I think there has been something between us lately. ” She replied.

” You think ? ” He said

” Well. Toby is in love with his ex still. So pleased I didn’t fuck him tonight. I’m kind of glad because I get to fuck you. ” She said smiling at him.

” You do ? ” He said.

” Oh come on, its been on the cards for a long time. ” She said.

” I guess. ” He replied finishing his drink. She finished hers. ” Another ? ” He asked.

” Are you trying to get me drunk ? ” She said.

” Yes. ” He replied.

” Good. ” She said as he stood walking to the kitchen. She followed kicking off her heels. He poured two more drinks and handed one to her. She drunk the whole thing putting the glass down. He finished his she leant in and kissed his lips. ” Fuck me. ” She said. They embraced kissing his hands running over her body lifting her skirt feeling her bare arse.

” I’ve waited a long time for this? ” He said smiling as they stopped kissing and looked at each other.

Chloe kissed him again. She kept thinking of her parents and her grandparents at their dinner party tonight. She wondered if they were all fucking. She knew her mother and grandad were if she heard right. Then was her father and grandmother she wasn’t sure.

She felt her hair being pushed to the side. Her dress zip being pulled down. Shit she thought once it comes off shes topless and wearing a skimpy G String.

She was used to being naked in front of men. Fuck she went to nudist beaches with her parents hundreds of men had seen her naked body.

This felt different. A guy she was sexually involved with. The zip reached her waist. Her dress loosened. She helped drop it to the kitchen floor. Now topless she looked at him. He fondled her breasts feeling her nipples. He sat her up on the opening her legs her wet pussy lips visible through the wet lace fabric. He leant in kissing her lips. They french kissed. His hands groping her bust.

She lifted his shirt off throwing it to the floor. She felt his chest. His muscular chest. His hands slid to her hips. She leant back lifting her arse as her knickers came off her body, down her legs off her feet. He smiled as he tossed them over his head. The landed on the faucet over the sink. They both laughted as they saw her wet red g string hanging off.

” Good shot. ” She said smiling. He leant her back opening her legs seeing her wet shaved pussy. He admired her pussy.

” Virgin pussy. ” He said.

” Yes, ” she replied.

” Have to change that ? ” He said leaning in licking her clit. She took a swig of vodka and put it on the bench. He licked around her pussy opening her labias pushing his tongue inside making satisfied noises. She held his head into her moaning as he pleasured her pussy.

” Shall we go to the pool ? ” She said. ” She knew she wanted to fuck in water. More to wash her pussy. She knew she broken. She knew that he might get suspicious if there was no blood. Even though some girls don’t even bleed. But for her it was what she had to do.

” Yeh. ” He said smiling its warm. He dropped his trousers and underwear. His big cock springing out.

” Wow. ” She said looking at his hard erection. It was almost as big as her dads. Her dad had a big cock. She knew because his was slightly smaller she would have no trouble fitting inside her.

They held hands walking out the french doors to the outside courtyard. She took her bag and the vodka bottle sipping it giving some to him. He took a drink and put it down and they dived in the pool.

” So nice ” She said coming up pushing her wet hair behind her head. She hugged him kissing him wrapping her legs around his hips, her arms around his neck. They kissed and fondled. She moaned reaching down grabbing his cock rubbing it on her pussy. His knob finding her vagina hole. He pushed inside her entrance.

” That ok ? ” He asked.

” Just put the fuckin thing inside me. ” She moaned.

She hugged him tight, her face in his neck as he thrust deep in her pussy. She knew she had to play it. At least make it feel a bit un comfortable. She knew some girls it doesn’t hurt.

” ” Aghhh fuck. Ummmm. ” She moaned in a uncomfortable way.

” Ok. ” He said slowly thrusting her.

” Ummmm. ” She said hugging him tight his cock thrusting hard. ” Ohhhhh fuuck. ” She knew she was enjoying it. Loving it. Jonney thinking he was taking her virginity. She felt him in her. She loved his cock, she loved her man. The man she had wanted for a long time. She knew she had lost a friend. A good friend in Jenny. But she knew that Jonney was the man for her.

She wanted him to cum. She thought of Amber. Amber had a couple of regular men. Amber told her of her two boyfriends. Amber been 21. Her 42 year old married business man. She said every girl needs a older married man to fuck. Amber also had a 24 yr old boyfriend. Of course now shes overseas she had to let her younger boyfriend go. But she keeps in touch with her married boyfriend.

Amber would always use a condom. Except a few times she was close to her period she didn’t

Chloe knew she was close to her period. A few symptoms were there. Chloe knew she shouldn’t risk it, she didn’t want to get pregnant. She knew the symptoms for her. She always had tender breasts, and lower back pain also a bit of bloating.

He rode her. She moaned. ” Cum. ” She said.

” I don’t want to get you pregnant. ” He said. He pulled out. He reached for the condom. He sat on the pool side putting it down his cock. She lay on the side of the pool after washing around her pussy. He straddled her thrusting inside her. He started fucking her again. His cock pumping in her. She moaned, he fondled her breasts kissing her lips. He moaned loudly as he cum. He filled his condom with cum. He lay on her kissing her pushing her wet hair off her face. The kissed pecking each others lips.

” I’m not a virgin. ” She said.

” Your welcome, ” he said.

” It feels good to have that out the way. ” She said kissing him. She now didn’t have to say she was a virgin when she wasn’t, she now had a name she could say. The guy who broke her. A secret she would have. She could now say that Jonney took her virginity not her father.

Jonney got off and took his condom off.

” No blood. ” He said.

” No if there was, its all washed off in the pool. ” She said as she lay there naked, wet and Jonney kneeling on the first step of the pool between her open legs looking at her pussy and breasts. He took his condom off and put it on the side of the pool. He leant down again between her legs. He licked her clit rubbing her labias. His tongue dancing around her pussy. She lay moaning as he gave her post sex oral.

He bravely slid a finger in her pussy. She moaned as he slowly finger fucked her licking her clit.

He looked up at her smiling. ” You have a sexy pussy. ” He said.

” I bet you said that to Jenny. ” She said smiling.

” You have a nicer pussy than her. ” He replied sitting watching his fingers slid in and out of her.

She lay looking down at him finger fucking her his other fingers spreading her labias. He was exploring her pussy with his senses. His eyes admiring every fold, every colour of her skin. His tongue, the taste of her clit and pussy juices, the feel of her clit, her moistness. He knew her so well. She sat up her breasts dangling. He reached up fondling them. She kissed him.

They smiled and stood. They went inside after getting dry. The sat naked at the breakfast bar drinking vodka.

After 20 minutes they walked naked to his room both stopping off at the bathroom to piss. She stood vodka bottle in hand sitting watching him piss. He sat at the toilet as she sat opening her legs, he watched her piss. They knew they were drunk so they didn’t care. They fell into his bed a cuddled and he fell asleep.

She lay on the bed at his side watching him sleep. The sheet over their waists. The outline of his cock under the sheet. The cock that had fucked Jenny do much. The cock she had watched fuck Jenny on film. She loved her older man. She was now like her sister. Two men fucking her. Jonney was 20 Nearly three years older than her, and her father been the married man. Maybe not same with his wife knowing he is fucking her the other woman been her mother. But she knew she would take it.

She smiled to think just hours earlier. Jonney had gone to Jenny’s room to fuck Jenny and Chloe had gone to…( Loose her virginity with Toby).

Now her dad knew she has had sex with another guy. They both know the true story. Gary proud knowing he had been his daughter’s first.

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