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Palash was a sixteen year old Bengali boy who had just moved into a new flat  on a run down housing estate with his mum and sister Pao who was four years younger than what he was, his dad had gone back to Bangladesh to live and Palash had not seen him for a few years, Palash knew that the estate that he was now living on had a reputation for being a rough estate but it was also well known that the residents all stuck together and supported each other they were known as a family, if you picked on one resident it was known that other residents would get involved. Palash was just coming home from school and saw Pao waiting outside the flat door talking with July who was in his class at school and lived next door to them, Pao was laughing as he got to the flat Palash saw that July’s blouse was unbuttoned and he could see that she was wearing a blue bra that covered her ample boobs, after saying hello Palash went inside the flat and after a few minutes Pao walked in and told him that July had told her that nobody on the estate hid anything and that it was common to see others naked and having sex, Palash thought she is bullshitting and went to his room and after changing out of his uniform went to the kitchen, he knew his mum would be home much later as she was working, Palash got the bag of rubbish he had forgot to take down to the chute when he went to school and to it to the rubbish chute as he came out of the rubbish chute room he saw Pao talking to Helen who was in her class as he got nearer Palash saw that Helen had her blouse undone and she was not wearing anything under it he saw her developing boobs and thought cool, Helen smiled at Palash and said to him ” welcome to the estate” Palash replied saying thank you as he did Helen’s sister Jean who was two years younger than what Palsh was came out of their flat Palash’s eyes went wide when he saw that Jean was topless her firm boobs fully visible, Jean shouted to Helen that she was wanted before going back into their flat, Palash went inside his flat thinking that July might not have been bullshitting after all and half a hour later when Pao came in and said ” I have just seen Steve naked his willy is big” Palash looked out and saw Steve who was in his class at school fixing the bike of his neighbour, Steve was naked his dick was big about seven inches and hairy and still soft, Palash was about to go back inside his flat when Jean came out of her flat naked Palash looked at her love tube then saw Helen who was also naked, Palash went back inside his flat thinking this is awesome and when Palash heard July calling from the balcony and went out he saw July was also naked he stared at her boobs and love tube transfixed by what he was seeing but broke his stare when he heard July saying ” ground control to Palash come back”  Palash said sorry, July replied saying do not worry when new residents see us naked they tend to stare they are not used to it and judging by that bulge in your trousers you have a hard on but don’t worry, then after giving Palash a plan of the estate went back in her flat as she went Palash admired her bum thinking very nice, Pao went inside and studied the plan for awhile then smiled when Pao walked with Helen who was naked Palash looked at her love tube and as she went to Pao’s room with her smiled at the sight of her bum and ten minutes later both girls returned Palash was surprised to see that Pao was now naked both girls left the flat and after a few minutes Palash went out of the flat and saw Steve stood with a nine inch erection talking to July he saw Pao looking at Steve then suddenly Steve started to rub July’s boobs and after a couple of minutes July knelt and started to suck Steve’s dick, Palash could not believe his eyes and after a few minutes saw cum dribble from July’s mouth he then saw Martin who was also in his class appear he was also naked with a seven inch erection which Jean soon got hold of and started to jerk and after a few minutes Martin squirted cum in four spurts, Palash saw Pao watching mouth wide open, Palash went back inside the flat and after a few minutes Pao returned with both Helen and July, July looked at Palash smiled and said to him ” lets sort you out” and pushed him onto the sofa then knelt down in front of him undid his trousers and pulled them down freeing his eight inch erection, July held it in her hands then bent forward took Palash’s dick in her mouth and started to suck it, Palash could hardly believe what was happening and thought that he was dreaming and would soon wake up and after just over ten minutes  squirted his cum into July’s mouth which she swallowed and a few minutes after July said to Palash ” you took awhile to shoot spunk” and smiled as she left the flat, Palash went and had a shower and after when he went into the lounge he saw Pao sat jerking Martin who was rubbing Hele’s love tube, Palash walked into the kitchen where Jean was stood  making a drink she looked at Palash as he walked in, Jean reached out grabbed the towel and pulled it off saying ” do not be shy” and carried on making the drinks, Palash went back to the lounge and saw Martin squirt his cum and was surprised when Helen bent forward and licked it up, Palash walked to his room where he sat in a daze and after ten minutes went back to the lounge and stopped in his tracks when he saw Pao laying on the floor with  Colin who was in his class at school thrusting in and out of her love tube before he could say anything Helen started to play with his dick which was soon fully erect and when Helen knelt and started to suck his dick Palash forgot about Pao and enjoyed the blow job from Helen who swallowed his cum when he squirted it into her mouth and not long after Helen stood and said ” yeah I have sucked the spunk out of a Bengali cock at last, Palash looked at Pao who had a dazed look in her eyes, Colin approached him and said ” your sister is cool she is a nice and tight I enjoyed fucking her she is cool” then walked away, Palash went to his sister who said him ” I been fucked it was good” Palash went outside the flat still naked and saw  Pia who was sixteen standing naked with her sister who was dressed Palash saw that Pia had fully erect nipples and smiled her sister did not look happy, Palash spoke to Pia who told him that she did not join in the fun because at twelve she thought she was to young, Palash told Pia that his sister Pao was her age and has just been fucked, Pia said ” yeah she looks at the cocks and seen them shooting spunk  but wont join in” Palash thought I will try her later, he then saw Mandy who was three years younger than Pao, Mandy was naked and stroking Steve’s dick and after a minute Palash saw Steve squirt his cum in four spurts Palsh walked to the end of the landing seeing quite a few naked people some having sex and all the boys had full erections, Palash then saw Sue the sixteen year old school bully completely naked bending over a bar her large boobs swing about as John who was two years younger than what she was thrust in and out of her bum, Palash slowly made his way back to his flat his eight inch erection sticking up in front of him as he passed Mandy she got hold of his dick and started to stroke it but stopped when she saw Kevin and went and started to stroke his dick Palash carried on walking and saw Pia on her hands and knees sucking Martin’s dick while sixteen year old Tommy thrust in and out of her from behind Palash went into the flat and saw Pao sucking a boys dick and watched till he saw cum leak from her mouth he then went to his room where he saw July laying on his bed July smiled when he walked in and after parting her legs said ” about time you got here I have been waiting for you to come and fuck me and judging by the state of your cock your ready to fuck” Palash smiled and went over to the bed and climbed onto it and between July’s legs and after a minute was sliding his dick into July’s love tube and as he did July groaned, Palash started to thrust in and out of July’s love tube pushing in as hard as he could, July was soon groaning and saying ” yes yes fuck me harder” and after a few minutes Palash felt July cum but carried on thrusting in and out of her love tube and felt her cum another two times before he pulled his dick out of her love tube and squirt his cum over her body as he lay down beside July Palash saw Mandy stood watching and smiling she then turned and walked out of the room, after ten minutes July said to Palash you fuck very good your going to be kept busy but don’t worry we have been spiking your drink with viagra” July got up off the bed and left the room and not long after Pao walked in lay beside Palash on the bed and said ” I had a cock in my mouth and swallowed a white boys spunk” Palash said ” yeah I know I saw and I saw you being fucked” Pao replied saying ” I saw you fucking July she is lucky to have been fucked by you” then got hold of his dick and said ” fuck me” Palash looked at Pao smiled and after a couple of minutes was thrusting in and out of her love tube making her cum twice before he squirted his cum over her body, not long after Palash went to the kitchen and while making a drink saw a box of viagra and took some and as he turned he saw Jean stood by the door her nipples fully erect Palash started to rub Jean’s boobs then took her by the arm and guided her to his room and saw Pao on his bed sucking Steve’s dick so lay Jean on the floor where after a couple of minutes he was thrusting in and out of her love tube making her groan as he did and after ten minutes had felt her cum three times before he squirted his cum over her body, a bit later Palash was laying on his bed thinking what an estate nothing but sex and I have even fucked my sister this estate is very cool and soon fell asleep and hours later woke to find Pao sucking his dick and being the obliging the big brother he is filled her mouth with his cum which Pao swallowed, later at school Palash looked round at people who lived on his estate and thought they look better naked and later that night when he saw them naked he thought this looks better and then saw Steve easing his dick into Pao’s love tube hearing her groan as Steve’s dick entered her love tube, Palash went to his room and saw Mandy sat on his bed naked he smiled at her and when she started to suck his dick he thought well cool and after ten minutes squirted cum into her mouth, twenty minutes later Pia walked into his room with her sister and said ” she wants it ” and left and half a hour later Pia’s sister left Palash’s room with a dazed look in her eyes and as July walked in Palash thought yes I am going to like living here.

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