Nudist family antics (next morning Pt 2)

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Chloe followed Nat up the stairs. They passed Jonney’s room down another small hallway to Nat’s room. She admired Nat’s legs and long hair. She felt something different. Why was she so attracted to Nat. Yes physically, but she felt a sexual connection. They went into the room. Nat’s big king size bed sat on the side wall. Two doors either side. He large dressing table and mirror on the opposite wall.

” My room. ” Nat said sitting on her bed.

” Its huge. ” Chloe said. She walked to the french doors and opened one. It lead to a small deck with a metal rail overlooking the lawn. Nat appeared behind her.

” Its like a small house. ” Nat said. Chloe followed back into the room. Nat closed the net curtains. She pointed to a red house about 100 meters away. ” There is a guy with a telescope that tries to perve at me. ” She said.

” Really ? Do you flash him. ” Chloe asked.

” Fuck no. Hes a fucking pervert. ” Nat said. ” Come look. ” She said. Chloe followed her into her wardrobe.

” Shit. ” Chloe said its huge. One side were Nat’s shoes. The other side were her hanging clothes, dresses and jackets. Shelves for jeans and other things. She walked through to the bathroom. A huge walk in shower. Double vanity, toilet. A door lead through to the other side. On the other side was a bath in a separate room in front of a glass window.

” One way glass. ” Nat said. ” I can see out, no one can see in. ” She said.

” Wow. ” Chloe said.

” Right bikinis. ” Nat said ” What colour do you like. ” She asked. She followed Nat back through the bathroom to the wardrobe. Nat opened a drawer. It was full of bikinis.

” Wow. ” Chloe said.

” I love bikinis. ” Nat said.

” I can tell. ” Chloe said sorting through. She pulled out a pair of blue bottoms.

” Try them on. ” Nat said.

Chloe stepped into them. Nat admiring her bare pussy as she slid them up her legs. Chloe took off her top, she stood topless. Nat admired her breasts. Chloe knew she was. She loved it, another woman perving at her, made a change from men. She tightened the string ties.

Nat sorted through pulling out the matching top. Chloe grabbed it sliding the halter neck ties already tied behind her head. Nat pulled Chloe’s long blonde hair out and Chloe put the cups over her breasts. Nat stood behind tieing the tie behind her back. She stood back around the front. Chloe adjusting the cup sliding them along the string tie around her. Nat adjusted the other cup over her other breast.

” You like ? ” Nat asked.

” Yeh. ” Chloe said.

” Its not your colour. ” Nat said. ” Your tanned, nice long blonde hair. ” Nat said sorting through her drawer. She pulled out a bright orange one the same style.

” Now we are talking. ” Chloe said reaching behind undoing the tie taking the blue top off. She put on the orange one. Nat helping again tieing it and helping adjust the cups. Chloe pushed down her bottoms and put on the orange ones.

” That’s better. It suits you. You can keep it. ” Nat said.

” Really ? ” Chloe asked.

” Yep. I don’t wear it anymore. Id rather you have it if you will wear it.? ”

” Oh I will. ” Chloe said.

” What am I going to wear? ” She said. She went to her room pulling out a new one. A white floral one.

” Nice. ” Chloe said. She pulled Nat’s hair out the way. She unzipped the back of her dress. Nat pulled it off. Chloe unclipped Nat’s bra.

” Thanks. ” Nat said. ” A man designed the bra, why didn’t he make the clip at the front. ” She said sliding her underwear down. She stood naked. Chloe admiring her body. Her breasts and pussy. She felt so horny.

Nat cut the tag off the bikini top. She tied the string tie sliding the halter neck ties over her head. Chloe returned the favour moving Nat’s hair out the way. Nat put the cups over her breasts. Chloe tieing the ties behind her back she came to the front helping Nat adjust her breasts in the cups. They looked at each other. Their eyed locking. Chloe stepped closer leaning in kissing Nat’s lips. The girls kissed slowly. Slowly tasting each others lips. Nat pushed her tongue in Chloe’s mouth. They french kissed. Chloe putting her hand on Nat’s cheek.

They stopped kissing for a minute and stood looking at each other they kissed again. Chloe’s hand cupping Nat’s breasts fondling it over her bra top

Chloe kissed down Nat’s neck to her chest and cleavage. She moved the cup to the side flicking her tongue over Nat’s nipple.

” Ohhhh fuck. ” Nat moaned as Chloe kissed around her now erect nipple. ” Ohhh fuck yes Chloe. ” She said. Chloe moved her hand down onto Nat’s bare pussy rubbing her clit.

” Ohh shit. ” Nat said standing as Chloe sucked her nipple and rubbed her clit. She held Chloe’s head looking down at her softly sucking her nipple and kissing her breast. Her fingers rubbing up and down her pussy. She kissed the top of Chloe’s head softly smelling her hair. She ran her fingers through Chloe’s hair and stroked it.

” Oh baby. ” Nat said. ” That’s so nice. ” She added. Chloe kissed down Nat’s stomach softly kneeling down kissing down to her pussy. She kissed over her clit softly.

” Hello. ” Chloe said to Nat’s pussy.

” Jonney’s probably waiting. ” Nat said.

Chloe looked up at her and smiled. ” Fuck Jonney. I’m having my breakfast. ” Chloe said getting back to Nat’s pussy circling her tongue around her clit.

” Ohhhh baby. ” Nat said feeling Chloe’s tongue licking around her clit. She looked down watching Chloe softly lick her. She stood holding Nat’s hand leading her to the bed.

” Lie down. ” Chloe said.

Nat lay down. Chloe knelt opening Nat’s legs. She ran her nails down her pussy then back up. She opened her labias. She leant in licking around them.

” That’s nice. ” Nat said.

” Best thing about girls doing girls. ” Chloe said. ” Girls know what girls need. ” She said returning to Nat’s pussy licking it and circling it with her tongue. She kissed inside her thighs then back over her pussy.

” Fuck yes Chloe. ” She said. Chloe then slid a finger deep into Nat’s pussy slowly finger fucking her as she licked.

” Ohhhhh shit. ” Nat said tensing. ” Ohhhhh fuck don’t stop. Fuck. ” Nat said.

Chloe sped up knowing Nat was going to orgasm.

” Ohhhhh shit babe. ” Nat said holding Chloe’s head feeling a female tongue on her pussy. Female fingers inside her pussy finger fucking her. Her legs spread wide. ” Aggghhh Ohhhhh shhhit. Fuck. ” Nat said ” Shit. SHIT. ” She said as she orgasmed.

” That nice ? ” Chloe said straddling her kissing her lips.

” Fuck yes. ” Nat said. Rolling Chloe to the bed on her back.

” First I need something. ” Chloe said smiling at Nat.

” What baby. ” Nat said. Chloe stood stepping over picking Nat’s panties up sniffing them.

” Nice panties. ” Chloe said.

” You dirty bitch, I like it. ” Nat said as Chloe lay down holding Nat’s black lacy G String sniffing her scent.

Nat kissed Chloe’s chest pulling her bikini top to the side revealing her nipple. Nat’s lips met it kissing it flicking it with her tongue. Chloe held Nat’s panties sniffing them watching Nat fondle and suck her breasts and nipples. She kissed down Chloe’s stomach to her pussy. She kissed down over her bikini bottoms. Feeling her pussy lips through the fabric. She pushed Chloe’s legs open kissing her inner thighs. She licked around her groin up and down the side of the bikini bottoms. She slid a hand up Chloe’s ftont to her breasts fondling them.

With her other hand she pulled Chloe’s bottoms to the side seeing her pussy.

” So my half brothers fucked this pussy. ” Nat said.

” Yes. ” Chloe said.

” Ummm cool. ” She said. ” I’m glad hes sharing you with me. ” Nat said.

” What he don’t know wont hurt him. ” Chloe said.

” I know. ” Nat said licking Chloe’s clit.

Chloe lay back enjoying a female pleasuring her. She loved her sister pleasuring her. The first time with a female. She missed her sister. The good times with her. The talks with her. Confiding in her.

Had she found another female ? She loved the touch of a female on her, she loved touching another female. Although she was 17 she had found her sexuality. She knew what she wanted in sex. She still felt so mature in her self in regards to sex. She enjoyed it, she enjoyed sex. She enjoyed using her body, her beautiful sexy body to make others happy, to make herself happy.

She loved using her body to make her dad happy. Her dad loved her naked body. She kept thinking of her parents and her grandparents, what were they waking up to this morning. She was waking up to lesbian sex. A real surprise her boyfriends step sister.

She looked down moaning as Nat pleasured her. Her pussy on fire. Nat’s underwear between her fingers.

” Ohhh Nat. ” Chloe moaned. Nat’s tongue working around Chloe’s wet wanting pussy. Nat’s fingers finger fucking her.

Chloe moaned. Nat licked her harder and fingered her harder. Chloe arched her back squeezing her breasts. She knew she was close. She felt her body tense as a wave of pleasure shot through her body.

She orgasmed. Nat sat looking up at Chloe. Chloe’s eyes closed as her body relaxed. She looked down at Nat smiling. They both laughted.

” Wasn’t expecting that this morning. ” Chloe said.

” Me either. ” Nat said kissing up Chloe’s body to her breasts pulling them out of her bikini top kissing her nipples and the soft skin of Chloe’s young bosom.

” Oh fuck that was so fuckin nice. ” Chloe said.

” Finally a girlfriend of my brothers I can play with. ” Nat said. ” I mean, that’s if you want to. ” Nat said.

” I do. ” Chloe said. ” I sure do. ”

” Great then lover, ” Nat kissed Chloe’s lips smiling at her. ” We had better dress and get to the pool he will be wondering why we are taking so fuckin long ” Nat replied looking down at Chloe’s breasts.

” He will. But girls do take a long time to do things. ” Chloe said. I need to find the right bikini that fits me. ” She added.

” True. ” Nat replied. ” Fuck you do have nice tits. Nicer that Jenny’s. She wasn’t bi either. ” Nat said.

” Is that what you look for in your step brothers girlfriends. ” Chloe asked smiling.

” Oh fuck yes. ” Nat replied ” The more bi the better. ” She added smiling. She got up off Chloe adjusting her hair. Chloe stood adjusting her bikini top and bottoms. Nat put on her bottoms. ” So is Jonney good in bed.? ” Nat asked

” Yeh compared to all the guys I’ve had, 1 Jonney hes the best. ” Chloe said. She knew that her father was the best she had fucked.

Nat laughted. ” That’s funny. ” She said.

” You should try him for yourself. ” Chloe said cheekily.

” Chloe, hes my step brother. ” She said.

” Yeh, same father, different mother. ” Chloe said smiling.

” You bad girl. ” Nat said hugging Chloe kissing her lips. So forward. I like it. ” Nat replied.

” Yeh, my friends say I am. ” Chloe replied.

” I like it, we are going to get along so so well me and you. You will like my friends to especially my married girlfriend. She sooo different when husband is away, she really naughty. She comes from a strict upbringing. But girl I tell ya she really lets her hair down when shes home alone. ” Nat said

” Cool. ” Chloe said.

They both checked each other. The new lovers turned picked up their towels and headed for the pool.

” You look great in that bikini. ” Nat said.

” Thanks. ” Chloe said.

” You can keep it, oh and my underwear to. ” Nat added smiling.

” Really thanks. ” Chloe said.

” Your welcome. Looking forward to some girly adventures. ” Nat said as they reached the pool. Jonney’s eyes admiring the two beautiful girls in skimpy bikinis.

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