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Nudist family antics (A week later)

Friday Morning.

” Morning. ” Chloe said walking into the kitchen. Her mother sipping her smoothie. She wore pink lycra tights a sports bra and singlet. It was 7.24. Nicky had just been got a run.

Chloe was naked. She smiled at her mother. ” Morning darling how are you ? ”

” Good. Great sleep. ” Chloe said.

” What a lovely sight in the morning. My two girls beautiful arses. One in tight lycra pants the other one naked. ” He said softly spanking both.

” Dad. ” Chloe said turning around. Nicky smiled.

” Go to school naked day is it ? ” Gary said seeing his daughter naked.

” No. I’m getting dressed soon. I’m practically ready for school. I have four items of clothing to put on. It will take me thirty seconds. ” She said.

” One smart arse daughter. ” Gary replied as Chloe made her breakfast.

” Need one to keep you in line. ” Nicky replied.

” So repairmans comming today. ” Chloe asked.

” Yes to fix the main gate and the garage door. ” Nicky replied. Sick of the fuckin thing.

” Oh good, it only works for dad. ” Chloe replied.

” That’s why he hasn’t fixed it. Nicky replied smiling at her husband.

” You two off this weekend ? ” Nicky said.

” Yes father, daughter weekend. ” Gary said. ” Off to the bach. ” He said.

” Good enjoy it. ” Nicky replied putting toast in the toaster. Chloe had told her mother she had a surprise for Gary this weekend

” So home alone mum. ” Chloe said smiling.

” Yes, might have a quiet weekend. ” She said.

” No men coming around ? ” Gary said joking.

” Its for me to know. ” She said smiling kissing her husbands lips. ” I need to shower the repairmans here at 10. I don’t want to smell sweaty and yucky. ” Nicky said.

” Some men love that. ” Chloe said. Gary smiled.

” Right girl leaving it 15 minutes. ” Gary said ” Are you packed ? ”

” Yes don’t need much. Its going to be a hot weekend, don’t need many clothes. ” She said smiling at him. Nicky grinned at him. Chloe finished her breakfast and went to her room to dress as Nicky stripped off and got into the shower. Twenty minutes later she kissed her daughter and husband goodbye. She smiled knowing it wasn’t your usual father daughter weekend. But she had the house to herself for the weekend.


” Looking forward to the weekend ? ” Gary asked his daughter as they drove.

” I am. ” Chloe said. ” I cant wait. ” She said smiling at Gary.

” Me either. ” He said smiling putting his hand on her knee. She felt her pussy moisten. Both Gary and Chloe knew Nicky had plans this weekend that involved a man.

” I cant wait. Lets just go now. Chloe said putting her hand on her dads lifting her skirt sliding his hand to her groin his fingers against her underwear.

” You have school, I have to go to work. I know your mothers got male company tonight as well. ” Gary said.

” You don’t mind ? ” Chloe asked.

” Why would I, we a adults. You and I are going away for sex, its only fair your mother gets to as well. ” He said.

Chloe looked at Gary smiling she was thinking ‘Its not grandpa is it’ but decided not to say it. She really wanted to know if her parents were fucking her grandparents. Were they ?

Nicky stepped out of the shower she looked at the clock 9.42. She dried and went naked to the kitchen filled the kettle and put it on. She reached into the cupboard getting the coffee out and spooned two spoon fuls into the plunger.

Her phone rang. She looked at the number and smiled and answered.

” Hi sweety ” she said getting a cup from the cupboard.

” Yes 7 sounds good, its ok my husband is overseas. ” She said.

” Yes I cant wait. ” She replied.

” He wont know a thing. ” She said.

” Ok babe, see you tonight. ” She said and hung up. She put the phone down and stood waiting for the water to boil thinking about the repairman for the garage. She walked to the front door opening it. She stepped out naked looking at the blue sky. The trees that lead down the driveway. She stepped out onto the driveway smiling, loving been naked. She knew if he was early he would see her, a thing inside her knew she wanted him to be. She knew Brent. Their regular serviceman. She had flirted with him before.

He was 34. Tall handsome and very friendly. But he was married. Not that it mattered to her. She saw it as a challenge. She loved her husband and he was open to her having sex with more men. They felt inspired with her parents new lease of life. She really didn’t mind, the more she thought about it her husband and daughter having sex. Going away for a father daughter sexual weekend. Chloe had told Nicky exactly what she had planned for her father. Nicky had told Gary what she had planned for the weekend, who she had staying, where she had met him. Gary found it erotic his wife having a stranger to fuck this weekend while he was away with his daughter. Nicky’s weekend lover thinking her husband doesn’t know about him. Not knowing its all planned between husband and wife. Its not a affair.

Nicky embraced the sun spreading her arms out looking up at the sky eyes closed feeling the early morning sun on her naked body. Loving her nakedness. That’s why she loved nudist beaches with her husband and daughter. The sun on her body in public. With like minded people enjoying been naked. Enjoying the sight of other naked human bodies if different shapes, sizes colours. Male female young old. It made her liberated and inspired. Even though her family was involved in incest. She didn’t see it as incest. Just like minded people enjoying each others company and sex in a loving safe house.

She loved that her husband and daughter can share their bodies with each other. Nicky opened her eyes and went back inside to the kitchen.

” Better get dressed girl. ” She said. Although she was tempted to stay naked.

She walked over to the laundry after pouring the coffee in the pot. She knew Brent enjoyed a hot coffee. She picked out a light yellow G String from the folded washing pile on the bench. She slid them up her legs and over her arse.

She walked to her room picking out a matching bra putting it on her body. She walked into her walk in wardrobe.

” What dress to wear. ” She said. ” Revealing, short, long, slutty, conservative. ” She said sorting through them. She pulled out a white dress. It was sleeveless with a square neckline. ” Perfect. ” She said lifting it over her head and pulling it down her body. She straightened it and walked into the bedroom looking in the mirror the dress tight over her breasts. The right amount of cleavage showing. Not to much, enough to get his attention.

” Do your work girls. ” She said down to her breasts cupping them. She slid her hands to her arse turning to the side. She admired her thighs half covered by the flared skirt of the dress. She looked at her arse and spanked it.

” Beautiful girl. ” She said. She checked her hair in the mirror. She quickly put on some make up and perfume. Not to much. Just enough to get his attention.

She loved been able to fuck with her husbands permission. They all knew that there were cameras in the garage. Only in the garage not in the house. Anything they did in the garage was in film for all to see in the house. All three having access to the footage.

She walked to the kitchen hearing the van pull up outside. She glanced out the lounge window from the kitchen seeing Brent step out. He wore a blue shirt with the company logo. Black three quarter shorts and and sneakers. His short black hair well groomed. They had known Brent for a long time. A regular serviceman. She took a deep breath and waited for the doorbell. It rang. She waited ten seconds and opened the door.

” Nicky. ” Brent said ” Hello. ”

” Hi. ” She said come in. She stepped to the side letting him in. ” Coffee ? ” She said.

” You know me well Nicky. ” He said following her to the kitchen.

” Oh I do. ” She said. He sat at the breakfast bar. ” Cake ? ” She said.

” Chocolate ? ” He said. She opened the fridge pulling out a chocolate cake.

” Made last night. I knew you were comming ” she said pulling out a knife from the drawer. She took the cake and knife to the bench. She pulled out a plate and placed it in front of him. She cut a piece putting in on the plate.

” I love your chocolate cake. ” He said.

” My mothers recipe. Cream ? ” She said.

” Yes. ” He said. Nicky got the freshly whipped cream from the fridge. She got a spoon and scooped some out putting it on his plate. She dropped some on the bench. She scooped it up with her finger looking at him putting her finger in her mouth.

” Yummy. ” She said. She handed him a fork and his coffee. ” Come through to the courtyard. ” She said. She lead him to the courtyard and sat in the sofa. He sat on the single chair to the side. She crossed her leg towards him. His eyes darting to her legs then off them. She smiled to herself. ‘Your mine’ she thought.

” Hows Gary ? ” He said sipping his coffee.

” Good. ” She replied scooping up some cake eating it. ” He and Chloe are at the bach this weekend for a daddy daughter bonding weekend. You know teenage girl needs to spend time with her father. ” Nicky added.

” Sounds good. You got the house to yourself for the weekend. ” Brent said.

” Yeh, can do what I want. Walk around naked, eat what I want when I want, catch up on the soaps on TV. ” She said. Not telling him she had male company tonight.

” Wonderful. ” Brent said smiling at her. She took a bite of her cake dropping cream on her bust. She looked down scooping it up off her breast with her finger licking it off. She looked up at Brent seeing her do it.

” I’m a real Miss Piggy sometimes. ” She said looking back at her cleavage.

” Its ok. ” He said smiling. He could see the lace of her lemon coloured bra poking above the fabric of her dress. He kept looking down at her legs. She saw him look down she timed it adjusting her legs hoping he saw up her dress.

He looked up at her and sipped his coffee. He had known Gary for a long time. They met at a business forum for start up businesses 15 years ago. Brent had Gary as a mentor as a 19 yr old. He now had a successful business. There friendship extended to golf trips, fishing trips. He has known Nicky now for 14 years meeting her at a business awards meeting and dinner.

Brent liked Gary’s wife, they got on well. Every service trip to there security gates and garage doors started with a coffee and a chat with either Gary or Nicky. Sometimes both of them.

” Well thanks for the coffee and your lovely cake. I will go down and check the main gates and fix the fault then look at your garage door. ” He said.

” Thanks. ” She said smiling standing up. He stood handing her his cup and plate. They shared a look. For him it was a ‘Is this a more than business’ look. For her a ‘I want you to fuck me look.’

He followed her to the dining room admiring the back of her thighs. He walked out to his van and drove off to the bottom gates. She cleaned up and went to the bedroom sitting on the bed. She opened her legs and rubbed her pussy over her underwear.

” Oh fuck I’m horny. ” She said.

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