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The big main doors to the youth custody centre slammed shut making Steve jump as they did, he looked behind him at the doors then started walking away from them, and as he did he was thinking good riddance, Steve had just served a twelve month sentence for assault the day before his release had been his sixteenth birthday and he had every intention of celebrating his birthday despite it being a day late, after seeing his probation officer Steve went to hostel that he would be living at, after being shown to his room Steve learnt that the Martin who was the gay boy he had beaten up which was the reason he had served twelve months in the detention centre was staying at the hostel. Martin who had heard that Steve was at the hostel and was nervous scared at what would happen, he was now fifteen and still very gay, he had just gone into the small shower unit where he always felt safer, there were only two cubicles both the clear perspex doors and facing each other, Martin was stood under the very water of a shower when the door opened and Steve walked in, Steve looked at Martin and put hos towel on the bench, Martin said you will be safe I am not going to cause you any harm and took his shoes and socks off followed by his jumper then turned the shower on, then to Martins surprise Steve took his jeans off followed by his underwear, Martin looked directly at Steve’s bare bum thinking he was dreaming and after a couple of minutes when Steve turned Martin looked straight at his seven inch hairy dick and quickly looked away, Steve said ” if you want to have a look at my cock go ahead and look” Martin looked back at Steve wondering if this was some sort of trick to get him into a false sense of security, Steve then said ” I am getting a fucking hard on” Martin could not believe his eyes as he saw Steve’s dick start to thicken and after a minute saw it sticking out straight from his body and as he looked he saw it continue to grow till it was fully erect and standing up at nine inches like a mini flagpole, Martin looked at the naked thug boys erect dick watching as it bobbed about, and when Steve started to stroke it Martin watched in awe, Steve stroked away and after five minutes said ” I am about to spunk up” and after two minutes he squirted cum in four spurts, Martin watched as Steve finished his shower then left the shower unit, Martin thought that was awesome and not a trick. Later Martin saw one of his mates and told him what he had seen, his mate told him that a month after being in the centre it was common to see him in the showers wanking off and some boys had wanked him and a couple fucked him and that he had changed. Two days later in the shower Steve was stood with a full erection and when he got an erection he did not cover it, Steve looked at it and then to Martin’s surprise Steve knelt and started to suck his dick and swallowed his cum when he squirted his cum into Steve’s mouth, and a day later when Martin walked into the shower he saw his mate thrusting in and out of Steve’s bum while Steve’s solid dick swayed about, Martin reached down got hold of Steve’s dick and started to jerk him and after five minutes Steve squirted his cum in long spurts, and a few days after that when he walked into the shower and saw Martin bending sucking his mates dick Martin quickly stripped naked and after a couple of minutes was thrusting his dick in and out of Steve’s bum, A few days later after Steve’s probation office asked him how things were going with Martin being in the hostel, Steve told him it was cool and that there was nothing to worry about, Martin backed up Steve’s claim and later was thrusting away into Steve’s bum.

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