Taken 2 – Dirty Sex Tales

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Mark was not very happy, he was the leader of a racist street gang who were known for being violent and caring who they hurt, people knew that the gang had no respect for anybody and stayed out of their way for fear of being badly hurt if they crossed the gang, The only person that Mark had any respect for or any feelings for was his gran who was eight nine years old, Mark would do anything that he could for his gran who never went with out, so one night when his gran asked Mark to walk his nine year old sister home Mark readily agreed and was soon taking his sister Amy home but when they got there the pair could not get into the house and Mark’s mum was at work, Mark waited for his mum and it was just over two hours when his mum got home by this time Mark was hot happy and in a foul mood, after leaving Amy Mark set off to meet up with his mates from the gang and to save time decided that he would cut through the woods and was half way through when he saw the Bengali boy who yelled get out the woods, Mark thought he is not getting away with telling me what to do and started to run towards him but after a short distance tripped over something and went flying flat on his face as he lay there stunned he felt his ankles being tied followed by his arms, after a few minutes Mark had regained his senses and started to struggle against his bonds but no matter how hard he tried he could not get free Mark stopped struggling and lay still and when he felt himself being pulled up started to shout curses and made threats of revenge, and soon found him self upright and tied to a tree, he then saw the Bengali boy who had earlier shouted at him to get out of the woods and beside him was his sister Pia who was the same age as what his sister Amy was, Pia produced a sharp knife and cut the draw strings on Marks joggers then pulled them down afterwards she said a big dick then to his horror Pia got hold of his dick and started to rub it and after ten minutes Mark had an eight inch erection, Pia said “wow it is on the stiff” her brother said ” get on with it you know what to do” Pia started to jerk Mark’s dick while her brother filmed it on his phone, Mark was cursing and issuing threats but Pia carried on jerking Mark’s dick and after twenty minutes when Mark squirted his cum in four spurts Pia smiled and clapped her hands saying I did a white boy and not long after walked off with her brother, Mark was still tied to a tree thinking wanked off my a kid. Martin’s mate Steve was sitting in the derelict railway station drinking from the bottle of cheap cider that he stolen from the local grocery shop, he had not noticed the bottle seal was broken when he had first opened it and was now light headed and getting very dizzy and soon passed out and after some time woke to find his arms and legs tied and like Mark could not get free and soon found himself tied up right to a pillar with a bengali girl undoing his jeans and soon they were round his ankles his seven inch dick on shown, then like Mark had did started to issue threats when Pia started to stroke his dick which after ten minutes was fully erect, Pia’s brother filmed the white thugs nine inch erection and after a couple of minutes Pia was stroking it and when Steve squirted his cum Pia said ” cool two in one night” the following afternoon Steve and Mark woke in a cellar both were naked and being filmed. Later as Pia sat in the school playground with her best mate Amy she said Steve has the biggest cock and showed her the film Amy thought it was great as did all the other girls who saw the film. Mark and Steve were never seen in the town again except by the many Bengali females who paid to jerk the boys off and by Amy who would hide and watch as her brother and Steve got jerked off and thinking that it was great fun but the boys never knew that she was there or that it was her idea to hold the two boys captive but the girls had thought that it was a brilliant idea from a nine year old school girl who seemed immature but was not.

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