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Power shortage – Dirty Sex Tales

Mark was walking down the road in the dark, there was a major power failure due to a fire at the electric power station, all street lights were not working, schools had closed early, many shops and factories had also closed early.  Mark knew his parents were away and it was just him and his step sister Amy who at 16 years of age was a couple of years older than what he was at home, Mark opened the door to where he lived and walked in to find the house lit my candles, he saw Amy wearing a dressing gown, Amy greeted Mark by saying ” hello nipper” nipper was Amy’s nick name for her brother, Mark responding by saying “hi” and dumped his school bag on the floor before going to the kitchen and getting a drink, Amy walked in the kitchen and told Mark she had managed to heat some water for a bath before the power went off but there was only enough water for one bath, Mark was stunned when Amy added I am going to have a bath now so if you want one we will have to share and have a bath together unless your to shy, Mark looked at Amy who he had been a step brother to for only 9 months and said ” I am not shy” and went into the bathroom where he stripped and stood in the bath as he stood into the bath Amy walked in looked at Mark and said ” fucking hell nipper you got a big cock” Mark looked down at his 7 inch soft dick and just smiled, Amy removed her dressing gown revealing her naked body, Mark smiled said ” fucking hell your cock is so small I cant see it” Amy laughed at Mark’s joke, Mark was staring at Amy’s ample boobs said ” you got big tits” and felt his dick going hard, Amy said ” and you got a big hard on” looking at Mark’s 9 inch erection, she told him his cock was bigger than her boyfriends, Mark replied telling Amy he used a dick developer, Amy got in bath sitting down staring at Marks dick, Mark sat down in the water noticing Amy had erect nipples as he did, Amy was sat with her legs stretched each side of Marks Mark pushed one of his legs out his foot rubbing against Amy’s smooth slit rubbing his toes against it, Amy did not stop him, Mark knelt moved forward towards Amy got the soap started washing her boobs after a few minutes Mark saw Amy’s nipples were very erect he told Amy to kneel which she did Mark started running his soapy hand over Amy’s slit then slid a finger inside Amy held Mark’s dick in her hand, Mark removed his finger got out of the bath picked up a towel and left the bath room and went to his room soon after Amy walked in and lay on Mark’s bed, Mark got on the bed and was soon sliding his dick into Amy’s wet and willing love tube pushing in as deep as he could making Amy groan out loudly, Mark started pounding into a moaning Amy getting deeper with each thrust, Amy was moaning loudly Mark felt her cum three times before he squirted his cum up her body, they lay side by side for a few minutes before Amy left with Mark saying you got a cute bum which Amy wriggled. Next morning Mark went into Amy’s room saw her laying in bed on her stomach, Mark went over pulled the duvet off her rubbed her bum got on the bed and slid his dick straight up Amy’s bum, Amy let out a loud moan Mark started thrusting away reached down with his hand inserted two fingers into Amy’s clit finding it wet and fingered her while thrusting into her bum as he squirted his cum up Amy’s bum he felt her cum, Mark left Amy and went down to the kitchen, Amy arrived 20 minutes later looked at Mark and said ” that is the first time I have been fucked up the bum” Mark smiled said ” it wont be the last”, Amy left the house. A few hours later Amy returned with her best mate Cindy, Cindy looked at Mark smiled said ” I hear you got a big cock and know how to use it, Mark saw the pokies in her tee shirt, he stood up lifted her tee shirt exposing her bare boobs after 10 minutes a naked Cindy was being pounded by a naked Mark while Amy stood naked saying ” hurry up I want fucking as well”

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