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Bed And Breakfast – Dirty Sex Tales

The family owned bed and breakfast was packed, 16 year old Cindy was running the place while her parents were away, When Cindy’s parents had gone away for a last minute break there had been only one guest in the establishment who was 65 year old Joe a black man who had a good sense of humour, but there had been a sudden rush in guests and now all ten rooms were full, Cindy had phoned a couple of her friends for help and Amy and July were now helping Cindy both girls were in the same class at school as Cindy and were the same age, July was known to be short tempered and would flare up at the slightest thing, the girls had just finished serving breakfast and were clearing the tables and washing up. Cindy left July and Amy washing up and started making beds and cleaning rooms as she was cleaning Joe’s room Joe walked in saw Cindy bending over the bed and said ” my that looks like a cute bum” Cindy stood turned round to face Joe and told him he was a dirty old man and that he was old enough to be her granddad, Joe retaliated and told Cindy that he might be old but could still give her a good seeing to, Cindy pushed back Joe calling him a dirty old pervert to pack his bags and leave, Cindy went to the kitchen and told her two friends what had happened, July in her normal quick temper went up to Joe’s room to defend and support Cindy, as she entered the room July looked at Joe and told him that he was a dirty pervert and to leave Cindy alone, Joe told July to grow up, July glared at Joe and called him a cunt and to get out, Joe gave July a back hander sender her falling back wards saying you need teaching a lesson and grabbed her leg, July yelled at Joe to let go Joe told her to shut her mouth let her leg go and grabbed a handful of her blonde hair pulled her to her feet, July screamed at Joe telling him he was going to be sorry, Joe sat on the bed pulled July over his knee pulled her skirt up and her panties down then started spanking her bare bum, July screamed as her bum was spanked after 5 minutes July had a red bum and was crying, Joe let July stand up, Joe stood looked at July said” you need a good fucking get your clothes off” July looked in horror as Joe undid his trousers and produced a 10 inch erection, July stood there looking at the monster said ” that is fucking massive” Joe looked said ” strip” July just looked Joe pushed her onto the bed pushed her tight fitting skirt up exposing her naked shaved slit parted her legs then slid his throbbing member up July’s wet slit and started to pound into her after a few minutes Joe felt July cum but carried on pounding feeling her cum a second time. Joe pulled out of July stood looking at her then told her he was running the place from now on, put his still erect dick away and left the room, he saw Cindy going into the linen cupboard followed her in where he pushed her forward over a shelve raised her skirt pulled her panties off and started slapping her bare bum and like July did Cindy was soon crying with a red bum after spanking her Joe pushed his member into Cindy’s love tube and pounded her hard making her cum three times before leaving her and going looking for Amy who he found in the kitchen and after giving her a spanking pounded into her love tube making her cum twice. Half a hour later Joe was sat in the office with the three very quiet girls standing there, the phone rang Joe answered it, the girls heard Joe tell the caller that he was helping to run the place and that he was a hotel manager after putting the phone down, Joe told Cindy her parents would be away for about 6 weeks as her dad had broke his leg and could not travel and that he would be running the place., he then told the girls to strip naked and was soon looking at three naked white girls all who had ample boobs he noticed Cindy had very erect nipples, Joe told the girls to dress minus their panties and bra, Joe told the girls they would now work dressed like that at all times, he sent Amy and July to finish the rooms after they had gone he told Cindy to strip which she did Joe looked at Cindy’s erect nipples started to play with them, Cindy smiled said ” I was wrong to call you what I did” rubbed Joe’s crutch and added ” fuck me again”

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