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Regrets – Dirty Sex Tales

16 year old Sara was sat on the park bench thinking of the last few days, her parents had kicked her out of the family home, all her friends had turned there back on her and would not talk her. Sara lived on a ruthless lawless run down rat ridden housing estate in London where even the police were scared to go. One of the local boys had just been sent to prison for five years, on his way out of court the prosecution barrister had his case stolen, the papers of the court case were in there and it was soon found that Sara had grassed the boy up to the police and now Sara had gone from being very popular to being hated and homeless, as she sat there a girl who was friends with Sara’s sister walked past and spat at Sara hitting her in the face. the girl laughed and ran off. Sara got up walked to the public toilets washed her face went back out. She saw Mandy and July her former best friends behind them was Tony from her class at school who was a known flasher, As Sara walked past the two girls Mandy slapped her called her a grass July also slapped her, to the total surprise of the two girls Amy spun and landed hits on both girls knocking them backwards before the girls could regain their senses Amy landed a few more blows knocking both girls to the floor where they live motionless, Amy stood over July bent forward and unbuckled her jeans and pulled them down along with her panties she then pulled her tee shirt off Amy then did the same to Mandy Tony was stood looking at the two naked girls Amy told Tony to have a good play but not to fuck them, soon Tony was rubbing July’s boobs before moving on to Mandy after he had fingered both girls Tony stood up. Sara walked away Tony followed her Amy explained to Tony that she was a black belt in karate and knew how to look after her self. Amy told Tony if he stuck with her got her food and other stuff she would get him any girl from the estate he wanted to play with, Tony smiled and agreed Amy saw the girl who had spat in her face asked Tony if he wanted her Tony nodded his head as the girl went by Amy hit her the girl went down Amy stripped her naked and soon Tony was fingering her, Amy walked on Tony finished with the girl and caught up with Amy, Amy went into the disused church Tony stood looking at Amy and was surprised when she asked him if he wanted to fuck her Tony  said yes and watched as Amy stripped naked admiring her firm boobs after a few minutes Amy was groaning as Tony pounded deep into her willing love tube. Next day Amy read in a paper of how three girls had been stripped in the park and assaulted by an unknown attacker and that neither girl had seen their attacker. Amy got out of bed stood naked looking down at Tony who was still sleeping and went to the bathroom where Tony’s sister who was a couple of years younger than she was stood naked under a shower, Amy noticed her nipples were erect, Amy asked her why she had erect nipples and was told the thought of you did it, soon both girls were enjoying each others bodies, Amy thought two new friends and the rest of you bastards are going to regret turning on me.

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