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Obedient – Dirty Sex Tales

16 year old Sally was stood with her boyfriend on the railway station platform waiting for the last train. Mark a well hated flasher who was a couple of years younger was also on the platform he saw Sally was wear a leather collar with a chain attached that her 17 year old boyfriend Steve was holding. When the train pulled in to the station Steve got on first pulling Sally behind him, Mark boarded saw Sally standing in front of Steve. Mark knew Sally from school knew she was a violent bitch.  Steve called Mark down to where he was sat, as Mark went the train left the station, Mark stood in front of Steve, Steve tugged the chain and told Mark that Sally was now his slave and would do what ever he wanted her to do. Mark smiled said watch and told Sally to raise her skirt, Mark watch in disbelieve as Sally raised her skirt, she had no panties on Mark looked at her shaved clit Steve told her to lift her jumper and when she did Mark thought he was dreaming when he saw her naked boobs, Steve looked at his watch said ” we have a hour to the next stop” he pulled the chain looked at Sally said ” get naked” after a minute Sally was standing naked,  Steve then told her to undo Mark’s trousers and get his cock out, Sally undid Mark’s trousers and reached inside when Mark felt Sally’s hand wrap round his 6 inch erection he gasped, Sally pulled Mark’s dick out, Steve then told her to pull his dick out, Sally lowered Steve’s jeans put her hand inside Steve’s fly then pulled his 8 inch solid dick out. Steve looked at Mark and said ” you want to fuck her” Mark nodded his head saying yes please at the same time, Steve up as he did he said to sally get on the seat get your legs open, Sally lay on the seat  and parted her legs, Steve smiled then said to Mark go on you can fuck her, Mark moved forward stood between Sally’s wide open legs bent forward a bit and slowly eased his throbbing member into Sally’s love tube as he did he felt it was wet he also noticed that Sally’s nipples  very erect. Mark started to thrust in and out, Steve told Sally to suck his dick which Sally started to do, Mark was pounding into Sally deep and hard, he suddenly saw spunk dribbling down Sally’s chin not long after he pulled his dick out and squirted his cum in 4 spurts,. By the time the train arrived at their station all three were correctly dressed, Steve told Mark not to say anything about what had happened and after Mark had agreed not to tell Steve walked off with Sally following, Next night Mark was waiting for the train when Steve arrived with Sally on the lead closely followed by his younger brother Tony who had Sally’s younger sister on a lead, Mark smiled boarded the train when it arrived and was soon talking to Steve and Tony.

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