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Revathi 18+ – Part 2

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I waked up around 7AM and my boss, is still sleeping while I don’t see my mom, she used to wake up around 6 daily. I thought of her aggressiveness in bed yesterday and smiled to myself, I kissed my boss in his forehead, I stood up, searched for my panty and bra and wore it along with my nighty.

Now, I have to face my bro and dad, I felt too shy to face them, I escaped yesterday night, but now, I have no other go. I took a deep breath and stepped out.

My dad and bro, sitting in sofa, sipping their coffee, my bro looked at me and gave a wink,

I blushed and rushed to bathroom, finished my morning chores, and came out.

What sister, did you had a great night ? My bro asked with a kinky smile.
I rushed and sit on my dad’s lap and buried my face in his shoulders.

Are you feeling shy dear, my dad asked placing both his arms around my back, and gave a gentle kiss in my cheek.
Hmmmm, yes appa..

How many rounds sister, my bro asked pinching my hands.
I gave a gentle slap and said, shut up Karthi.

See dad, what this Karthi is asking, I complained to my dad playfully.
Karthi, don’t talk like this to your sister, my dad told him and then placed his lips near my ears and whispered, how many times, did your boss fucked you Revathi ? He tightened his hug and his hands roamed all over my back.

Sss, appa you tooo, I said blushing, and my boobs are now crushing in his chest.

He kissed my earlobes, come on dear, please tell, me and your bro are eagerly waiting to know ?
I was getting hornier, having sex chat with my bro and dad, I placed my both arms around his neck and whispered in his ears, 2 times appa.

Come on dear, don’t feel shy, see my eyes and tell, my dad, said kissing my cheek.
I then slowly took my buried face from his shoulders, looked into his eyes, placed my palm in his cheek, and said, my boss fucked your daughter 2 times dad and gave a blush.

He gave a smile and kissed my forehead, that’s it dear, why feeling shy to face your dad and bro..
I gave a blushing smile looking at my dad and bro.

Both times, did he fucked your pussy, my dad asked giving a kinky smile, his hands moved to my hips and gave a squeeze.
What dad, need more details about your daughters first night aaa? I asked with a wink.

Hmmm, yes dear, not only me, your brother also need to know about how you enjoyed your night with your boss.
I looked my bro, I could see the lust in his eyes, we both exchanged kinky smiles.

I decided to get bit bold here and make them hot and happy. I took my dad’s and placed it in my pussy and gave a press and said, my boss fucked here once and once in my mouth dad, I said with a wink.

He gave a squeeze to my pussy and then moved his hands to my lips and rolled his fingers, did he inserted his cock inside this cute lips dear, he asked moving my hairs from my shoulders with his other hand and gave a gentle kiss in my neck below earlobes.

Hmm yes, appa, I said giving gentle bite to his finger.

He slowly inserted his middle finger inside my lips, moved his lips from my neck to earlobes, did he released his sperm in your mouth Revathi.

Hmm, yes dad, I licked his finger with my tongue and made it wet with my saliva.
I was too hot now and pussy started to leak, I could feel my dad’s cock in my ass cheeks growing big and my brothers dick also grown well seeing dad and daughter’s lusty speech, I know he also need to touch me, kiss me, smooch me but trying hard to control himself infront of dad.

Did you like the taste dear, my dad kissed my cheek closer to my lips.
Ssss, yes appa, I liked it and want to drink more, I said with a moan.

What else he did.

I took my dad’s hand and placed it in my breasts and said, he played with my mangoes for almost an hour dad, he licked my areola, he bite my nipple, sucked my cleavage… As I was saying this my dad squeezed my boobs gently.

I too placed both my arms around his neck and kissed his cheek, he slowly started to kiss all over my face and increased the pressure of playing with my boobs.

My mom came out from kitchen with coffee for me and sat opposite to us in chair and shouted at my dad, is this the way, you behave with your daughter..

My dad came to senses and took his hands from my boobs and stopped his kisses and looked at my mom with guilt.

I took the coffee from my mom, had a sip and said, mummy, don’t shout my dad, he is just kissing me in love, he can touch me anywhere, are you feeling jealous, I asked with a wink. I then took both my dad’s hand and placed it in my each boobs and smiled at him.

My mom, hit her head with her hand and said, dirty girl, dirty father, do whatever you want till she finishes her coffee, after that she needs to get ready to go and meet her boss friend, he asked you to be ready at 9 did you remember.

Hmmm, yes mom, I said and turned to dad, dad, did you asked your wife, how she enjoyed her night, I asked with a kinky smile.
He already asked the whole story don’t start it again, my mom said with a blush.

She is just acting infront of us dad, I was shocked to see how horny and aggressive she is in bed, I said winking at my mom.
Hmmm, yes dear, I know, how hot your mom in bed, my dad, said kissing my cheek and pressing my boobs.

Ssss, hmmm, I let out a moan.

You can learn all erotic kinky things that will make men happy from your mom, revathi, my dad, said kissing my earlobes.
Hmmm, yes appa, I said in a husky tone.

Enough playing with your daughter’s mangoes, leave her, she needs to take bath and get ready, my mom said to my dad.
Ok, dear, you go to take bath, seems your mom is jealous, my dad said with a kinky smile.
I stood up from my dad’s lap and walked towards bathroom and my brother pulled me and made me sit in sofa and he sit on my lap, he placed his one arm around my shoulder and kept his other palm in my cheek, looked into my eyes with lust and said, sister, don’t take bath now.

Why bro, I asked

He placed his finger in my lips and rolled over it and said with a kinky smile, once your boss waked up, he will surely do one more round with you,

I blushed at him and gave a gentle slap in his cheek, no bro, its already late, he wont have time, I said in a low voice putting my heads down in shy.

He lifted my chin up, placed his finger in my forehead, and rolled it down through my nose, till my neck, leaned his chest on my breast and bought his face closer to my ears and said, no, I am sure he will never miss a chance to fuck my cute little sister, his lips touching my ear lobes, creating goosebumps turning me hot.

I blushed again and put my heads down and my brother’s bulge inside his shorts came to my view, I smiled to myself, placed my palm in his bulge and looked his eyes and said, dont imagine too much naughty bro, I am your sister, I said with a smile.

Yes, you are my sister, but hot and sexy sister, he said squeezing my cheek.

I placed a kiss in his cheek and asked, want to fuck your hot and sexy sister, giving a press to his bulge.
Hmmm, yes sister, he said, kissing my lips.

I slapped his cheek gently, chi, you are such a bad boy da, even a womaniser wont fuck his sister, I said with a smile.
He hugged me tightly, placed a kiss in my shoulder and said, what to do, my whore sister, is making me hot.

My pussy started to leak, hearing my bro saying me whore, I too hugged him tightly and asked, so you want fuck your whore sister ?
Hmmm, yes I want to fuck you whore, my bro said kissing my cheek.

So how much will you pay this whore, I asked in a husky voice.
I dont have money sister, I will do whatever you want me do, I will be your slave sister, he said kissing all over my cheek.

I turned to my mom and said, see mom your son want to fuck your daughter, I said in a complaining tone.
Hmmm, being a prostitute you should not say no to any customer dear, my mom said with a wink.
My dad too kissed my cheek and said, don’t disappoint your brother Revathi.

Hmmm, it seems mom and dad, is supporting you, I have no other choice, I said kissing my brother’s lips.
He too kissed my lips and let his tongue inside my mouth and sucked my tongue, it was deep aggressive kiss, we both were horny with our wet chats and I squeezed his penis above the shorts and his hands moved my hips and pressed it hardly.

Enough, leave her for now, she needs to keep her pussy ready to give her boss, a morning fuck my mom shouted.
You take care of him mom, I need my sister, my bro said in horny tone.

My mom pinched his cheek and said, dirty fellow, don’t be so hurry, wait for some time, I have to make morning breakfast, so leave your sister now and she turns to me and said, prepare coffee for your boss and wake him Revathi.

I smiled at my disappointed brother, and went to kitchen to prepare coffee for my boss.

After couple of minutes, I hear my boss saying good morning uncle, and my dad to greeted him.
Then I heard few, kissing noise and my mom’s voice saying, please leave me Vijay, I have lot of work.
Hmmm, aunty, you are too fresh and inviting I cant control aunty..

No need to control uncle, my sister is waiting in kitchen for you, heard my brother’s voice.
After few seconds, I felt his hands in my hips and my boss hugged me from back and kissed my shoulder and said, good morning Revathi.

Hmmm, good morning sir, I said leaning my back in his bare chest.
His boner, rested in between my ass crack, he turned my head and kissed my lips and asked, are you waiting for me dear.

Hmm yes sir, I replied with a smile.

Why dear ?
I turned and hugged him and said with a blushing smile, to give you a morning fuck sir.
He too hugged me and placed his hands in my asscheeks, kissed my earlobes, wow, Revathi, thank you dear, I am in mad to fuck you..

Hmmmm, please wait in hall, I will come with coffee in few minutes and then we can go to bedroom, I said with a smile.
Hmmm, I cant wait till walking to bedroom, I need to fuck you immediately dear, he said, pulling my nighty zip down.

Ssss, sir, but this is open kitchen, I said in a low tone, he tried to pull my nighty down, I stopped and said, sir pls my bro and dad in hall, lets go to room.

Don’t feel shy dear, you should be always ready to show your naked beauty to anyone, he said kissing my forehead.
Hmmm, sir but my dad and bro, I said in a low tone.

Let them also see your beauty Revathi, he said kissing my cheek and pulled my nighty down and made me stand in bra and panties.

He kissed my earlobes and said, I think your brother will push me down and climb on you if he see you like this.
Hmmmm, yes sir, I said with a moan.

Meanwhile, milk got hot and ready to prepare coffee. Sir, please let me prepare coffee for you, I said in husky tone. Hmmm, yes dear, I too need some energy to drill your pussy, he said kissing my shoulders and added, let me wait in hall, you please come with coffee in a minute, I cant wait more than that, saying this, he took my nighty and walked to hall.

Oh god, I need to walk into hall with bra and panties infront of my bro and dad, I felt bit embarrassed to show my body to them, is there a way I can escape, I was thinking hardly but suddenly hear my boss saying, Karthi, put your sister’s nighty for washing.

That sends, shiver in my legs, oh no, now everyone in hall aware that I am semi nude, in kitchen and they will be eagerly waiting for me to see my boobs in bra.

Revathi, come soon, please, your brother wants to see you immediately, my boss shouted from hall.
Yes, yes sir, coming, I replied shakingly.

I looked around to see if there is any dress or towel in kitchen to wrap my body but couldn’t find any.
I prepared coffee and took deep breath and prepared myself to show my hidden treasure to my bro and dad.

I walked into hall and their eyes stared at my cleavage, poking nipple, navel and thighs. I went to my boss and gave the coffee to him, after starring my body for a while my bro and dad looked into my eyes with lusty smiles.

I blushed at them and put my heads down.
My boss pulled me and made me sit in between hit and my bro in the sofa.

You are looking damn hot sissy, my bro whispered in my ears, kissing my cheek.

I let out a blushing smile.

Suddenly my dad, who is sitting opposite in his cot, stood up and came near to me, signalled my bro to move away and sit in his place closer to me, he placed one hand in my hips and with other hands, he moved the hairs from my shoulder and kissed my shoulder.

You are so cute and beautiful Revathi, my dad said moving his lips from my shoulder to my earlobes.
Sssss, hmmm, I let out a moan.

Those who going to get chance to fuck you must be really lucky dear, my dad whispered licking my cheek and neck.
Hmmm, appaa, I moaned.

Sorry Revathi, if am I making you horny, I was trying to express my love and gratitude dear, he said kissing my back neck.
Its ok appa, I said in a husky tone.

Thanks Revathi, shall I continue to express my love dear.
Hmmm, yes appa, please express your love, I said kissing his cheek.

He turned my face, kissed my forehead, kissed my eyelids, then my nose and gave a gentle kiss in my lips, his hands roamed around my navel and slowly moved closer to my panties.

Meanwhile, my boss finished his coffee and turned to me, hugged me from front and sucked my lips.
Dad, looking at your shorts, I don’t think you are showing love to your daughter, it seems you are hot and desperate to fuck your whore daughter, my bro said with a kinky smile.

My dad, suddenly moved a bit away from me and said, no, no Revathi, I don’t have any such intentions, his voice was trembling..
I touched my dad’s cheek with my palm, don’t worry dad, I know you love me but my boss made me semi nude and anyone will get hard on looking me at this state, hug me and kiss me appa, then gave a pause and said, fuck me appa and placed my hand in his erection.

My dad, immediately hugged me from back and kissed me all over my neck and cheek, while my boss crushing my one side boob and my dad’s hand taken over the other on top of my bra.

Sssss, I let out a moan, looked at my bro, he was stroking his cock above his shorts, I gave a kinky smile.

Uncle, leave her now, let your health get cured, after operation you can express your love more vigorously, my boss said to my dad.
Hmmm, yes apppa, I too added.

My dad, left after giving a deep kiss in my lips.

My boss stood up, lifted me from sofa, hugged me tightly, removed my bra straps, and made me topless but made sure my boobs are crushed in his chest and not visible to my dad or bro, throw the bra to my brother and walked towards bathroom.

Once we entered bathroom, he slide the door and made be hide behind the doors and removed my panties and he too removed his shorts and I placed my hands in his hard rock cock, he thrown away my panty and his shorts outside the door and closed it, he then made me lean on the door and thrusted his cock inside my pussy.

Ouch, I let out a scream.
He was too hot and hard now, compared to yesterday, his each thrust hit my clit, I felt like iron rod hitting me, and I was controlling hard not to scream, and in each push my back hit the bathroom door, giving clear signs to my dad and bro, that I was getting hard fuck.

Don’t control your scream, he said biting my nipple.

I started screaming loudly and thinking of my noise will be heard outside made me hotter and my pussy started leaking heavily.

After almost 10 minutes of hardcore fucking, he released his load inside my cunt.
Then we both took bath, hugging and kissing each other and once we finished, I shouted, mommy, towel please.

I opened the door slightly hiding my body behind, and looked outside, my mom gave me 2 towels, I closed the door, we dried ourselves and wrapped the towel around, it covered from my nipple till 3 inches below pussy.

He wrapped around his waist and we both came outside, all 3 were in hall looking at me, I put my heads and rushed to room.

My boss, pulled me and hugged me and said, why running dear and kissed my cheek.
He leaned his back in a wall and hugged me from behind, and made my back lean on his chest, making me face my parents and bro.

I was standing looking at the staring eyes of my bro and dad, they were struggling to face my eyes and their eyes moving from my cleavage to thighs, towel was wrapped around tightly showing my boobs structure.

My boss, kissed my earlobes and said, you are looking too hot in this towel dear, let your dad and bro enjoy the show..
Hmmmm, I let out a moan, put my heads down in shy and said, sir, let me go in and get ready to meet your friend, its getting late.
Why Revathi, don’t you want to show your bro and dad more of your beauty, he asked kissing my neck.
Ssss, no sir, please, I am feeling to shy to be like this infront of my family sir.

Revathi, you are going to be whore from today, you need to stand naked infront of men, you agreed to act in porn movie, you need to get fucked infront of cameras, you should overcome this shyness, today my friend going to take a photo shoot of you to show his customers and you might need to give nude pose infront of camera men, if you feel shy here how you can face outside world, he said kissing my shoulders, he placed his one hand in my thighs and slowly moved it up revealing more of my thighs to my dad and bro.

Sir but I will manage sir, I said in a low tone.
No dear, it is not that easy to get nude infront of strangers, for that you need some practice.
My dad, stood up and walked towards me and placed his palm in my cheek, come on Revathi, you are going to show your beauty to lot of men, but why hiding it from us, please dear, he said kissing my forehead.

Ssss, appa, I let out a moan, as my boss hugged me tightly and grabbed my pussy above the towel, his lips moved over my cheek and locked my lips, come on Revathi, remove your towel and show your beauty to your dad and bro.

I took a deep breathe, prepared myself to get naked infront of them, slowly moved my hands to my cleavage, and removed the towel which is wrapped my body, it fell down from boobs showing my nipple to my dad and bro and my boss took his hand from my pussy and it fell down to floor showing my naked body.

My brother whistled loudly and said, wow sissy, you look too hot..
I looked at him and blushed.

My dad stared at my boobs and pussy with open jaw, I looked at his eyes, but his stare continued for almost couple of minute.

My boss, moved his hands to my boobs and gently massaged it and whispered in my ears, see your dad seems to be getting hot seeing your naked body.
Hmmmm, yes sir, I said in low tone.

Uncle, why don’t you touch and feel your daughters mangoes, my boss asked.
I looked at dad with a kinky smile, he bought his hands near my boobs and it was shivering a bit, he seems to be nervous or guilty, I held his hands with my hands and placed in my boobs.

He slowly smooched it and took his hands within a minute, unable to look at me, he started to move away, I pulled him suddenly, hugged him and whispered, don’t fell guilty dad, and kissed his cheek.

My boobs were crushed in his chest and I could feel his hardon in my pussy, hug me dad, I said, kissing his shoulder.
He slowly placed his hand in my back, looked at me and kissed my forehead.

I smiled at him and he too gave a smile and released the hug.

Why don’t you hug your brother also, my boss asked.
I looked at Karthi and he gave a wink and came closer to me.

He was about to hug me and I stopped him by placing my hand in his chest, he looked at me disappointingly and said, please sister, I want to hug you now.

Don’t you want to feel my boobs in your chest, I asked with a kinky smile.
He looked at me shockingly, remove your t-shirt, I said with wink.

He immediately removed his shirt and hugged me tightly, my boobs were crushed in his bare chest and he placed his hands in my ass cheeks.

I too placed both my hands around his back and kissed his cheek.

He placed his lips in my shoulder, gave a kiss, moved it to my neck, kissed again and then placed it in my earlobes and said, sorry sissy, I cant control myself.

Hmmm, no need to control bro, I said kissing his shoulder.

He moved his hands from my ass cheek to my hips and squeezed it, he pushed his hips hard towards me so that his cock inside his shorts, tightly touches my pussy crack.

Shall I kiss your lips sister, he whispered in my ears.
Without saying anything, I placed my lips in his lips and sucked it immediately, let his tongue inside mine and touched my tongue.

I tightened my hug, and licked his tongue, and we both sucked each-other’s saliva.

After a minute, my boss said, ok Karthi, enough kissing your sister, its getting late, leave her, so that she gets ready.
We both separated and I could see lot of disappointment in my brothers face. I gave a kinky smile to him and went inside the room to get ready.

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