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Hi readers,
Ritu, a young gal is so horny that she have tasted three cocks in a month as I am eyeing for a strong guy and his nice physique, don’t know what will happen if my friends Sheela, Rani and Vaishali will know the truth of my illicit relationship with my dad as well as dad’s office staff Nathu but I don’t know discrimination of rich, caste or religion but that’s for physical affairs only and with my sexy body I can seduce any guy as I am bit arrogant also with my attitude and have a sexy body with charming face to feel proudly. Ritu knows her but it’s a essential part of life to get married and than enjoy marital life but modern thoughts with impact of western civilization have made us more free as well as vulgar as gals put leggings, shorts, short dress as well as jeans, tops, sleeveless kurti and crop tops to show their sexy figure but ultra miniskirts with no full protection of thighs as well as butts are really dirty and there gals get some verbal remarks from stalkers or scoundrels. Ritu have put a ultra miniskirts with tops as stockings have covered my legs to thighs but as it’s black in colour with transparent like, it made me more hot and sexy as today I have to seduce a guy of 24-25 years, he is my friend’s elder brother as Vaishali is my best friend I have met her brother Rajan, a tall figure with nice strong physique and he have eyed me several times but today is my friend birthday and a party in her home is well a nice chance to meet Rajan there. So I moved out of home with purse in shoulder and mobile in hand while dad have sent Nathu with me in his official car and today I am not going to entertain Nathu, so as he opened the front door of car I asked him ” backdoor please ” and he is well shocked and I sit on back seat with my legs crossed as Nathu turned his face back ” so if you order, I can move car
( Me ) sure ” and he drove the car as we live near rajendra nagar railway terminal I am going towards kadamkuan, so in the evening as traffic is on peak car is moving slowly and near kankarbagh redlight as car stops, he turned his face back ” Ritu you are looking damn hot, a sexy blonde
( Ritu in anger ) mind your language and business as you are with me to drive car, isn’t clear. ” And he is a shocked guy.
It’s 07:40 evening as I came out of car with my sexy body glittering like pearls and putting a high heel sandals are like making myself a little hotter. So as some people’s are there, I am very much familiar to Vaishali family members and that’s my luck…. Rajan was standing there as looking at me, he smiled ” oh Ritu, go inside your friend is waiting for you
( I stand infront of him ) oh I see! Let me say one thing
( Rajan ) sure Ritu
( Ritu ) what you do to keep your physique fit. ” And as he was feeling bit shy I left him while looking at him again, so it’s my first move to attract him and than in party, Vaishali first cut the cake as guests than starts their delicious foods but I am in my friend’s room while we both are talking and than I left him as I took meals to eat, so sitting on a chair with my legs crossed as stockings have covered my legs to thighs but it’s looking really sexy and there Rajan came to ask me ” Ritu, anything else you need
( I smiled ) sure but not yet now. ” And after attending party with Rajan’s mobile number getting to me, I moved towards main gate and than sits in my car as I can see Nathu enjoying his foods and at 10:15 night I reached home, so slept well while thinking of Rajan’s and next morning, I walked out of home and moving towards autorickshaw stand, I called Rajan and he received my call….. ” Hi Ritu
( Me ) yes Rajan, I have some work at Frazer road, will you meet me there?
( Rajan ) yes, I will be at shopping mall after 20 minutes
( Me ) ok. ” And there I boarded an autorickshaw as I am well aware of my hot mind but on day first it’s not going to be a start of physical love and at 09:40 am I reached shopping mall and I can see there Rajan standing but as shopping mall seems to be closed with a cinema hall also, it’s main gate is opened with less number of people inside it’s premises and so walked forward as Rajan was standing there and a blue jeans with red stripes shirt on him is making him smart. So I stand tall infront of him as he asked ” so Ritu, watching movie together will be good
( I smiled ) no I want to move to khajanchi road to buy some books. ” And than sits behind him on his bike as my legs are apart while I have put a black leggings with a crop tops and a jutti also, so as I put my one hand on his shoulder and sitting while maintaining the distance, I now starts doing something funny as near Gandhi maidan on redlight, I inched closer to him with my soft boobs pressing hard on his back. Ritu always act secretly rather gives a sounding start, so my hand is on his waist and like a love buddy I am sitting with him and at khajanchi road I starts buying books. So things get started as Rajan is getting trapped and how our physical affair starts…. Wait for it.

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