Seducing friend’s brother turned romantic

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Hi friends,
It’s a nice but hot morning and as my hot sexy body with round boobs, V shaped buttocks as well as charming face to reddish lips have put Rajan into my cage, it’s not love from my side but what Rajan is thinking of me! Don’t know and there one morning as I took breakfast to left for my college, I was curious to know his intention as his call can give me chance to seduce him again but physical love is something I want to start soon and as I was moving towards college on an autorickshaw, my mobile starts ringing as I receive the call….. ” Hi Rajan
( He ) Hello, are you in college
( Me ) yes just entered the premises
( Rajan ) oh, than attend your class
( Ritu laughed ) and where are you?
( He ) near Patna women’s college gate
( I was approaching towards gate ) oh I see! Wait for a while, atleast we can meet for 2-3 minutes. ” And I made him but happy and after sometime as I reached my college gate, I left autorickshaw and than as I walked towards him, he is smiling as my surprising act have made him impressive and now as I stand infront of him with my hand holding notes book as well as purse in shoulder, he said…. ” You are too naughty
( Eyeing at him ) oh I see than what’s going on here? Want to meet Vaishali
( He ) no, she is in home. ” And there my reluctance for classes went in vain as I sit behind him on his black pulsar bike with my both legs apart and I have wore a brown leggings with a sleeveless kurti, so he is driving bike towards patna zoological park and it’s May that’s heat is on rise but as he stopped his bike there, I said…… ” Rajan, it’s too hot so
( He tuy his face ) ok than I will take you to a cold place. ” And than he starts his bike as driving on road but we are going towards patna main town, nothing disclosed as he moved his bike fast and lastly, we are near Gandhi maidan as he have parked bike inside a hotels premises, oh god! He have made me fool and as both are walking towards reception, he said….. ” No need to be there at reception’s front
( Me ) ok you have booked a room dear. ” And he have planned a day inside hotel’s room, so we moved on lift to second floor as Rajan opened the door of room no. 209 And both frisked inside and as we have never been physical before it, I have to show my resistance. So he locked the door as I was standing there and than Rajan came to me as he hold me in his arms, Ritu starts showing her resistance as I pushed him ” Rajan, never thought that you are eyeing at my body, want to be physical with me
( He sits on beds corner with one hand on his face ) oh, it’s my mistake Ritu, please sit here as we will talk and have some delicious foods also
( I inches closer and put my arms in his shoulder ) you naughty guy, you have planned it secretly ” and than Ritu’s lips starts kissing hus face as he hold me also but putting my hand down to legs, I opened the straps of my sandals as I removed it and than get laid on bed. So Rajan is getting closer with his shoes removed and in a black trousers with a pink colour shirt he is looking handsome and now he leaned on me as both holds eachother, now he is kissing my face to neck as my sexy body is underneath of him with his strong arms bend to put less pressure on me. Ritu is hot as he put my face straight and starts kissing my lips, so I kissed him hard and than Rajan sits on his knees as he removed his shirt and my eyes on his chest have made him too hot but than also he put his hand on his buckles and removed his trousers, so his white jockey underwear is showing it’s ( penis ) bulge and now he leaned beside me as he starts lifting my tops but I starts showing my resistance for no reason as he removed it to see my round boobs caged in a brown colour brassier. So he just hold me and starts kissing my neck to nude portion of breasts as I am feeling horny and now Ritu have put her hand on his back to rub it as Rajan made me sleep straight with his one hand squeezing my right breast and kissing my flat tummy to belly, so getting aroused I starts rubbing my thighs on eachother as his lips is making me too sexy ” uh um oh it’s not in my mind dear, please leave me ” as I am telling lie and he is putting his lips on my waistline and my buttocks is going up.
Rajan is bit aggressive as he put his face on my smooth thighs and his lips are sealed on it, so it’s not new for me as I have enjoyed physical affairs with three guys / mens and my dad, lover Naman and Nathu all have given me immense pleasure in sex but still Nathu have not penetrated my vagina. So dad’s fuck with a single time fuck with Naman have made me a dirty gal as dad have fucked me dozens of time and as Rajan is kissing my legs I am in heaven ” uh oh I am in heaven, dear love me for a day
( Rajan ) yes baby, I love you sexy
( Ritu ) love for my sexy body
( He ) no it’s my love baby as I will marry you. ” And both are in undergarments only as he hold me and put his lips on my lips to kiss…. To be continued.

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