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seduction of colleague’s wife – Dirty Sex Tales

Seduced and having affair with married colleague Ramya


I worked in a company and in the office there are 6 men and 4 women working all are married.   The office staff was so cooperative that each worked for others and the work used to get completed without any delay.  We had get togethers and each had to host dinner every 15 days, each person would get his turn to host once in 5 months. 


When I joined the company and attended the first get together I met all the other halfs of our team, there were 3 women who were damn sexy, they wore their sarees in such a manner that it ewould attract every man.  One of the ladies was Ramya she was the wife of Mohan who was a marketing executive in our office.  Ramya worked with our sister company and always made to our office for signatures and paper work, the other lady was Suzanne she was the wife of Mr.James who was also a Marketing Executive Suzanne was also a good friend of my daughterinlaw Kavitha and the other sexy lady who  worked with me in the office was Neelima,  she was my daughterinlaw Kavitha’s brother’s wife.


Ramya and Mohan were Kerala Bhramins and Mohan’s parents did not allow Ramya to wear dresses, she had to wear only saree. Ramya in saree looked fabulous, she was be around 30 plus with a wheatish complexion and a figure of 38-27-38, she had a mole on her lips which made her face look more sexier, the stares she gave, the smile she had and the way she used to dress would want any man to have her. She would always wear her sarees below her weet navel and she had maintained good proportionate boobs which if not properlu contained in the blouse would struggle out of her well stitched blouse, her fleshy haunching hips below her narrow waist were also well projected back making big curves which made her more sexier. 


Ramya always carried all paper work related to ur company in afternoon usually at lunch time so all of us could sit together and share the lunch, most of the time I would try to sit next to Ramya so when eating atleast my elbows would touch her boobs, I used to wait to get a glimpse of her sexy moon hip to get a chance to see her deep navel over her saree. she always wore silk or chiffon sarees especially green or blue which was her favourite colour, She wore gold bangles, a diamond ring on her finger with matching earrings, but a small gold nose-stud, was a perfect complement on her long nose.   we used to discus various topics while we used to work, our friendship was blossoming and there was a feeling of nearness, usually   she would come from the back and press her chest on my shoulders sandwitching her boobs on my shoulders and then tell me to sign documents, and at times she would sit so close to me and discuss that it used to make me mad. By now we were so close that she was almost stuck to me on my right side where her left arm was pressing to my right side of the chest and the left hand was on her lap. My right arm was now on her left arm almost touching the side of her left boob. I started slowly brushing the right arm to the side of her left boob  . At first she was looking at me, when my arm brushed to her boob, which I noticed by corner of my eye. But later on she also did not mind While we chatted we at times turned to the subject of sex, I praised her beauty and her figure & always made it a point to inform her as  how she had maintained her sexy figure,  She started talking to  me directly looking into my eyes. Step by step she came closer to me I always flirted mildly with her, trying to make her blush, or at least respond positively to my interest in her body, which she didn’t seem to mind. Sometimes she responded to my harmless flirtation.

One day she came to office little late when almost everyone had left and came so close to me and stood near me and was discussing, my eyes wandered to her sweet navel and srurprisingly I just kissed the navel and pulled her towards me and started smooching over her waist.  Ramya said no please leave me you are doing wrong, she tried to push me away I got up and grabbedher by the arm and hugged her and I pressed my frame against her huge breasts as she awkwardly and embarrassedly tried to pull away from my grasp, but couldn’t.  I kissed her earlobe and her tender neck. She groaned loudly and tried to twist away from my wicked tongue, but stayed with her, lapping her. After a half-minute she’d reached sensory overload and was whimpering Satish as she twisted and turned under me and requested Please, Satish.. ”    “I request that you do not do this to me? ” she whispered.    “I can’t do it and I’m afraid of this. You know if Mohan comes to know he will kill us both   she said, trying to scare me off. I asked Ramya who is going to tell Mohan, are you  going to complain about me, I pulled her towards me and started kissing her on her neck and face, giving her several love bites to remember me always     “Please Satish I request you. Please let me go. You have kissed me and that is enough, ” she said, but was now breathing heavily. I could feel the sexual heat building in her.  “Your body and mind are operating at different levels, Ramya Look how you made me hard, ” I whispered as I attempted to lower my  lips to hers but she turned away again, so   had to kiss her neck. I turned her head toward me and pressed my lips against hers, and although she tried weakly to pull her lips away, I was too strong. My tongue was touching places never before touched and my hand was now again caressing her buttocks. I started kissing her passionately. She thought I would be happy with just kissing, and since it was nice, she kissed me back, hoping that would be enough to satisfy me. Her tongue pushed her tongue into my mouth and followed it. Then she pulled away.  “Please Satish stop it now, ” she whispered feeling my hard-on against her. My lips were quickly lowering her resistance,    She was stroking my hair.  I could feel her breath on my neck and chest. She pushed my hair away from my face again.Once again we started kissing, and this time we were kissing like to horny lovers! We explored every part of each other’s mouth with our tongues. We also licked each other’s tongues! It was the best bit of kissing I had done in my life! We must have kissed for about few minutes, while my hand was roaming all over her body.

 You have a very proportionate figure. You have not bore any extra flesh on your sexy body. Your boobs and hips are simply marvelous.


She stopped me saying Please don’t, I can’t do that to my husband and to your wife. It would be wrong. We’re family. We’re friends. ” she appealed.  “Your wife is my friend and my husband is your friend, I don’t want to break off my friendship with your wife because of this. You have your wife and you’re her and she is yours. I’ve my husband and I am rightfully his, hope you understand. ” Said Ramya  “Agreed, we’ve our spouses but we like each other, I know you like me, ”  “No, I don’t like. And my husband, or anyone else for that matter, wouldn’t forgive us for doing this. ” She could feel my rigid cock pressing against her belly and my warm breath onto her neck. A tingle ran through her entire body

 “Don’t worry Ramya, we are friends and will remain to be friends. Neither would I tell my wife about this nor do you have to tell your husband about it. I know your husband loves you, and I also know that you want me to make love to you, ” Whatever happens between us will be a close guarded secret.  Still if you feel that what we are doing is wrong then the decision is yours.  I  took her mangalsutra in my hand and promised her that whatever happened she would be safe and promised to keep the incident secret and also requested her to pardon me for the senseless mistake.


Ramya exclaimed I am afraid, I have never cheated on my husband or never had a affair with any other man besides my husband, ”   I could feel now By the flush to her cheeks and the quiver and sudden hoarseness in her voice, that she was either embarrassed by my closeness or was getting aroused she said I should not feel sorry, since she also wanted me to make her feel like a woman. I just pulled her to me and held her tight. She felt incredible. I could feel her breasts pressing against me, her stomach pressed against my now hardening cock, and I could smell the sweet fragrance of her hair. I held her like that for a few minutes, not wanting to let go. I slid my hands down her back and softly rubbed her ass. She inched closer to me, pressing herself against me, making my cock harder still Ramya grabbed the back of my head and pulled my mouth tightly to hers. Our tongues wildly explored around, twirling over each other as we exchanged this very energetic kiss. My hands starting working their way over her body, feeling her sides, pulling her hips tightly to me. Her tits heaved against my chest as we meshed ourselves together. Our kiss broke and I cupped her face in my hands, looking into her eyes. Softly brushing her hair back the side of her face, tracing her jaw-line with the back of my fingertips. Her head relaxed, her eyes closed and I continued on by kissing her forehead, her nose, her eyelids….I pressed and rubbed her boobs from over her blouse and bra and told her that she possessed very fleshy and spongy boobs. Ramya said in special style “….is it so…. ….do you like them really….” I told her with my palms on her luxuriant boobs “….yes  … …you really possess a pair of luxurious, fleshy and spongy boobs….” She just smiled seductively and uttered “…ooohh yyoouu…” She silently crept her hands on my cock that had become hard in excitement by that time. She was caressing my stiff cock with her soft hands from over my pant and underwear. I had taken her both the boobs in my hands and was busy in fondling and pressing her protruding boobs arrested in the bra and blouse. She was making all sexy sounds. Ramya was fully aroused but back in her mind she was feeling guilty, she stopped me and Tears now filled her eyes, as she pleaded,  “No we can’t do this, stop please. ”  I said Ok and asked her to go to toilet and get freshen up so that no one doubts what happened inside the cabin.


 I dropped Ramya to her house and left for home, next day in the office Ramya came ovar as usual and sat next to me and asked me to sign papers, she kneeled down and unzipped my pant and removed my throbbing cock and started sucking it,  my hands started roaming on her back afterwards she got up and sat next to me allowing me feel her navel and waist, slowly my hands went over her blouse and started feeling her boobs,   Once again we started kissing, and this time we were kissing like two horny lovers! We explored every part of each other’s mouth with our tongues. We also licked each other’s tongues! It was the best bit of kissing I had done in my life! We must have kissed for about few minutes, while my hand was roaming all over her, she asked me to take her out someplace where we would be alone, that is when told her let Mohan go out of town for his marketing work that is when even if you are not seen there will be no doubts, she agreed to it and waited for an opportunity for Mohan to go on tour.

Daily Ramya used to come and we used to have our foreplay, one day Neelima watched us and as soon as Ramya went she entered my cabin and came near me and asked me Uncle what was going on, Neelima also wore sarees, I just grabbed the opportunity and pulled her towards me and started smooching on her navel, she opposed my move, she struggled under my hold, she caught my hair and started slapping me but she could not break my hold my smooching did not stop, Neelima pleaded me to leave her, I got up and started kissing her neck, her earlobes, her eyes, Neelima was not ready to accept the situation, she cried and said that everything is wrong, please stop or will tell Kavitha everything which happens between you and Ramya, that is when I asked her how was she feeling getting kissed and made love to since she was not made love to for months together, tell me the truth, she again sobbed and cried on my shoulders allowing me to wander my hands on her waist, she accepted that her husband had not made love to her more then 6 months, and she enjoyed my touching her and kissing her.



Mohan my colleague came rushing to my house on Sunday and inform3ed me that his uncle was serious and had to leave immediately with his parents to Kerala and would be back in 4 to 5 days until then I should take care of Ramya and her son Rajesh, so that they do not feel afraid staying alone.  This was good news for me since I was already half seduced Ramya and Ramya too wanted me badly.  WE would have had our chance before if Neelima had not come in the way.


I went along with Mohan and took his parents, Ramya and Rajesh we sat in the car went to the railway station and saw to it that Mohan boarded the train, after which myself Ramya and little Rajesh returned home.


As Ramya opened the door of her house and went inside, Rajesh went and switched on the tv and Ramya went inside the kitchen to prepare tea, I went behind her and just caught hold f her and started kissing her   I slowly went to her back and gently guided my hands up to her shoulders. She was trying to resist my movement but she failed. I moved my hands slowly down over her hands and when I reached to her waist, I slid my left hand inside the opening of her saree and rested my hand on her sleek tummy. Oh for the first time I felt the touch of her silky skin of tummy and that made my dick to grow more and poke against her ass cheeks. I think she got the feeling of my poking dick on her ass and to my surprise she too moved a bit back and made her ass to caress against my lund. That gave me more courage and I started moving my hands up towards my sweet Ramya’s breasts. I caught her two boobs in each hand and gave them a squeeze over the blouse. Oh they were so soft and spongy. I was squeezing them hard as it was ages after I was feeling any breasts in my hands. She was moaning a bit and she rested her head back on my shoulder. I kneaded the breasts for some time and then made her pallu to drop off. That exposed her cleavage and navel to my eyes in the mirror. Her huge tits were bulging in her tight blouse and were looking as if they will tear of the blouse and will come off. I moved my hands up and held her face in my palms and brought my lips close to her luscious red lips, I was feeling her breaths. As soon as I locked my lips on hers I could feel her hands pushing me away from her. My tongue was trying hard to intrude her mouth but somehow she managed to defer the “tongue-of-war” for a few moments. But finally I succeeded in taking my tongue inside her.  Nothing was going to kill my lust for now. I only told her how there act in the afternoon made me to cum hard and realize my real potential. She was silent for a brief moment then tried to walk away from me. I stretched my hands to get hold of her fist. I pulled her to me and made her to realize that I can fulfill her desire instead of persisting with Mohan. I think that was tempting for her, as Ramya took my hands to her boobs. I opened her tight blouse and her boobs were now captivated in her black bra. They were looking great. I started sucking her nipples through her bra. I asked the size of her breasts to which she told me that it’s 34D. Then I opened her bra and they two were just sexy, too much near to my face. I started sucking them. Wow what great sexy boobs little Rajesh’s mother have. Then we both took of our clothes and became fully nude, exposing my hard lund for the first time in front of my sweet Ramya. It did not take long for me to catch hold of her boobs. I was squeezing them hard. I took the nipple between my thumb and my middle finger and started playing with it. This made Ramya moan “Ooooohhh aaaaahhhhh aaaahhhhh aaaaaraaaaam se deerey seee uncleee” in pleasure. I took my mouth to the other milk pot and started sucking it. I took my time in playing with her milk mounds. All the time I played with her milk pots she moaned in pleasure. What I never expected happened the next she suddenly caught my dick.  . Her looks appreciated my rod. She was now holding my dick in her hands and was doing the in and out movement. I held her head by her hairs and guided her mouth to my dick. Before taking my dick in her mouth she tongue cleaned my dickhead. She took the entire length of my dick within her mouth in one go. Her tongue was rolling around my dick inside her mouth. Holding her head tight with my hands I started moving my hips to and fro. I was mouth fucking my own daughter in law while she was giving me the Blow Job of my life. I managed to get hold of her boobs in between and massaged them very hard. With every stroke of my dick on her throat she responded wildly. While I was fucking her mouth, momentous moans escaped her mouth. I could feel the pressure building within my old sacks. I knew I was moments away from cumming. I was trying my hardest to extend this session of her mouth fucking but it was getting unbearable. I couldn’t have held any more. I told her that I am cuming and tried to take off the dick from her mouth. But to my surprise   Ramya persisted with sucking my dick much harder. I couldn’t resist further and almost after 15 minutes of fucking her mouth I blasted inside her mouth. Her mouth was filled with my white love juice and she was enjoying every drop of it. We were totally tired. She was starved of breath for the entire period of mouth fucking. We hugged each other and kissed each other on every part of our bodies. I carried her to the bed and placed her on the double bed. Her inviting naked body with just that mangalasutra (tied by my son) and a cute smile on her lips made my dick to stiffen again and I sprang on her between her wide spread legs. She begged me to fuck her and soon I placed my dick on her vagina gate and slowly entered her soft pussy. I started to stroke her gently at first but soon she had straddled me and was rocking me! We both had totally forgotten about our relationship. It was two sexually starved bodies which were making love that night. I started pumping her with equal vigor and soon she started screaming. Then with a grunt, she pulled me to her using her arms and legs in unison until my whole 8 inch was buried in her cunt. I could feel my balls touching her ass cheeks. She let out a screech… Then after a minute or so of furious humping, she begged,  “Slow down Uncle, you are better then  Mohan. My God,   It wasn’t just my head that swelled with this statement from my colleague Ramya who once had called me a old man , because I really believe the compliment made my rod even harder. Fucking my dick into her cunt right to the hilt and out again, I relished every nerve-tingling feeling. Sometimes I would take some breather with all my cock buried inside her. Then, with her encouragement, I’d start pumping in and out again and again, bringing the head almost all the way out then back in to the hilt. We settled into a rhythm. I felt her nails digging into my back as she screamed and froze wrapping her legs around my back like it was in a vise. After about 40 mins, I could not control any longer and unloaded my entire truckload of cum into Ramya’s cunt. She was very happy with the timing of cumming and I could sense the overflowing of my lund juice from her. She was so thrilled that she kept kissing me without a stop. I pulled her up to me, kissed her forehead, and said to her that I would be seeing her the next day since had to go home, we had forgotten Rajesh who was watching cartoon on the TV, we came out to see him engrossed and were happy that he had not seen us.   . The following morning started normally. But I was excited in anticipation of a fun filled day ahead. I took the bath and got freshen up. I did perform puja and then left the house and went to a flower shop and took handful of lowers and chocolates and some sweets to Ramya/s house, Ramya was eagerly waiting for me, she invited me inside,Ramya was in her nightie she was looking daman sexy her breasts were visible since she had not worn the bra, the nipples were erect to be loved and played with, her nighty was wet and her lower portion of nighty was sticking to her sexy thighs, I was mermized Ramya    said she is giving bath to Rajesh and afterwards will send him to school till such time you read newspaper, I gave her the flowers she was very happy and also gave her chocolates to give it to Rajesh and sweets also.


After bath of Rajesh she got him ready for school as the bus would pick him up, Ramya gave him chocolates and sweets and said to tell thanks to me, I kissed Rajesh and said goodbye, Ramya had changed her dress and had changed over to a yellow transparent saree since she had to go out to drop her son.  When she came back and closed the doors, I just pulled Ramya to me and started kissing her she too reciprocated   The pallu was sidelined such that her cleavage inside the low neckline blouse was visible. Her boobs were defying both gravity and the clutches of the lingerie. The push up bra had pushed them so up that there was nothing left to conceal. 60% of her milk mounds were visible. The size was making it troublesome for the blouse to hold the ample boobs within it. She had wrapped her sari way down her naval button today. In fact one inch down was the partition of her ass cheeks. I couldn’t hold on further. The looks made me mad and my pole was rock hard again. Without wasting another second I rushed to her, sat beside her, and started kissing her all over. Starting from her cheeks I got down to her neck and tickled it with my lips. I planted numerous kisses on her mounds, I kissed her stomach, licked her naval button. I was kissing and licking her and she was moaning in pleasure. Her oomph was exciting me even more. The oooouuuu aaaaaaahhhhhh aaaaaaaaaa mmmmmmmm oooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh wwooooooowwwwwwww was killing me. After kissing her from top to toe I returned to her lips. I locked my 60 year old dry lips on hers soft juicy lips, started a tongue wrestle inside her mouth. She was responding wildly, her vigor was double in intensity than yester night. While I kept her busy sucking my tongue I started kneading her milky boobs from over her blouse. She was getting heated up. I had a harder hard-on than ever before. Compared to yesterday night this was Ramya’s move so it excited me more. When we finished playing with our lips I started pulling off her sari. As I pulled her sari she rotated as if on an axis. 5 rounds and gone was her sari. She was left with a skimpy blouse and petticoat. Something came to my mind and I excused myself for a moment and appeared again with an icebox in the room. I reached her took my hands behind her and untied the strings holding her bosom. The blouse came out effortlessly. She was wearing a skin color mesh push up bra which matched the shade of her skin exactly. It was hard to differentiate. I played with her balls for a few second, on which she said tear them off dear!!   She was getting nasty. She said “aab aaur bardasht nahi ho raha hai uncle.. Meri bra utar do, meri chuchio ko azad kar do, dabao uncle, masal do chod do meri chuchio ko.. chod do inhe”. Before I took off her bra I teased her boobs for a few moments, I pinched on it, bite them with my teeth, I tickled them. This made her moan even more violently, she was moaning uuummmm aaammmm mmmmaaaa aaahhhhh aaaaaooooo oooiiiiiiiiiii aaaahhhh hmmmmmmmmmmmm aaaaaammmmmmm. Finally I took off her bra and let loose those precious assets of my DIL sneha which now hang before me. I licked one of the nipples while my hands started playing with the other one. For a second I removed my hands and got away from her and brought the icebox closer to us. I took out an icepack from the icebox and started rolling it over sneha’s boobs. As I rubbed the ice over her she moaned in pain. Both her boobs were getting harder as rock. The shade of the boob was changing to pink. After a few minutes of ice rubbing I asked her to push her boobs from both the sides. As she did so, both her milk mounds pressed against each other, I sat on her tummy and forced my already rock straight dick between the mounds. I started making a slow to and fro movement. As I increased my pace the entire length of my cock was passing between her boobs. Often it touched the chin of her. This was giving her immense pleasure as it was first time she was experiencing this. After a few minutes of fucking her boobs, I said she can remove her hands but she insisted that I should do more of this as this was the first time she was doing something like this and she was enjoying it. She said “Uncle this is really fun.” I was not inclined to proceed so I pulled out my dick and stood from her stomach. Took a few steps back and reached her thighs. I pulled off the string of the petticoat and tried it pull it off. Ramya  lifted her ass to help me to pull it off. I pulled it out and surprisingly she didn’t have panty. I took her legs and placed her knees at my shoulders. Her love hole was wet. She was discharging pre cum. I positioned my dickhead on her opening and made a hefty thrust. She yelled in pain. My dick went in total inside her. I started making a slow in and out movement. Ten slow strokes and I would make the eleventh a strong and fast one. My dick balls thumped the entrance of her love tunnel. I sometimes twisted a little which gave her pleasure.   I increased the pace of my fucking to the maximum. She was responding my thrust in ratio and raised her hips when I pushed her. This made the impact double. She screamed  “oh god, you are such a sexy fucker, I want to be fucked by you all day and night. I never had any sex like this before and you have come at the right time with a fucking penis I ever imagined” and laughed aloud. Moving up and down her breasts along with her mangalasuthra, were dancing to her movements, and my penis was trying to put up the biggest ever, hottest ever and hardest ever size it could possibly manage and was thrusting deep into my Ramya’s dripping hot cunt. My pulsating prick was taking the banging’s hard and fast and I now took hold of her buttocks and started squeezing and moving savagely against her cunt. She just said  “oh god ” and reciprocated my action with even more vigor. After eternally long fucking she broke off her kiss on my lips and cried  “OHHHH, I am cumming, I am cumming. Oh please you also cum inside me. I want my cunt filled to the brim with your juices. Oh come on. Come on ” At this pace she could not control herself. She said “uncle I am going to cum aahh aaahhh uuumm aahh bring me to an end aaahhh yeeahh ooohhhhh aaaaaaaaiiiiiii ooooohhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaahh hhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmm fill my tunnel. Seed me… seed my vagina.. meri choot apne rus se bhar do papa… aaahhhhh uuuuuuhh aaaaaahhhh” I was also at the verge of climax and just as I was about to cum the doorbell rang! FUCK!!!!!! It was the milkman and the door was open. Fortunately we were in the other room.  . She yelled at the milkman to wait a moment while I grabbed her tits and slammed into her. With one huge push, I exploded inside her the same time she came to a climax. I could feel the throbbing of her cunt muscles as she came and my penis ejecting the fluid inside her vagina. I ejaculated loads after load of cum inside her. (I am even surprised with the amount of cum I gave inside her at this age) My cum was dripping down her legs while she managed to take a gown out and without any undergarments she closed a couple of buttons on her gown and then grabbed a vessel lying nearby and went to the door. From my place I could see the milkman stammer something and try to hide his bulge. He spilt some milk on the floor and with trembling hands gave her the vessel back.  . When Ramya came back I told her to bend in front of the mirror and she realized what I was getting at. She was ashamed but the thought of unknowingly flashing at the milkman turned her on so much that she dragged me to the bedroom and sat on my dick which was hard again! She was riding me this time and it felt like a totally different woman was fucking me. Her pussy gripped my cock like a vise and milked my cream.  . I had fucked my Ramya on the same bed on which Mohan and Ramya make love to. But it was my luck to enjoy such a sexy lady. She was motion less and I bent down to her breasts. Took one nipple in my mouth like a kid and started sucking her. We both had the bath together under shower while enjoying each others nudity. I could see a sense of satisfaction on her face and well as I was satisfied with all the fun I was having for past two day. This went on for the next week or so till Mohan returned back from Kerala, Ramya asked me to make love to her before her husband which will be foretold later on.  Now it was turn to seduce another colleague’s wife who was a sex bomb named Suzanne.  

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