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Sexperience with Hot Neighbour Aunty by Maid’s help – Part 1

I got up early in the morning. It was a new area. I had just shifted 2days back. I just climbed the terrace and thought let me just have a small walk. I was just walking and was watching the whole area from terrace. Love to see the morning view. All desi ladies will be out early morning for sweeping, cleaning in front of house, putting Rangoli. The nighty they wear and bend to show their awesome ass with the panty line. The morning view in South India is the best view we can ever have. There were many hot desi ladies busy with their work and anyways few boys were watching the hot views.

As I was watching the hot view, my eyes stopped at one very nice, hot structured desi aunty with red cotton nighty who was putting water in front of gate. I just stopped my view to that house and started watching her. But in just 5mins she went inside and door was closed. I just felt, the show is over. I thought let me go down and get fresh. But in just few seconds, the door opened again. The aunty came outside with a bucket and started watering the plants in front of her house. I stood their few more minutes. She went inside and door closed. I Just waited for more time. Couldn’t sense she will come again. I went inside. Got fresh. As it was weekend, I just felt let me just take rest. Whole day went in watching TV and sleeping again. I got up at evening.

As I was very new to that area, I just went around the area, to check the market, shops to familiarize the area. There is a Super Market just few minute’s walk from my place. I thought let me take few groceries and few house hold needs. I was shopping in the Super Market. There were many ladies also. I love watching ladies with sarees, nighties. It actually arouses a lot for me. I was just walking and could see that Red Nighty Aunty also in the shop. I just wanted to see her from very close. I started move quickly and was almost close to her. She was really an awesome aunty. Will tell everything about her in next updates. I just tried following her but he shopping was done and she left the shop. Anyways, where will she go. After all I now know where she stays and where she shops.

Same routine continued almost 15days. I was not getting any chance to speak to her or contact her. Even I didn’t want to rush. Because it may spoil my name as well. She looked very strict and also very loyal to her hubby. I didn’t want to hurry and thought somehow, I will get the plan to get in touch with her.

It was on Wednesday and I was feeling very lazy and thought will take leave. I had breakfast and thought let me sit on terrace and relax. I saw one old lady entering the nighty aunty house. I thought she might be her relative. I just ignored. It was almost an hour. I thought let me go down and watch some movie. I was about to go down but saw the old lady with some washed clothes coming out of aunty’s house and was drying it. It was confirmed that she is actually the maid for that house. I got an idea. I thought let me just wait until she finishes her work and leave aunty’s house. She finished drying clothes and after few minutes she started from that house. I just ran down and close the door and started following that old lady. After few distance, I just called that lady

Me : Hi Amma
Maid : Yes Sir tell me
Me : Do you work as a maid?
Maid : Yes I do. what happened?
Me : I am new to this area. Looking for a maid and cook
Maid : Ohh where you stay, never seen you
Me : Ya it’s been 3 weeks I came here, looking for a good maid
Maid : Sure I can come Sir
Me : But I need someone who cooks as well
Maid : Sure I can do that. I am a good cook
Me : How much do you charge Amma?
Maid : You tell what all I should do, based on that I will charge
Me : Ok, washing clothes once in a week, sweep and clean house daily and cook breakfast and food in the morning
Maid : Ok then I charge 2500 for cleaning and washing clothes and 2000 for cooking. Sundays I won’t come.
Me : No worries. I will give you 5000 totally (I just wanted to make her happy)
Maid : Ohh ok ok sure I will come. From when should I come Sir?
Me : You can come from today only.
Maid : Where is your house?
Me : Can you see there, a tree that house only.
Maid : Ok ok I have one house to go now. Will be there by 2:30 is that ok?
Me : Sure. Today I am on leave. I will wait for you
Maid : Sure sir thank you
Me : Come without fail. I will give you advance today only
Maid : Ohh ok then I will not miss will surely come.

Finally, I got to know her weakness. She is greedy for money. So that was a big advantage for me. I felt she will be the mediator to get me that Red Nighty Aunty. I went home and then had lunch and was waiting for the maid. God she was so punctual. Exactly at 2:30PM she rang the bell. She came inside and I started showing her the house. She saw the whole house. It is an independent house, 2BHK.

Me : Ok amma saw the house?
Maid : Ya, I know this house. Previously owner only used to stay. Very conjus people. I used to just sweep and go.
Me : Ohh ok how much they used to pay?
Maid : 500 and that too they used to say if one day if u won’t come will deduct 50 rupees
Me : ya I know how they behaved when I was negotiating for the house
Maid : ok leave about them. Now let me just sweep the house and go sir
Me : Its ok amma, you come from tomorrow only.
Maid : ok then shall I go?
Me : Sure. Come from tomorrow (She was scratching her head and I knew why she is doing that)
Maid : You told you will pay the advance
Me : Ohh sorry amma, I just forgot wait let me come
Maid : Ok sir
Me : (I gave her 3000, I just wanted to make her feel I can give her more money). Here is 3000 and take this sweet box
Maid : ohh why sweet box sir
Me : My gf birthday was there and there were lots of sweets. She gave me this box I was not able to eat. So, it will be wasted at least give it your kids they will eat
Maid : ok sir. You are so good.
Me : that ok amma. Don’t worry about anything here. how many kids you have?
Maid : 2 boys. One in college and other one in 10th.
Me : ohh ok then wait. (I went inside and gave her a very costly pen)
Maid : what is this sir
Me : this is pen and it costs 850. give this to your son and tell him to study
Maid : ohh sir you are so good. Ok sir I will go now. my husband will come back from work. Need to give him lunch
Me : ok amma bye. Come tomorrow
Maid : sure sir. I will be there

She was now in my hands and now I knew how I can catch that sexy red nighty aunty.

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