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Sexperience with Hot Neighbour Aunty by Maid’s help – Part 2

The door bell rang twice. I was in a deep sleep. Opened my eyes and saw it was 6:30AM. I knew it will be Rangamma (the maid). I got up from the bed and went straight near the main door to open. But was about to open the door. I realized I was nude and my rifle had become AK47 read to shoot. That’s always usual for many boys early morning. But I felt mine was too big around 8.5inches. Then I just went inside the bedroom searched for my shorts. I didn’t bother to wear underwear. I wore the shorts and went near the door to open it. still my AK47 was too hard. I opened and Rangamma came inside. I tried hiding the military item. Some how Rangamma saw it and She behaved as if it was common.

Me : Good morning amma
Maid : Good morning Sir (She just smiled)
Me : You are so punctual. I like it
Maid : Yes otherwise it will be difficult to manage many houses
Me : ya that true. I am still sleepy. Will be sleeping you just finish your work and go
Maid : Sure sir. Don’t worry. Today I will just sweep and go. Tomorrow will wipe with mop
Me : sure as you wish. But prepare tea and breakfast also and go amma
Maid : Sure sir. Will prepare and go.

She went to the corner where the broom was there. I went to bedroom and slept again. She finished her work and told me that she is going. I told her to close the door and go. She left. After few minutes I got up and saw the clock. It was 8AM. I had to go to office also. Got up but sill the AK47 was ready to shoot. I just threw my shorts and then went to bathroom and stood near the mirror. I was feeling so hot seeing myself and was thinking when will I fuck the nighty aunty. Thinking of her god so aroused and then started shagging very hard seeing in the mirror. Finally I thick liquid bullets sprayed from my AK47 to hit the mirror. I force it hit the mirror I was afraid if the mirror will break. I was little relaxed now. Could see my AK47 again becoming Rifle. I just cleaned myself and then brushed and went to kitchen naked. I love walking around the house naked. I poured tea a cup and came near sofa near window and sat. started thinking about the plan how to get this aunty.

I planned something and thought let me try this from tomorrow. But wanted to test Rangamma what kind of lady she is. One thing I had understood that her weakness was money and gifts. I planned will do something with this weakness only. I took bath and went to office. The whole day went too hectic with lots of client calls, meetings and projects. Came home and slept early. Wanted to wake up early because wanted to test Rangamma.

Next day, I got up at 6:00AM and as I had planned, took my purse and threw 500rs notes under my bed just to test what she will do when she cleans the house. 6:30AM, door bell rang and got up and wore my shorts. Godd not sure why my gun is always in shooting mode. Cant help. I just went like that only. Opened the door and stood near rangamma. Today she directly saw my shorts and smiled. This time it was for sure that she smiled for my Gun only. She went without speaking, to the corner to get the broom and I acted as if I will go and sleep. I was watching her with one eye opened. Now she was coming to my room. I just pretended as if I am slept. She swept and went outside. After she left the room, I got up and checked if the notes are there or not. All the notes vanished. I knew she would have taken it. I didn’t speak anything. Wore Tshirt and then came to hall. She was mopping the house. She was so silent. I thought finally you are caught. I was thinking all my plans are working. I will catch hold of you and then finally ask you to get that aunty. I was very happy about it and thought this is what I was expecting. After mopping the floor. She went to kitchen and was preparing tea. I slowly walked inside the kitchen to start asking about the money and thought will scold her and make her scared.

Me : What Amma? What are you doing?
Maid : I am preparing tea sir. What happened you didn’t sleep?
Me : No I had slept early last nite so got up.
Maid : Take this hot tea
Me : Ohh thank you. You are actually so caring (I sat on the kitchen slab opposite to her)
Maid : Ya but you are too careless ( She was preparing the breakfast and was speaking to me)
Me : Me careless? Why are you telling this.
Maid : Take this (she handed over all the 500rs notes). This was lying on the floor in your room.
Me : (Oh my god my plan got failed) ohh I guess last nite while removing the pant I would have dropped it.
Maid : whatever it is don’t be so careless
Me : thanks amma. If you could have kept it I would have not known at all
Maid : Sir, I work in many houses. They give me liberty just because I am loyal.
Me : Ohhh so nice of you (god she is very nice lady. All my plans went in vain. What next? Let me think)
Maid : Don’t be so careless sir. Good you dropped it here in room what if you dropped outside? Its almost 5000rs.
Me : ok next time I will be careful. You prepare nice tea.
Maid : Thank you sir.
Me : And breakfast too amma
Maid : thank you sir. You are really very good. Never seen anyone so generous like you.
Me : that ok and thanks for your compliment
Maid : But you are very careless sir.
Me : I told sorry I will not drop money like that
Maid : not only money in many things you are careless
Me : ohhh in what matter you are telling? (I understood she was talking about my AK47)
Maid : nothing just told, try to be little careful in all the matters.
Me : understood what you are telling (I just gave a naughty smile and thought somehow she is becoming close)
Maid : mmm you seems to be very intelligent boy. So easily you understood
Me : yes, I understood. What to do amma. Single and have to manage myself
Maid : its ok I can understand (she smiled)
Me : Thanks amma you are so understanding
Maid : Ok I am done with the work. Shall I go?
Me : Feeling boring alone amma. Can you stay for sometime. You speak so nice
Maid : What happened sir? Whats the time?
Me : 7:45 now.
Maid : ok I can stay still 8:30AM.
Me : ok no probs.
Maid : Tell me sir
Me : Come lets go to hall and then speak
Maid : Sure let me keep all these vessels and come
I thought let me speak too close to her as she was talking about my dick, then she will be really open to speak anything.
I told her to sit in hall and went to room and came back and handed over a new laptop bag to her.
Me : Amma take this
Maid : what is this sir?
Me : Bag for your son
Maid : ohh so nice of you sir thanks a lot
Me : amma, tell me now. how did u feel about my carelessness
Maid : First day only I saw. I just kept quiet and I thought you are careless only in this. After seeing the notes in your room I felt you are careless in everything
Me : mmm to be frank since you were there I wore the shorts otherwise I wont wear anything while sleeping
Maid : I could feel that sir. I knew you just wore after I rang the bell
Me : yes you are right how did you know
Maid : I know how you bachelors will be at home (She smiled)
Me : yes what to do and I love being like that
Maid : I can understand sir.
Me : thanks a lot amma
Maid : you have nice body.
Me : only body? What about the careless thing
Maid : ohh what sir what all you are asking
Me : just asked amma. Don’t worry I am not a bad guy
Maid : I know you are not a bad guy and also I know you are very naughty
Me : ohh how did you know?
Maid : I saw the books and the cds in you room lying so carelessly
Me : ohh you saw that also (I had kept few sex, nude magazines and porn cds in my room)
Maid : don’t worry I have kept all of them in that drawer.
Me : sorry amma. What to do I will not cool so easily.
Maid : I can make out sir. I go to many houses and know who men will be.
Me : ohh, how they will be.
Maid : ohh don’t ask sir. In few houses, they try to hit on me
Me : ohh ya in this age also you are so sexy, obviously they try to hit on you
Maid : and in some houses, husbands wont even care for there wives
Me : ohh, so you observe all this
Maid : sorry I shouldn’t say all this to you. Because its other house matters.
Me : (I took a 500rs note and handed to her) I love to hear. Please tell. (she was greedy for money but one thing understood she was very loyal. She took the money)

(Though I was not interested in all unwanted talks I had to talk to her to make her comfortable. But finally got her confidence and then asked many things about the story of many unsatisfied housewives stories)

(Note : Please do not copy this story and post in any other websites or blogs. I have copyrighted these writings. You can give your feedback to [email protected])

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