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Sexperience with Hot Neighbour Aunty by Maid’s help – Part 7

It was very hectic day. Came back home and slept without having dinner also. It was around 12:30AM. My mobile was beeping. I was just feeling as if it was in dream. I was feeling like pissing. With lots of efforts I got and then went to toilet. Walked towards the Fridge and took a water bottle and came on sofa and sat. sipped water and kept the bottle on table. Saw my saluting gun. It was half sleep. then remembered my mobile had some message. So, walked to room. As I walked towards room, half slept gun was dangling and was hitting the two bullets softly. Took the mobile and again walked to the same place where I had sat on sofa.

Just opened my WhatsApp. There were many messages but was surprised to see a message from Raji (Now onwards no amma only Raji). Without wasting my time, I opened her message
“Got a route to reach Pavithra akka. Don’t reply hubby next to me.”

My eyes widened, all hairs straightened, mouth opened, breath fastened, dangle gun hardened. A small smile on mouth but a big size in my mammoth.

I was just waiting for when will it become morning. My sleep was totally taken by Raji’s message. God what was the plan? How will get Pavithra? Pavithra was a challenge for many boys who were trying to get her as Raji was telling. But Raji told me that she will help me getting Pavithra. Finally, that time has come where I got a chance to somehow get in touch with Pavithra. I didn’t want to go to bed again. I just laid on the sofa and slept without my knowledge.

Bell was ringing continuously. I had totally slept nicely as I was tired and also with lots of questions flying around my head. I just got up suddenly and saw it was 6:40AM. For sure Raji kept ringing the bell. I got up and ran towards the door. Opened it and Raji was standing with frustrated face. I told sorry and asked her to come inside.

As usually she always sees my dick to check whether it is erected or not. But to my shock immediately ran inside without saying anything. I was wondering what happened her. She didn’t say good morning also and also, she was supposed to tell the idea to get Pavithra. Why did she run so quickly? I walked slowly towards the sofa and felt my dongle is dangling. I just saw below. My god I had forgot to wear my shorts. With that urgent I had forgotten to wear the shorts. And Raji saw me like that and got shy I guess and she would have run. I just ran immediately to the room and wore the shorts and came to kitchen where Raji was preparing Tea. I stood next to her very close. Just a hair line distance from her without touching. Could actually smell her sweat. But now too much as I was expecting.

Me : Sorry (I just apologized for being naked in front of her. I knew she had already seen me naked and I know she loves to see me nude. But still she was behaving innocent. I too didn’t want to tell her that I saw her in the mirror)
Maid : I have you to not be careless. To be you were over careless
Me : Raji, I was tired and slept nicely. As you were ringing bell I didn’t realize that I didn’t wear shorts
Maid : As if you wear and sleep Venu
Me : Ok Raji, what about the message you sent last night
Maid : Ohh yaa. Correct. Now first take this tea.
Me : Sure, come let’s sit on sofa and speak
Maid : ok you go I will just switch off this stove and come.
Me : I will be waiting. Please come soon
Maid : look at the eagerness. Naughty venu
Me : you know the hunger of a hungry naughty boy
Maid : ya I know. Just give me 5mins lets me come
Me : ok I will wait outside

I sat on sofa and was eager to hear what this Rajamma my mentor has in mind.
Me : Yes Raji. Come I am eager to hear what’s your plan
Maid : Wait wait Venu. Ok now listen carefully
Me : sure, I am careful now
Maid : I know how much careless you are naughty
Me : now tell me don’t create suspense
Maid : ok. Yesterday I went to Pavithra akka’s house.
Me : OK then?
Maid : You just listen Venu. I will tell everything what happened and then you speak
Me : sure, I will keep mine shut
Maid : what?
Me : my mouth madam. Please tell
Maid : ok ok (she gave a naughty smile). I kept her panty in her laundry bag and then was cleaning her house. She was looking very upset and didn’t had her breakfast also. I asked her what happened.
(She was telling the conversation between Pavithra and her)
Raji : What happened Akka?
Pavithra : Nothing Raji. Just not well.
Raji : Don’t tell me all this. You tell me what happened
Pavithra : Nothing just leave me alone for sometime
Raji : Akka. Sorry I won’t hurt you. If you are getting upset because of me I won’t ask. Forgive me
Pavithra : No no it’s not because of you Raji. Just that I am into some problem
Raji : ohh what happened? Please tell me if I can help you
Pavithra : It’s not so easy Raji. I have something big problem. I cannot tell to anyone. I am afraid if my husband comes to know.
Raji : Ok if you trust me you tell me. otherwise I won’t force you akka. But I promise you that I won’t tell anyone and you know how much I respect you out of all the houses. You have helped in many times. At least not I may help you, I can at least listen your problem and that can give me little relaxed. that is more what I can do
Pavithra : I trust you Raji. But what you can do you poor lady
Raji : Ok tell me let me see if I can be little help
Pavithra : I was doing some savings in some chit funds. You know that Girijamma?
Raji : Ohh that rude lady
Pavithra : Yes, that lady only. I used to pay 2000rs every month. Now it’s been 1 year. I asked her the money, she is telling when did you pay the money?
Raji : why did you go that lady akka. She is such a cheater
Pavithra : I didn’t want to go. That Padma told so many things that if I pay 12 months I get double. Now all the money is gone.
Raji : Ok now forget that. She will never give the money. Now just forget that money and relax
Pavithra : Not that Raji. My hubby was giving that money to keep it with me. last week he asked me to give that money because he had to pay some loan in native.
Raji : ohh god. Now what to do?
Pavithra : that is what I am not getting any idea
Raji : Akka this is really very bad. Ok when do you need the money?
Pavithra : He asked last week only. I told I will give when required. He is going to native next Saturday evening after office. Before that I should give.
Raji : Ok so you still have one week.
Pavithra : Ya but how to get 24,000rs Raji. it’s not a small amount
Raji : That’s true.
Pavithra : Do you have that much money Raji? Sorry to ask you I know you yourself might now have but still can you help me?
Raji : I don’t have that much money. But I have an idea
Pavithra : What is that idea Raji?
Raji : I know a boy. He is very good and gentleman. I go to his house for cleaning and cooking
Pavithra : No Raji. Please I don’t want anyone to know about this. What if he will know all this and take advantage of this?
Raji : Akka, have I ever done something wrong?
Pavithra : No Raji. I know about you. But what about that guy? I don’t know anything about him
Raji : Akka. I promise he will surely help you and I promise you that he will not tell anything to anyone.
Pavithra : Are you sure Raji? I am really scared.
Raji : Akka, he is working in a good company and getting good salary. And he is very gentleman. He has helped so much to my kids
Pavithra : Oh, is it?
Raji : Remember once I had to a pen and bag to my kid and you asked who gave this?
Pavithra : Oh, ya you told one guy came newly to area and he gave
Raji : Perfect. He is the one. He is very helpful
Pavithra : Sure. But still I am scared Raji
Raji : I am guarantee for that akka
Pavithra : But on one condition
Raji : what is that?
Pavithra : he should take back the money but it will take sometime
Raji : that you don’t even worry. I will speak to him and tell you by tomorrow evening. Ok, right?
Pavithra : thanks a lot, Raji. You are so understanding and helpful
Raji : you have done so much for me akka. This is nothing. He is giving the money and you are taking it. and you will return that it. what is my help in it/
Pavithra : You are so good Raji.
Raji : Ok akka I will go and tell you about the money tomorrow.

I was just listening what she was telling. After completing her story, she just took a deep breath and smiled at me

Me : Oh god. Such a long story
Raji : Yes, this is what happened yesterday
Me : So finally, she came to know about me
Raji : I took your name and told few things about you
Me : Thanks a lot, Raji. Now at least she might be thinking of me
Raji : I had money Venu. But I just wanted a plan so that you both can speak to each other
Me : That’s really a nice idea.
Raji : So now you tell me. What is your opinion?
Me : I am in for your plan
Raji : so, you are ready to give her money? She doesn’t have money to return now. it might take time.
Me : I am not worried about it. I just need her Raji. I am crazy for her. And after you told that she is a tough lady and many boys couldn’t get her. I am still more thrilled to get her
Raji : Ok then for sure I will make you both become closer and then there after you take it forward venu
Me : That’s more than enough my sweet Raji
Raji : what venu all these kind of words
Me : Ok you don’t like? Then I won’t say that
Raji : Hey Venu not like that. No one actually made me so comfortable. Everyone treated me as a maid. very few things me as one among them. But you are totally different. I liked your attitude very much.
Me : Ohh common Raji. You are really sweet.
Raji : Ok ok now forget that. Arrange for money soon. And also, my fees Venu
Me : Fees?
Raji : Yes, I told I will charge extra amount for doing this work
Me : Ok don’t worry (I knew she will do that work and I was not bothered about money but I was just worried about the hole)
Raji : ok once you give the money, I will give it to her and then will tell her to thank you
Me : how will she thank me? will you bring her to house?
Raji : you buddhu. Don’t be so hurry. I will give your number. And ask her to thank you for the money
Me : god you are genius Raji. I love that very much.
Raji : When will you give the money? I have to tell her by evening
Me : I can give u cheque now only.
Raji : No cheque. I can’t go and draw the money and all. If my hubby knows then he will ask about it and asks for money
Me : ok then tomorrow I will get you cash. Ok, right?
Raji : sure Venu. I will tell her to message once I handover the money to her.
Me : I am just eager. Can’t control
Raji : I will surely help you Venu.
Me : I know Raji. And thanks a lot for helping me so much
Raji : Get my fees also
Me : how much I should give?
Raji : I will tell you once she starts speaking to you
Me : sure, you tell I will give you and don’t worry about fees.
Raji : I know that Venu. Ok I am getting late bye
Me : Sure, Raji will be waiting for her message
Raji : message you will get only after she gets the money
Me : okok understood. Bye

God finally something really worked out. It was not a matter of 24000rs. It was the matter of Pavithra’s hole. And I knew Raji will surely help me in getting Pavithra laid on bed for me. After she left I just went to bed room and was thinking how all I will be fucking and licking Pavithra on my bed.

(Note : Please do not copy this story and post in any other websites or blogs. I have copyrighted these writings. You can give your feedback to [email protected])

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