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Sexperience with Hot Neighbour Aunty by Maid’s help – Part 8

Maid : Venu, this is really bad. You promised that you will be give money yesterday only.
Me : Raji madam, yesterday was Sunday, right?
Maid : Yes, so what?
Me : If I give you money, can you go and give to Pavithra?
Maid : Why not? As if Sunday no one will accept the money
Me : Think Raji. If you go to her house on holiday, will Pavithra’s husband won’t get doubt?
Maid : Ohh ya correct. Sorry Venu. I totally forgot about this
Me : And think if you give money in front of her husband wont he ask which is that amount?
Maid : Yes correct. But still she will be really thinking that you will not give the money. And how can you speak to her. This was the only route I could think.
Me : Raji, see this cover
Maid : What is this?
Me : Check yourself
Maid : ohh good Venu.
Me : Now go and give this money to her and then tell she can return whenever she can
Maid : So nice of you Venu.
Me : Thanks, Raji. So, can I contact her from today?
Maid : Abhaa Venu, have patience
Me : Give her number Raji. Will message only when you tell
Maid : See Venu, Let her only message. It will be good for you only
Me : How Raji?
Maid : See if you message it will be like you are interested in her for some benefits and that why you are helping her
Me : Ohh my god. You are so intelligent Raji
Maid : I have seen many like this Venu. I have seen many ladies scolding boys like that. I don’t want you to get scolding like that in future when you both fight
Me : Ya that’s correct. Let her only message. But she will message right?
Maid : Why are you worried. I am there right. I told you I will somehow make her contact you. There after its left to you
Me : Sure, you just to that much I will take care next.
Maid : (She kept the cover with the money inside her blouse). You are so careless Venu.
Me : Here afterwards I will be very careful Raji.
Maid : Ya I know how much careful you are. Don’t every tell all this plan to her after you both became close. You boys become so much emotion when ladies starts becoming close
Me : No, I promise I will never do that and also will never let you down Raji
Maid : Thanks, Venu. That is all I need
Me : You don’t worry you can trust me to the core
Maid : You too can trust me to the core Venu.
Me : I know that Raji
Maid : You look so smart and handsome Venu.
Me : Thanks, Raji. You too look very nice
Maid : Ohhh really? You never told that. I know u are making fun of me
Me : No no. You are really nice and hot too
Maid : But I am little fat. I want to reduce a little
Me : Fat and Big is what we boys love Raji
Maid : Naughty I know that.
Me : You ladies too like big ones correct?
Maid : Abbhaa you don’t have shame to speak like this so openly with me Venu?
Me : As if you are very innocent and feels very shame
Maid : What do you mean Venu?
Me : Forget that..How was mine?
Maid : What are you talking naughty?
Me : Don’t be so innocent Raji. I saw you watching me when I was removing my shorts last week
Maid : No ….. I..(full dry throat) didn’t see
Me : I saw in the mirror Raji. Now don’t behave innocent. Tell me how it was
Maid : Sorry Venu..
Me : Why sorry Raji..just chill please don’t be so formal
Maid : Godd I couldn’t take my eyes out of the view. You were so big and thick
Me : Liked?
Maid : Very much. It’s so clean, neat shaved and also long, thick. Venu swear I had never seen such kind. Very tempting
Me : Ohh so how many have seen Raji?
Maid : No, I won’t tell. It’s not good also. But I promise you have the nice one
Me : Ok I won’t force you Raji.
Maid : Shall I ask you something?
Me : Sure, ask me anything
Maid : I know that many boys watch me for the luscious boy I have. But why did u call me amma and also didn’t approach me for physical requirement Venu?
Me : Raji, first thing is you are elder to me (Was trying to behave innocent. Fucking elder ladies was not new for me), second thing is I never want to take advantage of the situations
Maid : I liked your attitude and character Venu. You know in many houses Husbands or bachelors try to impress me and also some asks indirectly for sex.
Me : So, you get nice ones for you easily right Raji.
Maid : Chi..those idiots are really not so good and they are just urgent fellows. Also, they are not clean Venu. They can never give good pleasure Venu.
Me : (Clean? This maid is speaking about cleanliness? God I was really amazed) How do you say that Raji?
Maid : Those males who are trying to impress a lady and also who are just hungry for sex they can’t satisfy a lady. They can just have only 5 mins session. Max to Max 10mins. They don’t to it properly also. They will in very urgent to have sex leak and sleep
Me : God Raji, you know so many things.
Maid : Experience Venu.
Me : What do you think of me Raji?
Maid : Venu, I really to tell you one thing. I have never been so close to anyone like you. I swear I never took chance to get a lady to a boy. IF they ask I just try to give them contacts only. But I don’t know when you asked about Pavithra, I couldn’t say no. I was thinking how come I am agreeing for all this
Me : So nice of you Raji.
Maid : It’s just because you are good at heart Venu.
Me : But I am too naughty right Raji?
Maid : Only naughty? God you are too naughty
Me : How did my underwear smell?
Maid : Ohh you saw that also Venu?
Me : Yes, I saw that also.
Maid : I never knew that these things are so arousing. I never had this kind of thoughts also
Me : I have many ideas like this. Let’s discuss this whenever we have time Raji
Maid : Sure Venu.

While speak so much I was getting close to her. I stood really very close and I was just standing just behind her while she was cooking breakfast. She had not taken bath. But still she was not so bad as well. I could feel when she was speaking about cleanliness, she would have taken care of her hyenine as well. The open talks were actually making me little arousing and She knew I was actually trying to touch he ass and finally I touched her ass by my thick dick. Could see her fingers scratching the slabs and she was pressing her fingers on the slab. I could feel how much she needed me. and I knew she wanted me to make the move, because when in future something goes wrong she can blame me. I touched slightly and then I took it away. I wanted her to initiate. As soon as I moved behind, could feel she was breathing heavily and she was not seeing me at all. I walked little more behind and I knew that was more than enough to trigger her desires. And I knew she will surely initiate hereafter wards. She turned behind

Maid : Today I will give her money Venu and tell her to thank you
Me : Sure Raji. Please do that I will be waiting for her message
Maid : Venu, Can I ask you one more thing?
Me : Please no formalities hereafter wards
Maid : Ok. Are you thinking that I am not clean as like other maids?
Me : (Ohh god how did she really know what I was thinking?) No no Raji nothing like that
Maid : I could feel it Venu. You are so clean and smart and fair and also very handsome. So I know you will thinking of very nice and sexy hotties only
Me : Oh Raji. You too look really damn sexy and any boys go crazy to take you to bed
Maid : mmmm thanks venu. But I was surprised when you didn’t approach me
Me : I respect you Raji. Don’t worry I will never do anything to which makes you upset
Maid : Ok now shall I leave all work done. I will now directly go to Pavithra’s house and give money. She will be really very tensed
Me : Sure, and don’t forget to tell her to message
Maid : That will surely do Venu. You don’t worry
Me : thanks, Raji. Bye all the best
Maid : Ok bye Venu

I was really very much eager to get Pavithra’s message. I got ready and started to office. No message at all. I had lunch and then when to my cubicle. Usually I keep my mobile in silent mode or vibrating mode as the ringtone might disturb the environment. But today I had kept with loud sound so that I wont miss Pavithra’s message. Thought I had put that in loud sound, I kept checking if I had missed her message

Around 4PM I was having coffee at cafeteria alone. I got a message. Without wasting my time. I just opened the mobile and checked and yes finally it was Pavithra

Pavithra : Hi..Venu?
Me : (I didn’t reply immediately. I dint want her to feel that I am actually desperate. Replied after 5mins). Yes, who is this? (Just to make her feel that this was not preplanned)
Pavithra : This is Pavithra..Raji gave your number
Me : Pavithra? Do I know you madam?
Pavithra : Venu..Thanks for the amount. You gave the amount to Raji
Me : Ohh Ok Sorry Madam. I didn’t know
Pavithra : Thank you so much Venu..You really helped me a lot
Me : That’s fine Madam. Raji told you were in some serious problem so gave. After all money if for difficulties only right
Pavithra : Raji told you are very good. I can feel it
Me : Ohh thanks to Raji and thanks to you madam
Pavithra : Ok venu. I have some work. And thanks once again for amount
Me : its ok madam. Carry on
Pavithra : I will return it as soon as possible
Me : Take your time. I am not in urgent
Pavithra : Ok venu. Bye take care
Me : Bye Madam. Take care

Oh my god. I was not able to believe it that Pavithra messaged me. just few days back I was thinking how can I get her contact. Now she herself messaged. All because of Raji and her plans. I thought will message Raji.

“Thanks a lot, Raji. Pavithra messaged. What next?” I sent message. I got immediate reply.
“Will tell you. Don’t message. Husband here”

God this lady is so good in many things. She knows many things about technical stuffs. Has good English. Thought anyways let her come morning I can speak to her. I just took the coffee cup and kept in the sink and went towards my cubicle. Sat on the Chair, stretched my legs and put my hands behind my head and stretched my chest to feel relaxed. Relaxed for the efforts Raji and I put. Now what next? Should I message Pavithra or should I wait for her? Previously I was thinking once she messages it will be very nice. Now after messaging once, now I was feeling that I need her to see more messages. Greedy me and I agree naughty kinky men are really greedy when it comes to women and her pussy.

(Note : Please do not copy this story and post in any other websites or blogs. I have copyrighted these writings. You can give your feedback to [email protected])

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