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One week later.

Monday night 6.27pm.

She sat at her desk with glass of wine in hand looking over test results. Her husband away for the week. Her daughter at school camp. She was alone for the week with her son lover and student.

She thought for a minute looking up at her computer screen. She found it funny been not only a mother but a lover and teacher to her son.

She heard her study door open she turned to see her son walk in. He wore shorts and a singlet. He walked in with the bottle of wine.

” Yay more wine. ” She said smiling at him, are you trying to get me drunk? ”

He topped up her glass as he sipped one of his dads beers, his mother treated him like a adult. He was her lover. When her husband was away he was hers. ” What are you doing? ” He asked.

” Going through test results. You came fourth darling. You bet Analise Cole this time. She came fifth 4 points below you. Good job baby. ” She said clinking his beer bottle with her wine glass.

” She always beats me. ” He said he looked at his mothers thighs. Her short white skirt barely reaching halfway down her thighs. Her top buttons undone on her orange V Neck blouse. He felt his cock hard at the thought of another night fucking his mother.

She looked up at him smiling. ” These results are confidential. ” She said.

” Yeh I know, my lips are sealed. ” he replied moving his fingers across his mouth. ” So who got the most? ” He asked.

” Toby. ” She said.

” Toby fuckin Reed. ” He said.

” Tim. ” She said looking at him. ” Well you give me the answers mum. I will make you proud. ” He replied.

” We both know I cant do that. ” She replied spinning her chair around refacing her desk.

He put his beer on the shelf and put his hands on her shoulders. He started massaging her. She put one hand up on his crossing her chest onto his hand, as the other one moved the mouse. He massaged her shoulders. She moaned. ” Oh yes darling, that is so nice. ”

He leant in kissing her neck moving her shoulder length blonde hair out the way with his chin. He kissed her ear.

” So fucking you wont get me the answers. ” He said.

” Even though your my son, and I am your teacher….. ”

” ……don’t forget lover. ”

” Ok and lover, cheating is not going to happen. You are doing well without it ok. ” She said.

He kissed her cheek. ” Yeh thanks for the quiz last week mum. ” He said with a thick hint of sarcasm.

” Your welcome. I love those throwing those surprises. The looks on the class’s faces. Priceless. ” She said cheekily. He slid his hands down her front over her breasts squeezing them over her blouse. He started undoing her buttons till he reached her skirt. He pulled it out and undid the last ones. He opened it up looking at her bust in her black bra.

” Looking for something? ” she said sitting forward letting him remove her blouse.

” Found them. ” He said reaching behind her back unclipping her bra. She took it off now sitting topless. He massaged her shoulders looking over at her natural breasts. Her nipples pointing straight out at the computer screen. He slid them down over them feeling her nipples in the palm of his hand.

” Want to fuck your brains out tonight mother. ” He said. She shut down the computer and spun around. She picked up her wine and sipped it.

” Really? ” she said. He looked at her bosom. She lifted her finger and dragged it down his chest to his groin. She rolled her chair closer and cupped his groin feeling his hard erection. ” Undress ! ” She said.

” Pardon. ” He said.

” Get your fuckin clothes off now! ” She snapped. He lifted his singlet off dropping it to the floor. He dropped his shorts and underwear. He stood naked his cock at attention. ” Well now go put on a pair of your sisters underwear and a bra. Make sure they are matching. ” She said.

” Aye? ” He questioned.

” Just do whay you are fuckin told Tim. ” She said fondling a breast.

He walked out to his sisters room. He opened her underwear drawer reaching in pulling out a pair of black knickers. He slid them up his legs. He picked up a bra from her second drawer down. He put it on the same way his mother did, although clipping it up was awkward. He tucked his hard cock into Amy’s underwear and glanced in the mirror.

He returned to his mothers office. ” There. ” He said. She stood up and stood in front of him. She smiled cupping his groin feeling her daughters silky underwear on her son.

” My my dear. ” She said walking around him running her fingers around his arse. She spanked it on his bare buttocks. As he chose a G String. ” Sexy boy. ” She said walking back to the front. She reached behind her back unclipping her skirt. It fell to the floor. She stepped out of it and them slid down her panties. She picked them up and sniffed them. She sat and put her elbow on the chair her hand raised, her underwear dangling from her finger.

” Take your cock out. ” She said.

He pulled it out, the relief, not her captive in his sisters small underwear.

” Wank it, no cumming. If you cum, you don’t fuck me tonight. ” She said.

He started slowly stroking it. He tried so hard. Andrea stood stepping up to him. ” Open your mouth. ” She ordered. He opened it, she stuffed her knickers in his mouth and sat back down. She opened her legs lifting her knees up over the arms. He could see his mother beautiful pussy. It was moist and wet as he slowly wanked. Pre cum dripping from his knob onto the carpet.

She rubbed her clit and her breasts moaning. She pushed her fingers into her pussy fingering it. She took them out licking them smiling at him.

” Step over here. ” She said.

He stepped over to her. ” Umm. ” He mumbled.

” Cum over me baby, I will let you cum on me. ” She said.

” But. ” He mumbled.

” I will let you fuck me tonight baby. ” She said. He wanked harder. His mothers naked wet horny body in front of him. He moaned and his body tensed. He jerked. He shot streams of cum out over his mother, over her face with first shot, then more on her breasts and stomach.

” That’s it baby. ” She said wiping his cum over her naked body. Over her breasts, stomach, pussy. She licked it off her chin. She pushed cum to her pussy rubbing the dripping semen from his cock over, and in her pussy.

He stood for a few minutes as she sat forward licking and sucking his cock. Her hands rubbing over Amy’s underwear. She stood grabbing her knickers pulling them out of his mouth.

” Playing with mummy’s smelly knickers again. ” She said and wearing your lingerie again as well.

His mother knew he did. She didn’t tell Amy that her brother wore her underwear and bras. She ran her hands over his chest, over Amy’s bra. Amy had nice B cup breasts.

” Now go get out of your sisters underwear, get your togs on I have guests soon. ” Andrea said smiling.

” Serious? ” He said.

” Yes darling. Go on chop chop. ” She said.

He went to his room and took off his sisters
underwear and bra dropping onto the floor. He cleaned his cock up and put on his togs. He heard his mother in the shower, cleaning her body from all his cum. He loved to cum over his mother. He loved her swallowing his teenage seed. He wondered who was coming over. His mother never told him about it. His hard cock twitched at the thought.

He met her in the kitchen. She wore a green bikini. Her breasts pushed together in the bra top. She wore a cotton floral sarong around her bust. 10 minutes later there was a knock at the door. ” Get the door darling. ” She said. He walked over opening it.

” Gidday you. ” She said. He stood seeing his Aunty Kim. She was his mothers younger sister. She was 45 and tall and had long dark hair. She hugged him. Something was different about her. She wore red shirt sleeved dress and black heels. She had on a white bikini top. He noticed as his mother walked up to them as he closed the door.

” Hi sis. ” Andrea said hugging her. She stepped back looking at her sisters bust. ” Wow ” she said. Kim looked down cupping her bust jiggling her breasts.

” You like them, my husband brought them for me for my birthday. ” Kim said proudly.

” A boob job, they were fine how they were. ” Andrea said.

” Oh I know. But I thought about it, and after two kids going a B Cup to a C cup. Hey why not. ” She said. ” You should look at it babe? ” She said.

” Mine are fine. ” Andrea said.

” What do you think Tim, should mum get a booby job? ” Kim said placing her handbag on the couch .

” Ah… I…. don’t ”

” … no I don’t need one, mine are fine. My husband still likes them. Sorry Tim. ” Andrea said.

” That’s fine. ” Tim said.

They had a drink then walked out to the patio. Tim got into the pool. His mother took off her sarong. He looked at her body but tried not to perve. He loved seeing her naked. Kim unzipped her dress taking it off. Her new breasts busting out of her bikini top. She wore high hipped bikini bottom. The white bikini against her tanned body stood out. Tim felt a erection in his pants.

” That’s better. ” Kim said a nice spa.

” Yeh nice after a busy day. ” Andrea said. She smiled at Tim who only thirty minutes ago had just cum over his mothers naked body. He loved having the secret that he was having a affair with his mother.

” Hows school? ” Kim asked Tim.

” Good. ” He said his eyes drawn to his Aunty’s bust. He wasn’t used to seeing her with bigger breasts. Andrea had always had the bigger breasts from her two sisters.

” Mum been your teacher? ” Kim said.

” Its only math ” he said. I only see her one period a day. Its not so bad aye mum? ” He said smiling at her.

” No, but In treat him the same as all other students. He’s a student during school hours, my son after school. ” Andrea said.

‘ Lover in between.’ Tim thought sipping his beer.

” I see you get to drink your fathers beer? ” Kim said smiling at him.

” Yeh, when he’s away. Mum lets me aye mum? ” He said his eyes admiring both pairs of cleavage.

” So how much did they cost? ” Andrea asked.

” These ? ” Kim said. ” I don’t know. My husband said its a secret, its not usually a custom to tell someone how much there present cost ”

” So you don’t know? ”

” No, but they are worth every fuckin cent. I love them. Only thing is I have had to spend $1000 on new bras. You know so many outfits, I need bras to suit them. Different colours, styles, and with me I hate cheap bras. Most of my dresses still fit. A bit tighter in certain areas but don’t mind. We have a nice young Philipino maid who is fantastic with a sewing machine. She has spent time adjusting them for me, I made sure it came with a pay rise. Shes just told us shes engaged. ” Andrea said.

” Oh really, she been with you since she was 18. ”

” Yes shes 23 now. I’ve told her she can have the pool house for her and her husband. Rent free. I don’t want to loose her. She fantastic. ”

They chatted and Tim perved for another hour then all went to bed. Tim missed not been able to get into bed with his mother.

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