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Special Birthday – Dirty Sex Tales

In the corner of the strip club, I waited for the girls to come on. But the manager grabbed the mic and went up on the dancing stage. “May I have your attention?” He looked around and the sparse crowd looked at him, expecting some kind of announcement. “A lady came to me today and asked a special favor. It seems that it is her husband’s birthday and she promised him anything he wanted. He said that he would like a blow job.” There was some laughter in the crowd because they thought he was leading up to some kind of a joke. “She told him that she blew him anytime he wanted. In fact oral sex was a big part of their sex life. Evidently he wanted this to be a special blow job. He wanted to have her suck him off in front of an audience of strangers. What stranger people are there besides the ones in here right now? So she asked if she could ‘do him’ right here on stage in front of all of you. I told her that I am cool with that. It is three in the afternoon and we don’t get that many people and she said that was enough.” He stood aside. A woman in her thirties or early forties came up on stage. She was attractive and casually dressed and took the mic from the manager.

“Hi, I’m Stephanie. My husband, Clark is right down here in front.” A man stood up and waved at the assembled twenty or so men who were in there. “Mr. Arcolo said that I could do it if I was fast and I had to be in the nude. I agreed. So, if you will welcome him to the stage, my husband, Clark.”

The man got up and the manager took him aside before he actually got on the stage and said something in his ear. Clark nodded and then kicked off his shoes and then removed his pants and underwear before going on stage. “The manager said that I had to be partially naked when I get up here. Thank you for staying. This is special for me as I have never had a blow job in this kind of setting before and I am looking forward to it.” You could see that his dick was cut and average length and wasn’t even beginning to get hard. His wife walked to the other end of the stage and removed her clothes. She wasn’t wearing much, only shorts and a loose fitting Tee with nothing underneath. She knew that she would have to be naked so she did not put anything extra on. She was nervous about being nude in front of this crowd but that nervousness faded as she sensed the approval of the audience. She had a very nice body that gravity had not yet taken its toll. She was slender and had a tight little ass. The breasts were small but they were firm. She had long brown hair that fell several inches below her neck-line. Clark was a lucky guy. The manager brought a big cushion from the private back room and put it on the floor between them.

Clark took the mic and said, “I have a special treat for you as soon as she finishes with me, so, don’t go anywhere.”

She kneeled on the cushion in front of him and reach up and gingerly took his flaccid penis and stroked it a couple of times. It responded to her touch. She leaned in and brought it to her mouth and stuck our her tongue and licked it all around and then up and down the shaft. The more attention she paid to it, the more it started to stiffen. Finally she took it in her mouth and started to suck him. She is toyed with it for a little while but then started sucking in earnest. The crowd gathered around for a closer look. The girls from the dressing room came out in various stages of undress and watched. Even I, who was sitting in the back, got up and moved forward to watch this woman suck her husband’s cock in front of all of us. They started clapping that was timed to the bobbing of her head and that was surreal. After about five minutes, Clark’s knees buckled a little bit and we could all tell that he was about to ejaculate. Then his eyes closed and he went up on his toes as he pumped his cum into her waiting mouth. “I couldn’t hold out any more, she is a great little cocksucker.” The crowd went wild with whistling and hooting. They enjoyed it too. He pulled out his flagging penis from her mouth where there was cum on her lips and chin. I think that she managed to swallow most of it. She smiled at the audience.

She faced the audience while wiping the cum from the lips and chin, “I’m glad you liked that. I never though that I would have enough nerve to do it up here. I have had a few drinks to get ready for it but now I don’t think I needed them.” Everyone cheered at that. She gave the mic to her husband.

“I promised you guys a special treat when she finished sucking me. Well I am going to offer her to suck off anyone who is willing to get on stage with her while I take some videos. Any volunteers?”

No one moved a muscle.

The manager, Mr. Arcolo took the mic. “I wasn’t expecting this but if the lady is willing I will put a ‘closed’ sign on the front door for now.” He looked over at Stephanie who was aghast at what her husband just announced.

“You often talked about doing this with someone besides me so here is your chance and I will video tape it.? How about it, Honey?”

She sat there in stunned silence and wasn’t sure what she should do. She looked at the crowd and saw that no one was moving and maybe this would be easier than she first thought. “OK, I’ll do it but I only want people who are clean.” She looked around and saw that still no one moved. She was encouraged by this and added, “Common, you guys. You know that I know what I am doing. I won’t bite.”

To her surprise, the first guy, a young blue collar type started to get on stage. Mr. Arcolo motioned for his to remove his pants and underwear. He did and when he pulled them down you could immediately see that this guy was pretty well hung. Stephanie gasped and put her hand to her mouth. “OK, you can be number two.” He walked up to the cushion and she pulled his penis out and rubbed it gently. She licked the head and then up and down the considerable shaft. I think that she was going to enjoy that. She then pulled it into her mouth and started sucking and sliding her head up and down most of the shaft but there was no way that she though she could deep throat him. But she worked and worked and final took it all in and down her throat and then started sucking more and more quickly. You could see that he was ready to get off in her mouth and soon the cum squirted out because she could not swallow it fast enough but she did swallow quite a bit. This time there was more cum on her face. What she did not notice that behind this guy was a short line with about five guys in it and the manager was the first one. I was surprised at how big his cock was. He was packing about ten swinging inches that was about thick as my wrist.

“OK, I guess rank does have its privilege.” She looked at his penis and said, “Wow, that’s a load.” She didn’t hesitate at all but started to suck him right away. Meanwhile her husband was in the audience making a video. She worked on his penis for about five minutes before he blew and she was ready for it and was able to swallow it all. After he was done she saw that she had plenty of more men waiting. She took on the next guy and started working him quickly.

“Men, of you want to do a double up on her, some of you can go around to her rear and screw her from there.” He laughed at his own suggestion. One of the guys toward the end of the line walked up on the stage behind her and tapped her on her shoulder.

She glared at her husband for a second and then, without dropping the cock currently in her mouth, she stood up bent over and offered herself. The man was hard and with very little foreplay, he entered her vagina and started pumping her. She started to groan with pleasure as both men were pumping her as she sucked and fucked them both. This time, both men and Stephanie had orgasms. She motioned the next one in line to come up and another took his place behind her and they immediately went to work fucking her mouth and cunt. By the time she had finished all the men who has been waiting she had sexually satisfied eighteen of them, not counting her husband. I did not have the nerve to get up there myself but I certainly enjoyed watching her work. She gathered her clothes and she and her husband made a quick exit out the front door.

Mr. Arcolo took the mic as he went on stage and announced, “OK, we are open again and get those girls out here for a show. I don’t have to tell you that what just happened here doesn’t get mentioned by anyone. I’ll know who squealed.”

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