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Step sister and aunt and cousin

Hello everyone today I came with my new story. As I say in all my stories they are all are real incident happened to me but I didn’t do it in real so I’m narrating the story it as my experience.

This happened before three to four years. It was vacation for me after completing my 10th standard. So I decided to go to my native village in South Tamil Nadu. After one year busy studies I planned to relax there for nearly one month with my relations. My sister and parents also came with me and stayed with us for three days. My step mother family came there and my aunt family also came to enjoy.

As my stepmother and my mother has work they return Chennai within three days with my sister. Along with my father and step father. My uncle returned Chennai. As he has work with his son for help. So I stayed with my aunt Kanagi and cousin Muthu and step sister Deepika and her brother Shakti. We had nearly 50 thousand rupees for one month. I know it will be really fun for us there is many of them who are almost of my age. Only one elder is my aunt Kanagi. She is friendly with us. And she will stay and play with us. As it is remote village there is no shops nearby and we cannot see house close like in city.

Aunt is 38 years old lady a mother of two. She is very tall and fatty lady with a fat ass. She is family woman who wants to be always in saree. Though she does not have a good figure she has gave birth to good structure girl. Muthu is lean and she is now 19 years old she is only one year elder to me. That time she was at her age of 16. Though she is 16 she has large and matured boobs. She is just feel few inches short than her mother. She never wear modern dress only in chudithars. She never wear not even nighty. And my step sister Deepika she is 18 years old before three years and very talented girl. She is top ranker in her school and college as well. She know karate and a girl who likes to care her body a lot. She does not have that much big boobs. She wear only the shirt and shorts or leggins. She play cricket well than us. Deepika is a multi talented girl. She is very bold compared to Muthu. Muthu not even speak much like Deepika. She is committed to a boy who belongs to same village.

And last my brother named Shakti both me and Shakti completed our 10th standard but he is three or four months elder to me. I’m far better than him he drink and smoke and used to roam always with slum boys.

Days passed. It was almost 15 days only left. Shakti told he going to some places and asked aunt five thousand rupees for expenses. He said he never come to home for at least ten days. But he said he will come before we leave the village. Now me my aunt and cousin and my step step sister alone at home.

The next morning I stood outside the house near the tree and brushing teeth with neem stick. Muthu and Deepika went to bath in the canal which is one kilometer away from home. Aunt asked them to wait for an hour as she is busy in kitchen so that she also come with the them to canal to bath. They refused to take aunt with them. Aunt warned them since it is village snakes will be there. They said they will take care of own. Then aunt came with the bucket of water and some clothes and she saw me brushing. She asked me to buy detergent from shop. So I took my bike and went to nearby shop and bought detergent and returned home. Aunty is back side of the house that is like lawn. So I cannot go directly to lawn. I have to go inside the house and then only I can reach the back lawn. I went to give the detergent to her that time she removed her pallu and stood with only blouse. She stood only with blouse and petticoat. She didn’t see me and she removed her blouse and stood only with petticoat I saw her bare boobs. And suddenly my cock raised and I stood calm for her next move. She river her knot from her petticoat and tied it close to her boobs. Then I went to give the detergent and went inside. And Deepika and Muthu returned home then we played carrom board I was thinking about only her boobs. Really it was so big and bouncy. And that night we had dinner and slept. The next morning as usual I was brushing she came with clothes. This time she came with only petticoat she removed saree inside home itself. Deepika and Muthu went to bath and aunt settled down in lawn to wash clothes. I saw her thighs. It made me long for her and I saw a spider climbing on her petticoat I shouted something is climbing her body through petticoat for scaring her. She immediately woke up and lifted her petticoat and shook that and jumped. I oh man it was a amazing site I saw her pussy. It was so big and hairy one. She pushed the spider and went inside and she asked me to wash the clothes just for only one day. I washed her clothes and my clothes for her that time I saw her bra and panty. I crushed her bra thinking her boobs in my hand.

I washed the clothes and kept it to dry. I went in. I saw aunty in same petticoat and preparing food in the kitchen. I asked her when she take bath she said she is not going to bath today. She held my hand together and pleaded me not to tell about that. I asked what. She said that I watched her pussy. I said I didn’t watch. She said it’s ok don’t tell. She went inside the room and took he saree and removed her petticoat she stood near the door and removed her petticoat. I went inside and saw her nude now. She closed her hands and hide her boobs and pussy. I said sorry and asked her shoulder she need a towel. She said nothing to hide hear all you saw. I went close to her and asked her to take her hand then she said ” What”.

Me: you only said no nothing to hid let’s show I get a clear view.

Aunt: how can you talk like this to your aunt?

Me: coming aunty I need you to see naked clearly.

I grabbed her hand and she refused to show she asked me to leave her or she will tell everyone. I took my phone and asked her to give her a pose. I pulled her towards me and she asked me to stop the camera. I said I didn’t on the camera. I kept my aside and grabbed aunt towards me kissed her lips. She said this is sin. I said I never mind. She said I cannot enjoy her body as she is old. I pulled her and pushed to bed and gave her a lip lock I took her boobs and crushed it and took my hand to her pussy and massaged it she too kissed me and asked her to reach the heaven and satisfy her. I said you too have great boobs. And pumped my cock inside her pussy she started to enjoy my act and I cum inside her mouth and I dressed her and waited for her daughter and Deepika.

Me and Deepika went to terrace to talk for sometime I asked about her brother and where he gone. She said she is happy as he is not here. I asked why. He drink other than that he is good I explain her. She said he is a above that. I asked her what she mean. She asked me to leave the topic. I compelled her to say. She said he will see her bathing everyday and he will force her everyday for sex and she avoided to do that. I kept silent after that. Then Muthu came upstairs and asked Deepika phone. Deepika gave and she went outside. I asked her why she takes her phone. Deepika said she will talk to her boyfriend. She said she does not have boyfriend but she like to have sex but only decent guy. I asked love is wrong sex is right. She said Muthu lover is a bastard he also want Deepika to sex with him today in bath. She said a loving guy never thinks his lover in that way. And never call other girls like that. I asked her what is decent sex. She said if me and her had sex it would be decent one. I asked how. She said that she like men controlling their thoughts and praise me for that. I asked how. She said, ” Now I’m telling about sex though you acting innocent that’s what I like” I asked her how many times she had sex she said never and said she is virgin.

She said she like sex but she never had it. With anyone. I wanted her to do and enjoy her in bed badly and full her pussy. I asked her whether aunt know about her daughter love. She said no and asked does Muthu know that bastard called Deepika for sex. She said no. I asked her to say it to Muthu now. She said that is not our work now I asked then what’s now. She came near me and rubbed my penis and took it out and took it to her mouth and gave me blowjob I didn’t done anything. I pushed her towards wall and removed her t shirt and shorts and mad her nude I pinched her small nipples and licked her breast and rubbed her clit she ask me to lick her clit. I made her sat on the chair and licked her cunt wildly. She released juice and I drank that and kept my penis on her small hole pussy. Her pussy didn’t take my cock. So I pressed forcefully and she cried I gave her a lip lick and fucked her for few minutes. She then took my cock easily inside her pussy. I fucked her fastly and she screamed on hearing her screaming aunt came upstairs and looked what is going on.

I took Deepika to bed and fucked her hard. Then aunt also came and removed aunt saree again and left her nude I made her sit and made Deepika to lick her pussy and I fucked Depika at her anal. I lumped very fast and cum inside her. Then I heard Muthu coming we cannot hide then Muthu saw us fucking she stood and I invited her to fuck she shouted at her mother and said her as slut her mother said. She is slut.

Muthu said she is not fucking me. Aunt asked Muthu where she gone. She said she went to canal. Aunt said she saw her with a boy. She said she is her boyfriend. Aunt asked her then why he crushed her boobs and why she took her cock in hand. She said nothing like that.

Aunt said she knows everything that both are having sex everyday. She said anyway she going to marry her nothing wrong in that. And she went and all went to sleep. Then I wake up Muthu and asked him to marry her. She said I’m mad. I asked her to do that. He said he cannot marry her and he gave phone to another girl who is a prostitute who sex with him daily. Then she was crying the whole night. I took her to canal and removed her chudithar and we went to bath and I called her to sex. She said she is sad and cannot have sex with her cousin. I removed her panty and bra and crushed her boobs I removed her panty and left my cock inside her pussy and fucked her she started to enjoy and I fucked her hard she kissed my lips and said come on prove me that you better than him and gave me a blowjob I cum inside her pussy and we went home.

This is how I fucked my aunt and cousin and step sister. Hope you guys like that.

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