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Surprise insemination – Dirty Sex Tales

Michaela returned home. She’d had a long, hard day at work. She was a real estate agent and had had too many clients to speak to.

Amelia, her girlfriend, welcomed her at the door. They’d been together for almost three years and had lived together for two. “Hi, was your day?”

“Hi, sweetheart. Great, but it was a long day.”

“You know what will make your mood better?”

“When I see you, my day is already better,” Michaela said with a smile on her face.

“That is sweet, love.” Amelia walked over to Michaela and hugged her. “I meant some delicious food and then a bath. What do you say?”

“That sounds perfect.”

After the bath, Amelia took her to the bedroom.

“I have a surprise for you.” Amelia took off her towel and revealed her naked body. Her breasts were still a little wet from the bath. They weren’t so big, but Amelia still loved them. Amelia gave Michaela an intense, passionate kiss, then pushed her onto the bed. “Do you want to try something different?” Amelia asked.

“Like what?”

“What about something like this?” Amelia held up a pair of shiny handcuffs. She didn’t even wait for Michaela’s answer. She opened the handcuffs, silently demanding her lover’s hand. Michaela submissively offered her hand, and Amelia cuffed it to the iron frame of the bed. She then repeated the process with another pair of cuffs and Michaela’s other hand

“Now I am helpless,” Michaela said with a smile and desire in her eyes. “So what will you do with me?” “I have a few ideas.” Amelia took an oil bottle and poured a few drops on her lover’s body, slowly massaging her breasts. With an oiled hand touching her nipples, she gently pressed them. Michaela squealed with pleasure. Then Amelia started oiling her feet and going higher and higher, stopping on her clit. Amelia sat between her legs and licked her clit with her tongue, moving up and down.

“Ahhh!” Michaela screamed in pleasure. It didn’t take long before she was wet.

Michaela is so wet when she ovulates, thought Amelia.

“I have one more surprise for you. Just wait.” Amelia ran from the room like a storm. It took a few minutes before she returned. In one hand she had a jar with some white fluid. In the other, she had a turkey baster.

“What is that?” Michaela had no clue what that white fluid was.

“This is sperm.” Amelia walked towards her. “And you are ovulating today.”

“What?” Michaela slowly started to understand what Amelia wanted. They had talked about children, but Amelia was crazy about babies, her biological clock ticking strongly. The problem was she couldn’t have babies. When she was young she’d had a very strong ovarian infection. In their relationship, Michaela was the only one who could get pregnant, but she didn’t want a baby yet. She was terrified of the idea of being pregnant, and especially of giving birth.

“Please, stop it,” Michaela begged. Amelia extracted some of the sperm with the turkey baster. “Please don’t do it.”

“Stay still, love.”

Michaela fought and struggled when Amelia came closer to her with the turkey baster full of sperm. Michaela fought really hard and put her legs together to stop Amelia from penetrating her with it but Amelia was able to separate her legs and slowly inserted the turkey baster inside her unprotected pussy. “The sperm just came from the freezer, so it will be a little cold.”

“Don’t do that. I can get pregnant.” Michaela felt cold while the turkey baster was slowly inserted inside her tight, wet pussy. Amelia kept pushing it inside until Michaela could feel it right up against her womb. “Please, no.”

Amelia smiled at her and pressed the button on the turkey baster, releasing all the sperm inside her. Michaela felt the cold sperm flood through her pussy.

“I want you to get pregnant.” Amelia smiled at her and removed the baster. Some of the sperm came out of Michaela’s pussy.

“Why did you do that?” Michaela was so upset.

“It’s okay, love.” Amelia started licking her pussy again. “Will you come for me? With all that sperm inside you?”

“No, I don’t want to.”

Amelia ignored her answer and continued licking her. She tasted the salty flavor of sperm on her tongue. Amelia had never tasted sperm before. It was weird for her, but she wanted to bring Michaela’s body to orgasm to increase her chances of getting pregnant. She even put two fingers inside her.

“Stop,” said Michaela with pleasure in her voice. It didn’t take long and she came. Amelia felt how her pussy tightened and then loosened. Amelia touched her clit with her tongue, but that was too much stimulation for her lover, so she struggled. Then Amelia lay next to the handcuffed Michaela.

“Why are you forcing me to do this?” Michaela asked her. “You know that I’m terrified of giving birth.”

“I am sorry. I had to. I need to be a mother.” Tears formed in Amelia’s eyes as she said the words.

“But you can’t force me to get pregnant!” Michaela screamed at her. “Uncuff me!”

“I am sorry,” Amelia said very quietly.

“Whose sperm is it?”

“I wanted to have some of the same genes as our child.”

“What do you mean?” In a way, she already knew.

“My brother.”

“What? Are you crazy?! Uncuff me right now!”

Amelia complied, and an angry Michaela ran to the toilet to push all the sperm out of her pussy.

It took Michaela a few days to forgive Amelia for what she had done to her and made her promise that she would never do it again. She had it in her mind to buy the morning-after pill, but she had so much work that she never did. At some point, she forgot all about it. After a few weeks, she missed her period and started to have morning sickness. “You must pee on the stick.” Amelia tried to hide her enthusiasm.

“It is my first pregnancy test, but I am not stupid,” Michaela said angrily. She pushed and started peeing on the stick. Immediately, two lines showed up.

“Shit. I am pregnant!” Said a very upset Michaela, “and it’s your fault!”

“Keep it, please.” Begged Amelia. “I will stay home and raise our baby. You can continue working.”

Michaela stayed silent. Though she was terrified of giving birth, she was even more afraid of abortion.

“Yes,” Michaela said submissively. “We’ll keep the baby.”

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