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Joel was not very happy, he was having to go and live with a foster family because his mum had been taken ill and taken into hospital, Joel had tried to argue that at sixteen years of age he was a man he also pointed out that in his own country of Ghana they had had lived in a small village where he often had to fend for himself and fight of wild animals, but the authorities would listen to him quoting the law and now Joel found himself at a small farm where he was to live for at least two weeks, Joel was also unhappy to learn that a girl from his class at school called Sara lived on the farm with her Sister Amy, Joel knew that Sara was sixteen and a loud mouthed racist trouble maker her sister who was four years younger was also a loud mouthed racist trouble maker, Joel had been shown round the farm and was now sat in the kitchen when Sara and Amy arrived home from school, Amy glared at Joel and said to him ” we do not want you here” Joel just grinned and stuck two fingers up then went to his room. Later Joel was in his room just after having a shower, the girls were out with their parents, the pizza that Joel had ordered was just being delivered by sixteen year old Cindy a friend of Sara’s who was loud mouthed but not racist as she walked through the farm yard Cindy saw Joel through his window drying his hair, Cindy stopped when she saw that Joel was naked and had a nine inch dick hanging down as she looked in awe at the naked Joel Cindy thought it is true black boys have got big cocks, Joel saw Cindy looking and covered himself and when Cindy knocked on the door Joel opened it when he did he saw pokies in Cindy’s tee shirt and saw her looking at his crutch, Joel removed his towel and said 2 you see something that you want, Cindy just stared at the now stiffening black dick, Joel reached down got hold of Cindy’s wrist and said ” come and get it” and helped her into the house where he lay her on the table and started to undo her jeans, Cindy lay looking at the now erect eleven inch dick and when Joel pulled her jeans and panties down Cindy lifted her bum allowing her clothes to slide down easier, Joel then started to slide his dick into Cindy’s love tube causing her to cry out as he did, Joel started to thrust in and out of Cindy’s love tube hearing her groan as he did and after a few minutes Joel felt Cindy climax but carried on thrusting away making her cum a second time after another half a hour Cindy had cum three more times before Joel squirted his cum over her body. twenty minutes later Joel was smiling as he saw a still dazed Cindy walked through the farm yard. In the morning as he sat eating his breakfast Sara walked in looked at him and said ” my mate Cindy told me you fucked her last night” Joel smiled and said ” you want some as well” and stood up letting his dressing gown fall open, he saw Sara look at his naked dick and her eyes widen slightly, Cindy left for school without saying anything, when Amy walked into the kitchen Joel saw her eyes go wide as she looked at his dick, Joel smiled when Amy left. After dressing Joel went and helped on the farm, That evening Amy and her parents were out Sara was watching telly when Joel walked into the room naked he saw Sara look straight at his dick and said ” you want it” Sara said ” but your black” Sara was still looking at Joel’s dick when she spoke and saw Joel’s dick start to go stiff and after a few minutes was looking at Joel’s eleven inch erection, Joel said ” there you are it is ready for action” Cindy was sat with her mouth open hardly believing what she was seeing, Joel placed his hands on Sara’s knees and ran them up and under her skirt and pulled her panties down as he did Sara said ” but your black” Joel picked Sara up and carried her to his room where he put her on his bed then removed her skirt and got on the bed and when he slid his dick up Sara’s love tube she cried out loudly Joel started to thrust in and out of Sara’s love tube making her groan in deep pleasure and after half a hour Joel had felt Sara cum four times and after twenty more minutes admired Sara’s bum as she walked unsteadily to her room thinking I am going to have that. Over the next two days Amy kept giving Joel funny looks, Joel kept groping Sara’s bum, then Sara’s parents were called away to see Sara’s granddad who was very ill. That night when the girls arrived home from school Amy entered the house first and said ” the nigger lover is behind me” then Sara walked in closing the door as she did, Joel looked at her smiled and said ” you ready to be fucked” then pulled her to the table and after laying her on it Joel pushed Sara’s tight skirt right up and after removing her panties undid his trousers letting his erect dick spring out, Amy looked at it and said ” fucking hell that is massive” as Joel slid his dick into Sara’s love tube she cried out, Joel started to thrust in and out as he did he looked at Amy who was watching mouth wide open, Sara was groaning in deep pleasure and after half a hour she had climaxed five times, Joel looked at Amy who had her hand up her skirt, Joel with drew his dick from Sara’s love tube walked over to Amy saying your turn as he went he then put Amy on the table and after a couple of minutes Amy cried out loudly as Joel slid his dick into her love tube, as Joel pushed his dick in and out of Amy’s tight moist love tube she groaned deeply and after she had cum four times Joel pulled his dick out and looked down at the well dazed Amy then carried her to her room where he stripped her naked rubbing her developing boobs as he did, he then walked to Sara’s room as he entered he saw her standing wearing just a gown and said to her get it off” Sara did as Joel had said and for the first time Joel saw her naked ample boobs. The next afternoon Joel walked into the house after milking the cows and saw Sara sat at the table wearing a gown that was open at the top showing her boobs as he looked Amy walked in completely naked, Joel went to Amy and said ” your first” a hour later a naked Sara was groaning as Joel thrust in and out of her love tube while Amy lay on her bed tired. That night Joel was sat naked on the sofa while a naked Amy and Sara knelt in front of him taking it in turns to suck his dick, Joel thought I do not mind being here at all might order some pizza later.

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