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The Big Change – Dirty Sex Tales

Asif was a fourteen year old bi sexual, Bengali boy and hated in his community, the elders of his community said he was evil and had the devil in him, he was made to sleep in the cellar of his house and not allowed in during the day no matter what the weather was like. Adam who was sixteen years of age and a right thug often bullied Asif calling him homophobic names and pushing him around, Asif would cross the road just to avoid him, Adam’s girlfriend Dawn was just as bad as what Adam was, both Adam and Dawn had very bad reputations in the town where they lived and many people wished they would move out. When the pair went to Africa for two months they were not missed at all. A few days after returning from Africa Adam was at the local swimming pool there were few people in building, Asif was sat in the changing room by the hot pipes keeping warm when Adam walked in, Asif was going to leave when Adam removed his trunks and stood naked with his back to Asif who admired Adam’s bum, when Adam turned and walked to the shower Asif could hardly believe his eyes, he had a good clear view of Adam’s seven inch hairy dick, Asif watched Adam as he stood in the shower facing him, Asif watched as Adam soaped his muscular body liking the way his dick swung about, after he had showered Adam stood under the hot water letting it run down his body, Asif was sat watching Adam and saw his dick twitch and start to stiffen, after a minute to Asif’s joy Adam’s dick was sticking out straight from his body then after a short while grew to a full nine inch erection, Asif could hardly believe what he was seeing but liked it, Adam just stood under the shower his dick fully erect a couple of times Adam looked at Asif but did not say anything, after a few minutes Adam took his dick in hand and slowly started to jerk, Asif sat watching the thug boy as he jerked thinking this must be a dream but I like this type of dream, Asif watched as Adam increased the speed then after five minutes Adam used the shower wall as support his knees buckled and he squirted cum in three spurts, Asif was watching in awe mouth wide open, after a few minutes Adam was getting dried, Asif decided to leave in case Adam suddenly turned on him. In the car park Asif saw Dawn stood near the woods at the edge of the car park, Asif walked towards the woods which was a short cut home as he got close to Dawn he saw the zip on her hoody was down showing some of her ample boobs, When Dawn said to him “did you enjoy seeing Adam naked and watch him wank off” Asif was surprised, Dawn held her phone up saying he told me, Asif just nodded and walked on into the woods, he then heard Dawn calling him and turned and was totally surprised to see Dawn had removed her hoody and was topless her jeans undone, when Dawn said “do you want to come back to our place and watch Adam fuck me while we are both naked” Asif was stunned and not make any reply but when Dawn got hold of his hands and put them on her naked boobs and rubbed his crutch Asif knew she was being serious and said “yes” and half an hour later he was walking into Dawn’s house as he did he saw Dawn’s sister Amy who was twelve fully naked her developing boobs had erect nipples, Asif thought I am in paradise and when Dawn stripped naked Asif thought certainly in paradise and made no attempt to stop them as the two girls started to strip him, once naked Asif was taken into the lounge where there were candles burning and a strong smell of incense and when Adam walked in naked with an erection Asif thought this is a lot better than paradise.

To be continued…

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