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The Catch – Dirty Sex Tales

Martin was walking home from school feeling fed up, he had been bored and fed up for a few days, his mum and dad were away visiting his gran who was ill, Martin’s gran would not let him in her house because of all the trouble that he caused, Martin was a tearaway and not well liked. His parents owned and ran a small farm on the outskirts of town, Martin loved farm life it was the only real interest in life that Martin had so he was quite happy to run the farm while his parents were away. Martin arrived home and after changing his clothes Martin went out to feed the animals, as he was doing so he noticed the door to the old barn was open he went and had a look and got a shock, July who at sixteen years of age was two years older than what he was and a very popular girl at school was kneeling down sucking the dick of a horse, July had not seen Martin enter the barn and jumped when Martin said “what the fuck you doing” July fell back and looked at Martin who noticed the large pokies in her blouse, Martin said “you dirty slag sucking a horse cock your finished round here” July looked at Martin and start to beg him not to tell anyone what he had seen, Martin knew that he had the upper hand and said to July “your a dirty bitch nothing but a slag” again July begged him not to tell and said “I will do anything you say” Martin looked at July and said “ok strip naked” July started to undress taking her blouse of first then her bra, Martin looked at her ample boobs and erect nipples thinking they are beauties and when July stood naked he stared at her shaved love tube liking what he was seeing, Martin then told July to lay over the work bench and said you like horse cock your going to get some and took the horse behind July and watched as the horse licked her bum and after a few minutes smiled as the horse put it’s hoofs on the bench and mounted July who let out a cry, Martin went in front of July and watched her boobs as they wobbled about then rubbed them for a few minutes before undoing his trackies and letting his seven inch erection spring out then said to July suck my cock bitch, July reached out took hold of Martin’s dick and put it in her mouth and started to suck it, July kept stopping and let out groans as the horse humped her but after a few minutes Martin squirted his cum into her mouth which July swallowed they lay groaning as the horse humped her, after a few minutes the horse backed away from July who stood up Martin saw that her nipples were very stiff and smiled and smiled even more when July said “your cock is bigger than what my boyfriends and you shoot more spunk” After half a hour July had dressed and left thinking Sara has missed out, Martin sat in the kitchen wondering if July’s sister Sara also liked animal cock and twenty minutes later smiled when he saw the twelve year old girl enter the farm yard.

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