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Steve was a sixteen year old boy that was a well known violent thug nobody would go up against him because they knew he was in the pay of organised crime gangs and had a lot of protection Steve ran a stall in the local town market, it was well known that the stall was a cover for the sale of drugs and the gear on his stall was counterfeit or stolen, he got away with it because the local coppers and trade officers were paid by the crime bosses to turn a blind eye, his girlfriend Tina who was his age was well in with Steve and his dodgy dealings and Tina’s sister Amy who was four years younger than Tina was just as bad, The towns people had had enough of all the trouble from the trio and secretly made arrangements to bring in somebody who could deal with the trio but when Mark a boy who turned out to be two years younger than what Steve was turned up residents laughed saying he stands no chance, Mark wrote of a piece of paper and handed it a girl near him then looked at the town mayor who after a minute picked up a glass of water and poured it over his wife’s head, the local fire chief then went over to an extinguisher and set it off and the vicar shouted out fuck you all, once people had settled down again Mark asked the girl to read out what he had wrote on the paper and when the girl read out that Mark had wrote what the three people had done and before they done it people gasped, when Tom wrote on a piece of paper and handed it to Mark who read it and looked at the teacher the teacher got up wrote his name on the board then threw the chalk in the bin and after Tom said that’s what I wrote down, residents talked and agreed to give Mark a chance, Next day two drug addicts appeared but once Mark had looked at them they left with out going to Steve, Martin was a sixteen year old gay boy who Steve had beat up a few times, Mark spoke with Martin telling him to go to the gents, Mark then looked at Steve who stopped what he was doing and went to the gents then stood facing Martin and lowered the front of his joggers,, Martin could hardly believe his eyes as he looked at Steve’s seven inch hairy dick, Tina was sat in the store hut reading a mag when Mark looked at her then to the surprise of the twelve year old Bengali boy Tina raised her jumper exposing her naked boobs the boy stood staring, Amy was running the stall on her own and when Mark looked at her she gave old Mrs Jones fifty pound saying buy something nice by the end of the day after Mark had looked at the terrible trio they had gave away all their stock free and were now in their stock shed giving away stock free and before long the stock room was empty the market was nearly empty just a few lads hanging around, Tony nudged his mate and said ” fucking hell look” Paul looked and his eyes went wide when he saw Tina stood completely naked Paul called other boys and soon there were ten twelve to sixteen year boys stood admiring the naked Tina’s ample boobs and love tube and when Amy walked into view naked the boys did not know who to look at first and when Steve appeared naked with a nine inch erection the boys started to phone their sisters and soon there were girls aged sixteen and under stood with their brothers watching as the trio all masturbated, the next day on the market the terrible trio were in their stock room with the door closed Tina was laying naked on the table her legs apart while Tony who was two years younger that her was thusting in and out of her love tube while sixteen year old Paul was thrusting in and out of Amy’s love tube and Martin was in a dream as Steve sucked his dick, all day long there was a steady stream of boys and girls to the store room all who left feeling happy and content, then after three weeks the bosses of the gang the trio worked for appeared looking for their money and left with out it, then one day the police fraud team raided the local station and took away crooked police and trading officers, The town soon became crime free again Steve Tina and Amy were no where to be seen unless you visited Pakistan and went to a seedy back street bar where the three were working naked making plenty of money for their new boss.

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