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The Caretaker – Dirty Sex Tales

It was Christmas and Mr Khan was the duty caretaker for the run down tower block of council flats, he was sat in the caretakers office in the basement of the block, he had just received a test call on his pager so knew that was working and he had tested the phone and knew that was in order and the most important thing was that the telly was working, he knew this would be his last Christmas shift as in three months time he would be sixty and retiring and going home to his native country of Bangladesh. After twenty minutes the phone rang it was his control telling him that flat number twelve had a water leak, Mr Khan picked up his tool bag and headed to flat twelve knowing that it would be just sixteen year old Cindy there her parents were away for Christmas but being the trouble maker that Cindy was they did not take her, on arriving at the flat Cindy let him in she was wearing a gown, Mr Khan was shown into the kitchen and went to work on the pipe that was leaking, half way through the job he heard the doorbell ring and a boys voice and ten minutes later heard Cindy shouting ” your fucking useless call that a fuck you cum to quickly” then heard the door slam, Cindy came into the kitchen Mr Khan smiled, Cindy said ” you heard” Mr Khan nodded saying you need a man not a little boy, Cindy said” you would be no fucking good your past it doubt if you could get a hard on” Mr Khan stood smiled said ” try me” Cindy looked at him and said ” what you” Mr Khan approached her saying ” come on see how good an older man is” he then undid his trousers and pulled his eight inch erection out saying see I can still get a hard on, Cindy looked at the first Bengali dick she had seen, Mr Khan said ” you wanna try it” and reached out for the ties on Cindy’s gown and slowly started to pull them till they undid and Cindy’s gown fell open showing her naked boobs, Mr Khan reached up and cupped them then started to gently squeeze Cindy’s nipples then reached up and pushed her gown over her shoulders letting it drop to the floor leaving her naked he then lowered his head and started to lick and suck her nipples while sliding his hand between her legs and rubbing her hairless love tube and after a few minutes could hear her breathing heavy, Mr Khan knelt down and started to lick Cindy’s love tube before pushing his tongue inside after a minute Cindy was groaning Mr Khan removed his tongue stood up gentle lay Cindy on the table with her legs overhanging the edge and after parting her legs stood between them and then slowly slid his dick inside her moist love tube and started to thrust in and out and soon Cindy was groaning very loudly Mr Khan carried on with his thrusting and felt Cindy cum but continued thrusting in and out and after ten minutes felt her cum a second time and then a third before he squirted his cum over her stomach, Mr Khan stepped back and after wiping his dick put it away as he did his pager sounded after looking at it he looked at Cindy and said ” I have to go duty calls” as he walked to the door he said ” not bad for an old man who is past it am I ”  the next afternoon Mr. Khan was dozing in his chair in the office when there was a banging on the door when he opened it he saw Karen who was Cindy’s best friend stood there Karen said ” Cindy told me about last night and I think your best it” Mr Khan grabbed her wrist and pulled her into the office where he soon had her jumper off her and sucking her naked boobs and ten minutes after was thrusting in and out of her love tube and after half a hour had made her cum four times and as she left the office he told her if any of your friends think I am past it send them to me, later as he was replacing a light bulb in the entrance hall Mr Khan saw Cindy walk in with three friends, Cindy smiled at him, Mr Khan thought I wonder how many of your friends think that I am past it there are welcome to come and find out if I am past it or not and smiled and smiled back at Cindy thinking you have got a very cute bum hope you like it up the bum.

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