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After two weeks of extra hot weather the residents of the small country village were very happy when a thunder storm broke, many watched the spectacular lightening as it forked across the night sky and felt the air get cooler, the thunder storm lasted for nearly a hour before finishing but a hour after the thunder storm finished it started to rain, lightly at first but getting heavier as time went by and now a week after the rain had started it was still pouring down very heavily, the sewerage system could not cope with the rain and rain water was now flowing through the streets and the river soon burst it’s bank causing more flooding, then the environmental department started to issue safety warnings, Old Joe started walking through the water with a sandwich board telling people to repent the end was near, residents started to move belongings to upstairs of their houses as water started to leak into their property, sixteen year old Cindy had decided to walk home from her friends house knowing that her dad could not drive in the flood water and by the time she got home she was soaking wet and shivering and found her parents were out so stood on the doorstep waiting for them to return, her neighbour who was old Joe invited her into his house where it was dry and warm an offer that Cindy readily accepted and was soon drinking hot chocolate in old Joe’s bedroom as the downstairs was flooded as she drank her chocolate she looked at Joe’s seventeenth birthday day cards after drinking two mugs of steaming hot chocolate Joe gave Cindy a gown and told her there was a bath of hot water waiting for her and after ten minutes Cindy was relaxing in the bath of hot water and started to feel horny and after awhile was feeling very horny, Joe popped his head round the door saying ” you all right I called you a few times” as he spoke Joe looked at Cindy’s large naked boobs noticing the erect nipples after Cindy told him she was fine Joe retreated thinking that stuff the Chinese herbal shop sold me works a treat and put more in another hot chocolate for Cindy and after a few minutes walked into the bathroom and gave it to Cindy who did not seem to care that Joe could see her naked body and when Joe told her to sit forward and he would wah her back Cindy sat forward and Joe soaped his hands and washed her back brushing over the side of her boobs as he did, Cindy was feeling very horny and did not care an old man was washing her back and when he started to rub the side of her boobs Cindy did not try and stop him and when gently lay her back into the water and started to wash her boobs Cindy just lay there enjoying the gentle sensation of her boobs being massaged Joe was liking the feel of Cindy’s boobs and started to gently squeeze her nipples causing Cindy to groan as he did, Joe pulled the plug from the bath and once the water had drained away Joe started to rub Cindy’s stomach then slid a hand between her legs and started to rub her love tube as he did Cindy parted her legs a bit and after ten minutes Cindy allowed Joe to help her stand and guide her to his bedroom and lay her on his bed and when he started to lick her nipples and rub her love tube Cindy groaned in unexplained pleasure and when Joe undid his trousers revealing his solid seven inch erection Cindy parted her legs and after a few minutes groaned as Joe slid his dick into her love tube and started to thrust in and out, soon Cindy was groaning in very deep pleasure and after a few minutes cried out as she climaxed and after half a hour had climaxed three more times before Joe was finished, Cindy lay naked on the bed dozing and when Joe woke her with her clothes that he had dried in the drier Cindy got dressed, when her parents arrived home Cindy went into her own house where she slept solid for eight hours and later that day went into Joe’s house and said to him ” your a dirty old man of seventy and you fucked me and I am sixteen” Joe smiled at her and when Cindy smiled and said ” want to fuck me again” Joe quickly helped her strip naked and once Cindy was naked he lay her on the bed and started to thrust in and out of her love tube making her cum three times. Two days later Cindy’s best friend Sara was knocking on her door and when she got no reply started to walk away but stopped when Joe invited her into his house to wait for Cindy and soon Sara was drinking hot chocolate and two hours later was walking through the ankle deep water thinking I have just been fucked by an old man of seventy and it was the best that I have ever had, the following day both Sara and Cindy were laying naked on Joe’s bed feeling exhausted after being serviced by Joe who was stood smiling at the two naked girls and wondering who else would be interested in a hot chocolate as he swallowed a couple of viagra and after a few minutes was pushing his dick into Sara’s love tube, the following day Sara’s sister June who was four years younger than what Sara was lay naked as Joe thrust in and out of her love tube while he rubbed the virgin love tube of her classmate noticing the very erect nipples on her developing boobs as he did and later that night as Sara sucked his dick and swallowed his cum Joe thought girls these days are sex mad and I will die a very happy man.

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