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Palash was a sixteen year old Bengali boy who had just moved into a new flat on the top floor of a tower block of flats with his family there was only one other flat on the floor where he was now living and a locking door that lead from the main landing to where the two flats were which made him feel a bit safer, Palash was sitting in a chair outside his flat when sixteen year old July came through the security door, Palash knew that July attended the same school as he did and was a mouthy girl, as she walked towards her flat door July said ” hi” to Palash raising her hand as she did, Palash returned the greeting and watched as July entered her flat, Palash thought that July was real cute and had jerked off thinking about her a few times, after July had entered her flat Palash could see her walking about the flat through the glass panel at the side of the main door and after a minute saw her take her school jumper off and throw it onto the sofa and when she started to undo her blouse Palash thought nice and when July took her blouse off Palash thought shit she is wearing a bra and after throwing her blouse onto the sofa Palash saw July undo her skirt and after it fell to the floor watched as July stepped out of it and using her foot flicked the skirt up onto the sofa and when July reached behind her back and unclipped her bra and threw it onto the sofa Palash stared in disbelieve at July’s naked ample boobs and when she slid her panties down and off and stood naked Palash looked at her admiring her love tube and ample boobs thinking I must be dreaming, July walked towards the door and when the door opened and July stood there naked Palash could not believe his eyes, July smiled at Palash and said ” come on in” Palash could not believe his ears but when July turned and walked back into the flat wriggling her cute bum as she went and leaving the door open Palash got up and followed July into the flat and when July gathered her clothes up and went into her bedroom Palash followed her, when July lay on her bed and parted her legs Palash took no time in stripping naked and climbing between July’s legs then bent forward and slid his eight inch erection into her love tube and started to thrust in and out and after a few minutes he could hear July groaning as he thrust in and out of her love tube pushing in as deep and hard as he could and after five minutes felt July cum but carried on thrusting in and out of her love tube and soon heard her moaning and felt her cum again and not long after he pulled his dick from July’s love tube and squirted his cum over her body then lay down beside her after a few minutes he heard the main door slam, July said ” do not worry it is only my sister” and got off the bed and went out the room, Palash got dressed and when he went out of the bedroom and into the lounge he got a surprise July’s sister Amy who was four years younger than he was was sat naked on the sofa, Palash looked at her developing boobs noticing her erect nipples he looked at her love tube and when Amy raised her hand saying hi as she did Palash smiled saying hi, July walked in from the kitchen smiled at Palash and said to him ” if you ever get a hard on there is always me or my sister who will deal with it for you” Palash left the flat and returned to his own thinking what a welcome I will be back there later and a few hours later was back thrusting in and out of a groaning Amy’s love tube and after thought it is going to be great living here.

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