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The Hostage Pt. 1 – Dirty Sex Tales

The Hostage



 First, I would just like to say that I am writing a story about sexual assault, whichI do not condone, however it is fun to fantasize. Second, this first part contains a lot of background. If you would like to skip the background, I have placed the word  “Meatball ” right before the part with all the sex for your reading pleasure. Simply go to find on page in your browser and search for  “meatball ” and be taken directly to the sex. However, I strongly recommend reading the background. 

            It’s my first time ever being in an interrogation room. It is exactly the way it is shown in the movies. The walls are grey except for one wall which has a one sided window to it. It might just be the color of the walls, but the whole room seems cold and it doesn’t help that the table itself is like ice. Luckily I don’t have to wait long for an officer to come in.

            I can tell he’s had a long day but he still finds it somewhere in his heart to show me a little compassion and understanding before sitting down across from me. His eyes scan me up and down with pity. I’m wearing a white t-shirt several sizes too big for me but it’s the only thing they could give me when they found me lying naked in that cabin.

            He slides a tape recorder from his jacket pocket and places it smoothly on the table, sliding it closer to me, yet still between the two of us.

            “Miss Ellison, my name is Officer Reis. I understand that you’ve been through a great ordeal today but I really need you to answer a few questions for me okay?”

            I nod, biting my lip and crossing my legs. If I concentrate hard enough I think I can still feel the semen dried on my thighs.

            “Do you know where the men who took you hid the money?”

            I shake my head, looking to the side and say, “They left the bus and hid it somewhere in the woods. They wouldn’t let me look.”

            I can feel his eyes hovering over the bruises on the side of my face. He hesitates for a moment before finally asking. “Are you sure they didn’t assault you sexually?”

            “No,” I lied. The bruise on my face wasn’t from them anyway. I had hit my cheek on the side of the bus when it turned abruptly. It was the second time I had turned down a rape kit and I don’t know why. There had definitely been assault, both mentally and physically. It had horrified me, not for their actions but for my own.

            The good officer sighed and looked away. He could tell I was lying, but it was my choice and I was choosing to keep quiet. He continued with the interrogation and I told him everything I knew.  I conveniently left out Jessie. I especially left out the part where three men viciously assaulted us in a cabin hidden away in the woods. I definitely left out the part where I enjoyed every last minute of it.


            It’s a funny coincidence to think that I was actually on my way to a sexual addiction meeting when my bus was hijacked. I had been clean for a year now, at least in terms of sex with another person. I wasn’t shy about diddling myself now and again although my self-help group frowned upon it. I always admitted to it, so it’s okay though. To rephrase, I hadn’t had sex with anyone in a year, which is a big step for me. We jokingly referred to it as being “off the pole.”

            The bus arrived earlier than usual and I hopped in. It was a city bus so the clientale were less than admirable. I liked to think that I wasn’t one of their kind and my body would suggest that in form at least, I am a little easier on the eyes than they are. Dazzling brown hair with a hint of auburn streaking down my shoulders, with big, round and brown eyes. While not outrageous, my chest is an average size with perky and round breasts (most men care about the shape anway) and an admittingly out of shape ass, that still had traces of its former high school track days. But, I would classify myself as a looker. There’s a reason I’m a sex addict.

            The trouble started once we passed the bank, just a couple blocks from my self-help meeting. In a perfectly choreographed getaway, three men wearing masks sprinted out of the bank, just as the bus pulled to a stop and opened its doors for an elderly woman on the sidewalk.

            Even though it happened in real time, I watched it in slow-motion, to horrified to actually scream any kind of warning. In the blink of an eye, they had ascended to the front of the bus. The last one to get on wasted no time in pointing the gun at the driver of the bus and eschewing him to his feet. They traded places quickly, the driver with his hands up and the masked man pointing the gun his direction.

            “Turn around!” He ordered and the driver complied. With a swift kick he planted his foot in the driver’s back and flung him down the steps. The driver quickly sat down and shut the doors. The bus started off again, now with three robbers in tow.

            I sat halfway back of the bus, scared just like the rest of the passengers. I caught eye contact with one of the robbers and he eyed me up and down coolly. We stared at each other for awhile, me out of fear, him out of…attraction? Our staring contest was broken when the lady in-front of me stupidly began dialing on her cell phone. She was lucky he was within arms reach, or maybe they didn’t want to add a murder charge to their record, but he quickly reached out and struck her with the butt of his gun. She screamed and dropped the phone to the ground, clutching the side of her head.

            The second one started moving down the aisle, holding a large sack as he went.

            “Give me your phones!” He hollered and one by one he made his way down the aisle collecting phones. One man denied having a phone and he was immediately struck in the head. Reluctantly he gave up his cell phone and everyone else in line were much more urgent about surrendering their electronics.

            So we drove for a long time in the country. With one man driving and another giving him directions. The third man stood in-front of us serenely. Occasionally a passenger would ask a question but we were ignored.

            Finally we stopped by some railroad tracks and the bus slowed to a halt. I checked around and sighed. There wasn’t a single building for miles around.

            “Everybody off slowly!” Our overseer barked out. Nobody listened. In a panic all of us began rushing for the aisle, trying to be the first one off the bus and away from danger. It didn’t matter, the man in front stood at the top of the aisle and allowed us to pass one at a time. So we waited awkwardly for our chance to get off the bus.

            As I got closer to him, I was able to assess him more clearly. He was taller and carried more importance to him than the others. If he wasn’t their leader, he was definitely respected like one. Even though I was a couple people back in line, I could feel his eyes boring in to me. He was the same one who had stared at me earlier. Finally, I reached him in line. He made a move as if to stand aside to let me through, but instead he grabbed me roughly by the shoulders and shoved be back into the first seat.

            I gasped and immediately felt fear welling inside me. A couple of the other passengers behind me gasped, but none of them stopped to help me. A couple of them cast sideways glances at me, perhaps pitying me. The man never took his eyes off me and I found myself unable to take my eyes off of him in return. He was just smiling at me. They were all almost off the bus by now. Then I noticed Jessie. She was last in line, a girl all alone by herself on the bus. She couldn’t have been any older than 15, with cute, shoulder length blond hair and cute little breasts for her age. But it was her cherubic face that made her attractive. So sweet and innocent. I watched in horror when the man smiled cruelly at her and grabbed her by the shoulders just as he did me. With little effort he shoved her into the first seat opposite of me. She screamed and cried when the doors closed and the bus sped off again, leaving the other passengers stranded in the middle of nowhere behind us.


            The bus was really speeding now and I could only stare helplessly at the little girl across from me sobbing helplessly. If the men were trying to hide their intentions for us, they were doing a poor job of it. Both the girl and I could clearly hear snippets of their conversation.

            “When do you think we can start?”

            “She’s just a kid man.”

            “She’s gotta learn someday. It’ll be today.”

            “The other one will do just fine too.”

            “Not much longer now.”

            I tried to catch her eyes and let her know everything was going to be okay. When I finally did, I lost the words to say, so I just mouthed my name to her.

            “Kate.” I said pointing to myself.

            The girl took a moment to compose herself before mouthing back to me through a tear strained face. “Jessie.”

            I nodded and mouthed, “I’m sorry you’re hear.” I was starting to cry too. “I can’t protect you, but I can try to help.”

            It wasn’t the news she wanted to hear, but she nodded anyway. Suddenly the bus came to a sudden stop at a deserted intersection. There was a small commotion at my feet as I looked down. The cell phone the woman had dropped from earlier had rested at my feet. The robbers had forgotten about it during the exchanged. I looked at Jessie and caught her gaze. I put a finger to my lips and slowly bent to pick it up. I shoved it in the pocket of my hoodie. I glanced back up at them quickly to see if they had noticed, but they were all looking out the window, giving directions.

            I started to take off my hoodie to better hide my new phone, but this was a mistake. The extra movement caused one of them to turn around.

            “What are you doing!”

            “I was getting hot.” I lied apologetically.

            Either my answer appeased him or he was distracted by my cleavage. I had a bad habit of dressing a little more slutty for my sex addicts meetings lately. Being “off the pole” for so long was tough and what better place to pick up guys than at a sex addict meeting right? Unfortunately my plan backfired as the man took notice of my chest.

            “Damn girl you look good.” He said almost unconsciously. He instinctively lowered his hand to his crotch. “I’d love to get a closer look at them titties.”

            I hated that word. I don’t think its objectifying or cruel, I just think it’s a dumb word. He didn’t care how I felt about it unfortunately. He raised the gun and pointed it at my chest, motioning with the barrel. “Take it off, now’s as good a time to start as any.”

            I knew he was serious, but it didn’t stop me from asking, just to make sure. “Are you serious.”

 “meatball ” 

            He was getting annoyed and shouted loudly, “TOP OFF SUNSHINE!”

            Jessie screamed across from me and I quickly complied. The shirt was off quickly to reveal a slightly slutty black lace bra. The man turned to Jessie attracted by her screams, and motioned to her.

            “You two sweetie. This party isn’t just for one.”

            She looked at me from across the way and her face contorted into an anguished frown. She looked at me pleading for another option but all I could do was nod at her. If she wanted to stay alive, we needed to comply. Crying, she started to unbutton her blouse. It was painstakingly slow, even for me. It was definitely too slow for our captor. Without warning, he pulled her over by her hair and she screamed, fumbling with the buttons.

            “I don’t have time for this sweetie!”

            With a swift tug he pulled at the front of her shirt. After two sharp tugs the buttons had all flown off. He pulled the shirt off through the sleeves while she sobbed. Then he ripped off her tank top to leave a small rose pink bra underneath. It was an odd thought, but I couldn’t help but notice how little and perfect her chest was. Tiny little handfuls of vanilla skin. She was absolutely beautiful. I could see why our captor held her over. He forced her back again and grinned at her.

            “How old are you? You’re a young little thing.”

            She whimpered, “15.”

            He smiled, “I like that. Just young enough to learn. You’re going to do me a favor today sweetie. I want you to call me Daddy. Do you understand?”

            His mate called from the driver’s seat, “That’s sick man.” He said almost laughing.

            “I don’t care.” He responded, “I got one chance and I always wanted someone to call me that while I pulled their hair from behind.” He glanced back down at her. “You’re gonna love when I’m inside ya little girl. Tell me you’re gonna love it.”

            She sobbed and sputtered out, “I’m going to love it.”

            He smacked her across her pale face quick as lightning, “What did I tell you!”

            She shrieked and responded back, “I’m going to love it Daddy!”

            God that was hot. I hated myself for thinking it but it was hard for me to deny it. I loved when the little girl purred daddy and I wasn’t even the one asking for it.

            The driver called out from the seat, “We’re almost there “Daddy” make sure you’re not caught with your pants around your ankles.

            Our captor smiled, “Good point. No reason why we can’t have more fun with these two though.”

            He turned his attention back to me and motioned to my pants. “Off with those too Miss. Let’s get a good look at that pussy. I wasted no time undressing, taking panties and pants off with one smooth pull. Jessie watched me intently and the men whistled. The driver was finding it hard to keep his eyes on the road.

            Jessie must have felt she was next because she was already sliding her pants off too to reveal a matching rose pink panties. They were a little lacy for my taste but I could remember that time in my life when I wanted to feel sexy. Her panties were a cute but sexy choice.

            All three of us sat there, two of us naked, one unconsciously rubbing his genitalia through his jeans. I couldn’t help to think what now, as well as admit I was a little turned on, not just at the thought of finally feeling something besides my fingers in my pussy, but also by the sight of the cute little girl sitting across from me.

            He looked at me and I could instantly tell what was on his mind, and it excited me. He motioned toward Jessie and smiled, “Go to her.”

            I looked at Jessie and she seemed horrified .I was less so. Girls were not new to me, just infrequent and not for a long time. The experience wasn’t going to be a new one, but definitely something I was good at and maybe just a little excited for. The best of a bad situation.

            I literally crawled over to her without any direction. She was lying flat on the seat, with her head propped up against the side, her tears all but cried out by now. Her make-up was still smeared a little. I crawled over her and let my breasts drip down over her stomach and up to her bra. Our faces were so close now, my hair encasing her face. She was scared and I understood.

I mouthed to her silently, “I’m sorry” I moved closer to her ear and I heard behind me, “This is getting hot.” I rolled my eyes and spoke to my forced lover. “Jessie, I don’t want to hurt you, but we have to do this. I promise I’ll be gentle.”

I pulled myself away from her face and she seemed like she wanted to cry but tears wouldn’t come. I looked at her and said, “Just try to enjoy it as much as possible. Pretend like its just you and me.”

She nodded and brought her hands up to my hair, gripping both sides lightly. I placed a tender kiss on her lips and could feel the saltiness from her tears. She just sat there initially, but after awhile she started to kiss back, either trying to make it convincing or just trying to enjoy it as much as possible like I asked. I moved my hands underneath her carefully and undid her bra skillfully. She adjusted to let me slide it off her shoulders, all while still giving me subtle but forceful kisses. Without thinking I darted my tongue out and played it across her lips. Surprisingly, she rose to meet me and our tongues coiled around each other. I wrapped a finger around the sides of her panties and deftly drew it down her leg slowly, releasing the last piece of clothing from her body. I desperately wanted to touch her little pussy but I took it slow.

I felt a hand on my bare back and it wasn’t Jessie’s. “Its hard to see anything that’s happening ladies. Let’s move the party up here.”

Annoyingly we complied. I lifted up and let Jessie sit up. We sat next to each other and I motioned toward my lap. Slowly she crawled into it, folding her legs underneath her and resting the heat of her vagina on my thigh. She had lost a little bit of the lust in the change of position so I took a finger to her face and caressed it. She leaned into my hand and we kissed again. This time with a little more force and passion. Our captor stood right over us, watching us from just a few inches away. I thought it was hot, but I worried about what Jessie would think. I took my finger from her face to her breast and cupped it. It didn’t take long for me to bring her little nipple to attention. I had been wanting to taste it ever since I took off her bra. Hungrily I brought my mouth to her breast and engulfed it, eliciting an involuntary moan from the little girl. I tongued her nipple in my mouth and she threw her head back.

Suddenly, I felt an intruder next to my cheek. Our captor had placed his hand on Jessie’s other breast and was rubbing it roughly. Jessie noticed and I brought my hand up to her face pulling her attention back towards me. I kissed her again to distract her. I opened my eyes to get a glance at her and noticed that Jessie’s eyes were huge and glancing over at our captor’s crotch. It didn’t take my long to see why. He had already whipped his considerable member out and was rubbing it back and forth with his free hand in between us.

For me, it was incredibly forbidden and hot, but for Jessie it was certainly alarming. I slapped her lightly and directed her to my mouth, kissing her passionately and rubbing her chest along with his. I brought my free hand down to her thighs in an ultimate bid to get her attention. I found her little clit effortlessly and begin to stroke it. Simultaneously I moved my mouth to her ear and whispered, “Just focus on me. Ignore him.”

So we stayed that way. He jacked off between us, occasionally switching from my chest to her little budding breasts, but always jacking off and moaning. I concentrated on Jessie, alternating between stroking up the length of her slit, or inserting a finger in her pussy until I could feel her hymen before pulling out and rubbing her clit again. She was moaning too, throwing her head back every now and then or burying her head into my shoulder. I couldn’t tell if she was hiding or just enjoying herself. I finally got my answer when her little hand drifted between my legs. She started to work me like I was working her and for the first time since I had come across to her, she initiated the kiss, using her other hand to feel on my chest. She was shaky and nervous but I didn’t care. It was the first bit of sexual contact I had experienced in a year. Her little fingers worked wonders on me and I found a familiar warmth in my pussy. I had even forgot about the man jacking off in between us. I just enjoyed Jessie, rubbing me, trying to share what I was giving to her. Our playtime ended abruptly however.

I heard our captor grunt and before we could react he placed his hand on her shoulder and shoved her away from me. With a final forceful grunt he unloaded himself all over Jessie’s horrified chest, with her finger still working unconsciously on my pussy. His cum landed on her breasts in spurts as he continued to pump every last drop out. He was breathing ragged and moved to put himself away. Jessie sat stone faced and horrified with his cum running down her little chest. I did the only thing I could think of in the situation. I leaned forward and licked it all off her chest, to make sure she didn’t have to see it. I swallowed it all and turned away from her ashamed.

From the front of the bus the driver called out to us, “We’ve arrived. Now the fun starts.”

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