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I was only 9 when I learnt to masturbate. It came about in a very odd way. When I was 3 my so called no good fuck face dad who was 29 walked out on us for a younger woman or slutty girl of 18. This obviously left my mum single for a while and having to raise me alone as well work. I’ve always admired my mum for being able to do that. She had to give up a lot, going out with friends, and going to groups like local history that she enjoyed. Many of her friends helped out and looked after me to give her a night off to go out and do something but because of their lives it was rare. It also made me more self sufficient, responsible and independent, not to say I didn’t rely on mum for comfort when I needed it.

            When I was 9 I had a bad night, I just woke up scared, whether from a thought or a bad dream I don’t know. I walked to my mums room oblivious to what I would find because I was so frightened I couldn’t hear anything. I opened her door and found mum on top of the covers naked, with 2 fingers inside her pussy fingering madly rubbing her nipples and gasping in pleasure. At that time I could tell it was a happy and good thing in my 9 year old mind just not sure what was going on.

             “Mum ” I said  “I think I had a bad dream ” oblivious to the fact I was interrupting her. She bolted up and saw me in the door way, very very embarrassed she put on her nightie and told me come into bed with her. We talked about what might have scared me, because I didn’t know she just spoke to me until I had calmed down. Once that happened she then explained to me what was going on.

             “Now hun, I dont want to you be scared or worried about what you saw I was doing. Its a natural thing that older girls do especially when they live on their own. ” Is how she explained it.  “Now go back to bed hun “

            I did and as soon as I got into bed I thought about what I had seen thought it was a nice thing  so I took my PJ’s off and rubbed my nipples. I soon found a strange and fuzzy feeling through my body and my fanny was feeling all warm and needed to be touched. I did and found that rubbing it made it more fun and the fuzzy feeling increased. I then thought of what mum had done and tried to put my fingers into that hole we had for making babies. I followed mums example and started to go in and out and a few seconds I felt a wave of something coming over me I kept it up until it got so intense something happened. When it finished I felt like I had run a long way I was breathing heavily and weakened. Later on I leant this was called an orgasm. I enjoyed it so much I kept doing it when I could.

            When I was 10 my mum allowed herself to start dating again. Because I was responsible mum allowed me to be on my own at home. She found a few men and had short relationships with them. I never really knew why they didn’t last very long- relationships not sex. This course brought my attention to sex. I knew about it but not the actual side of it. Hearing mums moans and the man saying  “here it comes “. I found it made me fuzzy hearing it and would then need to finger myself.

            I started secondary school when I was 11 and met a few more friends one of which was Louise. She was like me and early starter! I found that out when she asked one to one if I had touched myself. I told her yes and we discussed it in private often. Outside the mutual masturbation interest we got along as really good friends sharing love of sports, music and theatre plays.

            Louise was a very sexual girl having begun developing at 9, at 11 she already had reasonable breasts and was looking a bit older than the rest of us. I don’t think she was having periods. She lost her virginity, at 11, to an older boy. Her older sisters 15 year old boyfriend in fact.

             “Oh Sarah I had sex with my sisters boyfriend on Saturday morning. My sister was out at work and he comes over to meet her. We started kissing then we got naked and we had sex! It was great Sarah he loved it, told me I was tight, it hurt for 5 minutes but was ok after that! You got to try it baby! ” They had their affair until her sister and the boy broke up which was 4 or 5 months later, I doubt she ever found out.

             She would come in Monday after the weekend when she got to get to see boys and tell me about sex and what happened with him or later on with some other older boy she had met through friends. Sometimes was sex other times was just masturbating or being fingered and licked by some boy.

             “Oh its fun you should try it Sarah ” she would say  “Feeling his willy push into you and then he puts it in and out and then all this white stuff comes out the end and fills up the condom ” Or she would say  “Put his willy in your mouth and run it up and down then the same happens ” Or  “rubbing it hard for a while makes it do the same “.

            I found her stories a huge turn on and began to masturbate over them. Imagining being fucked by a boy and seeing Louise’s face in orgasm. I sort of fancied a boy at the time and imagined taking his dick and doing other things with him but as Louise had described them.

            At 12, Louise began to experiment with girls. One of her older sisters friends was 16 and a lesbian. Some how Louise had managed to either seduce or be seduced by this older girl, although her track record would seem she let it happen. She told me of the events in huge detail often turning me on hugely. Sometimes I had to go to the loo in breaks just to rub my wetness.

             “Oh Sarah, it’s amazing her fingers fingering you and licking your clit. Its amazing you got to try it hunny “

            Soon I had a revelation, I really fancied Louise passionately. I wanted it be me she went with doing all those things to! I knew because I began to imagine more and more her face and with me when I masturbated. We spent a lot of time together and I wanted more I felt love for her the love I felt toward my mum. I was 13 by now and had cute and perky tits and all the other things teenagers have. My sex drive was going into overdrive. I began to sleep naked for easy playing and well just the feeling of nakedness in bed. My mum had walked in on me masturbating a couple of times. She was fine with it.

            After a few weeks I gathered up all my little courage and told Louise that I fancied her. She jumped for joy and told me she felt the same way and had wanted to tell me. From that moment on when we got a private moment we shared little giggles and kisses but never did anything further. Mostly because when we got to spend time together it was groups and going away for a length of time such as 15 minutes was noticeable.

             It was a huge turn around in my life I had never really fancied a girl before in such a manner but I couldn’t help who I was attracted to. Looking at boys I never really felt truly attracted to them just though of them in a sexy way because hey that’s what you’re supposed to do right?! Plus the idea of having something put inside me always turned me on so maybe that’s what I was going for!

            A month went by and my mum was going away for the day, yay! meant Louise could come over! She could have come over anytime I guess but I wasn’t sure I would want mum to be around when I was experimenting my sexuality with girls!!

            We made our plans. She came over in the morning. We didn’t hang around because I was horny as hell and she was just to excited about taking my virginity. Yes as a Lesbian I consider it my virginity, so deal with it! Louise and I kissed for what seemed like an hour and I must be honest it felt amazing, I had kissed boys when I was a confused little girl but this was so much better. So much excitement. We took each others clothes off and stood naked in front of one another, passion took hold of us and we kissed more and Louise took control, mostly as she knew what to do. She kissed me laying me on the bed. She held my sides then kissed her way down my neck and then to my perky tits. I was so horny I was breathing heavily gasping on each of her touches and kisses. My pussy must have been wet and so hot because I wanted to play with it I reached down but Louise saw my moves and got in the way. She closed my legs and held them shut with hers. I could feel the wetness and heat from her own pussy on the top of my inner thighs.

             “Let me deal with it hunny. ” She told me in a sexy voice that sent me wild. Kept playing with my breasts bring her hands up to squeeze and play with them rub my nipples. She was sending so wild I was moaning, gasping and writhing so much I think I looked more like a snake than a 13 year old girl. Louise certainly had learnt a lot and was massively experienced, she was only at my breasts and I wanted to cum so bad. She began to kiss her way down my stomach and then released my legs from her leggy prison. Louise opened my legs and licked my inner thighs up and down using her tip to tickle me. Then, with a big smile she moved her head to my pussy and blew over it. It sent shiver of intense pleasure over me and I had to have her release my lust. I wasn’t disappointed she pressed her lips over my clit and lapped at it for a few seconds and everything just set me off the build up, the teasing, the new sensations of tongue and another girls touch just sent my into the most intense orgasm I had experienced. I let out a massive moan maybe even a scream all I know I couldn’t hear myself. It took me a few moments to recover but as I did I found Louise was still licking my clit building me to another orgasm.

            She then pushed a finger into me and swirled it around making me orgasm again. After my second come down she put a 2nd finger in and began to finger me as I started to play with my tits. She licked my pussy all over fingering me hard and fast, kissing my clit licking it.

            She kept going on me for about an hour I was having orgasms every 5 minutes. She stopped and came up and kissed me eventually we Frenched and I could taste my juices on her lips. After I recovered She went back down on me this time putting her tongue into me and like her fingers swirled it around like she did her fingers. She made me orgasm 2 more times before she stopped and cuddled me.

             “My Turn!  ” I giggled and started to work on her, I won’t lie I pretty much did to her as she did to me, but it got the job done! I licked and nibbled her neck making her let out little gasps of pleasure. I guess I was doing right then! I kept going down then sucked and licked her nipples. I played long and hard with them and it was a huge turn on to play with someone else breasts and to see you turning them on was awesome sight. She didn’t close her legs so my access to her pussy was easy. I went down on her and licked her and pussy for the first time and it me a few licks to get used to the taste. I lapped at her pussy entrance working my tongue around her and with one of her hands pushing my head closer in. She started bucking like I had when our positions had been reversed. faster and faster I went with my tongue. I rubbed her clit with my finger tips and a few minutes later she came.

            I felt amazing having just made another girl orgasm. I popped my head back up to see Louise grinning ear to ear with her arms above her head. Obviously she enjoyed it. I smiled and pulled my self back up to her level and we kissed and cuddled for felt like hours.

            My mum came home so we quickly got dressed kissed each other goodbye and telling each other how much we fancied one another. We both went down stairs and I explained Louise was in the area and came over. Mum was none the wiser it was a regular thing that she did.

            Louise and I kept our relationship quiet for the time being because young lesbianism at that time was still a bit taboo and also we were young. After about 4 months I came out to my mum who was a little shocked and a little saddened because it meant there would be no grand children (at the time- things have changed since then). She was ok with it and very supportive of me and Louise. We began to get more risky with were we had sex such as school toilets and fields, buses and trains, never getting caught, well most of the time anyway.

            When we older at 17 we began to expand our horizons in terms of our sex life. Louise is Bi so she would occasionally with my consent find men to shag. We once had a threesome with a man although the cock taking was one sided. I wanked him at Louise’s suggestion, but found it quite dull, and uninteresting so I never let him in. Later threesomes would just involve girls.

            Louise and I dated for 6 years until University and college’s took our lives to separate places so we called it off. A sad thing but it just the way it was. Because of who we are and I have always made this part of my relationships is to be open, so has she, so when we can meet up we can have sex, usually also involving our girlfriends  as well although sometimes we just want our own little moment. We both remain special to each other that’s why we do it.

            Since then we both have together and separately gone to sex parties, had a range of women different ages. My oldest was 52 when I was 19, youngest outside Louise was 14 when I was 22 but that was an accident I was drunk and she lied about her age… I also a few times had sex with my mum when things got very depressing for her. We dont regret it, it felt right when it happened. I got a one up over my step sister taking one of her best friends to bed and fucking her brains out. I became a Nurse and have sneekily had sex with a few willing patients. Whilst training I worked in a bar so you guess a few stories are there!

            At the moment I am very serious with a girl, Kerry, we have an open relationship to allow others in when we are away from one another and need to have sex, or go to sex parties or when we fancy a more-than-two-some. Also I became a sister when my mum met a guy, David. David was widowed some years before and couldn’t have children with his wife because she was sterile with the illness that sadly killed her. They met just before I moved out and could often hear their lovemaking. It was nice to hear mum having fun, I did cry tears of joy for her. She had my brother Thomas when I was 25 mum was 49, a few minor complications but both of them are very healthy.

            Of course I will share a few of the above stories over time! But if you have a preference just ask in the comment bit below.

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