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The Human Zoo – Dirty Sex Tales

Cindy and her best Amy were two 16 year old bullies who were on holiday with them were Mark Cindy’s step brother and his mate Steve who were both a couple years younger than the girls. The group were visiting a zoo in China that was advertised as a human zoo, Cindy and Amy were both moaning about the queue and telling people to get a move on, once inside Cindy said ” fucking hell they are all naked” Mark and Steve were smiling and both boys soon had erections inside their trousers, when and elderly lady slipped and fell Cindy and Amy both laughed pointed at the lady and called her a stupid cow, but Mark and Steve both rushed forward at the same time and helped the lady up and sat her on a seat where Steve stayed with the lady while Mark got her a drink, the girls called the boys soppy dozy bastards and pushed them, security guards rushed forward grabbed the girls and took them away the girls both started struggling and shouting abuse, a man appeared spoke with the lady who had fallen the woman told the man that the boys had been very kind and helped her and deserved to be rewarded. The man introduced him self as the zoo director telling the boys that his name was Chang and that the lady they had helped was his mum, Chang took the boys through a door marked private then into an area marked breeding pens, where there was an empty pen with hay all over the floor, the pen had a viewing window, the boys saw Cindy and Amy brought into the pen area the girls were still struggling and shouting abuse, Chang told the boys this was the breeding area and the girls would be here for 12 months then a doctor walked into the breeding pens and gave both girls injections, a gate opened and six naked boys were lead into the pen each of the boys had large erections, Cindy and Amy who were now calm were then pushed into the pen, the boys surrounded Amy, Mark and Steve could not see her because of the boys but when her jumper was flung in the air  Mark and Steve smiled soon they saw a bra fly in the air, Amy soon appeared topless her jeans undone she was flung on the floor and soon her jeans had been pulled off leaving her naked the boys then surrounded Cindy and soon she was also naked Mark and Tony looked in disbelieve at the naked girls who both had shaved love tubes and large boobs, Mark and Tony watched with big smiles on their faces as the girls tried fighting the boys off but soon they were being held down while one by one each of the boys took turns pounding into the girls love tubes, after some time each girl had been pounded by each of the boys. the boys were then ushered back through the door into a separated area. Mark and Steve were taken into a dining room and given a lavish meal after eating Chang took the two boys who were still feeling very horny back to the breeding room where they saw Cindy and Amy on their hands and knees being held in what looked like stocks, Chang asked the two boys if they would like to service the two girls, both boys with out hesitation said ” yes please sir” and were shown into a room where they stripped before going into the pen where Cindy and Amy were Mark was soon feeling the large boobs of his loudmouthed stepsister Cindy and after a few minutes was thrusting in and out of her love tube while Steve was doing the same to Amy slapping her bum as he did after 10 minutes the boys felt the girls cum and after squirting their cum over the girls bare bums rested awhile before Steve was pushing his dick into Cindy’s love tube while Mark was pounding into Amy, after the boys had finished with the two girls they both showered and dressed talking about the girls as they did. Before leaving the zoo both boys were given a gold coloured pass that had 5 stars on them and were told if they wanted to return at any time to show the passes to any member of staff, a few days later the boys returned and after showing their passes were given special treatment as they toured round the zoo Mark pointed said to Steve look there is your sister the boys looked at the naked Sally who was a couple of years younger than Steve, after a short while Mark was standing behind Sally who was kneeling in the stocks in the breeding pen while Steve was standing behind the naked friend his sister both boys wiping their cum of their dicks.

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