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The Walk 2 – Dirty Sex Tales

The safari tour coach had hit a large boulder in the dirt track breaking the axel as it did, the radio was not working so the driver who was also the guide had gone to get help, That was three days ago and there was no sign of him returning or of any help turning up. The teacher in charge of the 15 youngsters on the coach decide he would lead the students to safety and made an announcement telling the students of his intentions, he also told them that as they were in Africa the sun was very hot during the day so they would travel by night when while it was still warm it was not as hot, the teacher split the students into three groups of five with 16 year old Cindy in charge of one group while 16 year old Steve had another and he had the final group, when darkness fell they set off in the direction of the last village they had past, with the groups staying a few yards apart. 10 year old Simon asked if there was a McDonalds about because he was hungry, he was told were in Africa not back home in England and that he would not find one out here. Cindy was walking behind her group which was at the rear when she saw the tribes men who were wearing only loin clothes before she could say anything she felt a thud and blacked out, when Cindy woke she saw she was in a mud hut saw Steve opposite her who like her self was bound up, Steve explained to Cindy how he had been jumped but the teacher had escaped with his group, he also told Cindy the kids from the groups had been put in separate huts, after a few hours Cindy and Steve were taken out of the huts into a clearing where they saw the kids all standing with dazed looks  about them she then realised they were all naked the boys all had erections, Cindy could not see Simon but saw his brother Paul who was a couple of years older than Simon she saw Mark and Tony both a couple of years younger than her and a couple of girls who were about Paul’s age but did not know their names, a drum started to beat then both Cindy and Steve were tied spread-eagled on the ground, Cindy saw Steve getting stripped naked saw his large 7 inch soft dick she to was then stripped naked, Paul stood in front of her smiling his 4 inch dick throbbing Cindy realised what he was about to do and struggled but could not get free Paul knelt down between Cindy’s legs leant forward and Cindy felt his dick slide into her love tube and felt Paul thrusting in and out and after a couple of minutes he pulled out and stood up, Cindy looked at Steve and saw one of the girls stroking his 9 inch erection, Cindy felt hands rubbing her ample boobs looked and saw it was Mark who was kneeling between her legs after a minute Mark slid his 6 inch erection into Cindy and started thrusting away when he was finished Tony moved in with his 7 inch erection and was soon humping Cindy who was now getting aroused, Cindy saw Steve squirt his cum in three long spurts and smiled, Tony finished by squirting cum onto Cindy’s body. Cindy and Steve were untied and taken into a large round mud hut where they were given food and drink which looked weird to Cindy but tasted good after eating and drinking  Cindy saw the younger kids come in along with tribe people and sat in a circle round the age of the hut, Steve and Cindy were put in the middle Cindy started to feel horny and after a few minutes was feeling well horny she saw Steve’s erection was really throbbing and bobbing about, Steve moved towards Cindy and cupped her boobs then started rubbing them before pushing Cindy onto the floor, Cindy was feeling very horny and lay back parting her legs as she did Steve was soon sliding his rock hard throbbing dick into Cindy and started to thrust in and out of her love tube making her cum after a few minutes, Steve with drew his dick from Cindy rolled her over onto her stomach pulled her to her hands and knees and inserted his still solid dick into her bum and start to pound away Cindy saw Tony standing in front of her she pushed her head forward took Tony’s dick into her mouth and started to suck it and after a few minutes swallowed as Tony squirted his cum deep into Cindy’s mouth, Cindy suddenly felt warm wet sticky spattering on her back just after that Steve appeared in front of her and pushed his still very erect dick into Cindy’s mouth, Cindy willing started to suck on it and when after a few minutes Steve squirted his cum into her mouth Cindy swallowed it all, Cindy was laid flat on her back again where she saw a tribes man standing over her Cindy parted her legs and was soon being pounded by the tribes man, Cindy saw Steve pounding into one of the girls who was a couple of years younger than what she was, Cindy could hear the girl moaning after a few minutes Cindy climaxed but was still feeling horny and smiled as another tribes man entered her love tube causing Cindy to once again climaxed after being pounded by the tribes ma for a few minutes, Cindy and Steve were taken to a smaller hut and after sleeping for a few hours were woken and given food and drink then after they had eaten and drank they were taken back to the big hut, after a week in which every young student and tribes man had made Cindy climax a couple of times and Steve stroked by the girls and tribes women the students were given back their clothes and taken out of the village and dumped by a track where the following day a rescue party who had been alerted by the teacher found them, after spending a week in hospital recovering from exhaustion the students were flown home to England on the flight home Cindy checked in her bag seeing the bottle of drink she had smuggled out, Steve and the other Students were all checking their pockets and bags for their bottles of drinks, None of the students ever mentioned what had happened in the camp but remembered it for years after and also had repeat performances with friends who could not explain why they were suddenly driven wild by uncontrollable lust which lasted for ages.

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