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The Lesson Plus – Dirty Sex Tales

At sixteen years of age Amy was not happy with life, she lived on a violent rum down council estate with her mum who was hardly ever at home and when she was she was to drunk to know what she was doing or where she was, Amy was fed up with going hungry because there was never enough food in the house, her dad had left home a few years ago but he still paid the gas and electric bills which was a small comfort to Amy who wished for a better life, Amy was just going back into the house after chasing off Even who was a peeping tom and flasher, he was hated and known as pervy boy and was two years younger than Amy, Amy saw an ad. in the paper for a teacher for a Bengali boy, Amy went to the address given after school the next day and discovered the boy was a twelve year old Bengali boy called dip because when he was growing up was always saying dip, Dip’s father explained that he wanted his son to know all about a girl’s body and know how girls masturbated, Amy looked at dip’s father who then said ” if you give him a full demonstration I will pay you five hundred pound and nobody will know, Amy looked and said ” you mean strip naked in front of him and finger fuck myself” after being told yes Amy looked at the boy who went to her school and thought about the money and what she get with it and agreed, Amy dropped her bag on the floor while dip sat down, Amy started to undress when she removed her blouse dip smiled and when she removed her bra letting her ample boobs fall free dip’s eyes went wide and when she was naked dip looked straight at her love tube, Amy turned her back and started rubbing her bum then turned back and started to rub her boobs and pushing them together, Amy sat in the chair and started to rub her love tube and after a couple of minutes raised one leg and put it over the chair arm, dip stared hard at Amy’s open love tube, Amy inserted her fingers into her love tube and started to masturbate, dip while dip sat watching mouth open, after ten minutes Amy grunted and climaxed, dip had a big smile on his face, Amy stood and got dressed and twenty minutes later was walking towards the shop with the money in her pocket. A week later Amy was in the local grocery shop when she saw dip’s dad who spoke to her offering her a different deal when Amy asked what it was she was told if his older boy could have sex with her he would pay her five hundred pound, Amy saw the boy she knew he was two years older than dip, Amy said “you mean let him fuck me” and was told yes but all she had to do was raise her skirt, Amy agreed and went in the back where after a few minutes the boy was thrusting in and out of her love tube, after a few minutes the boy squirted his cum over the floor, Amy left the shop with the money then a few days later Amy saw Palash from her class at school in the shop, dips dad made her the same offer, Amy went out the bag and lowered her jeans Palash lowered his trousers revealing his eight inch erection which he was soon thrusting in and out of Amy’s love tube then raised her tee shirt and massaged her naked boobs after five minutes Amy climaxed and not long after Palash squirted his cum over the floor, the next day dips dad told Amy he would pay her five hundred pound for every Bengali she had sex with Amy knew this would make her a prostitute but the money was good and agreed, the next day Amy was laying naked on the table in the back of the shop while two boys from dips class at school were sucking her boobs and rubbing her love tube while she sucked Palash’s dick as she dis she felt a dick slide up her love tube and saw it was dips dad who made her cum twice before he was finished, after a couple of weeks Amy had a lot of money in the bank and had just got in from school when she Evan near the window looking in, knowing she had no panties on she put one foot oh the chair, when Even saw this he smiled thinking at last as he saw Amy’s love tube Amy rubbed her love tube then put her leg down then went into the lounge and pulled the curtains shut but leaving a gap at the bottom then after seeing Evan’s face appear at the window stripped naked, Even could not believe his luck and watched in disbelief as Amy started fingering herself and after twenty minutes admired her cute bum as she walked out of the room a few nights later as Amy walked into the garden after being at the shop she saw Even by the door and crept up behind him and grabbed a handful of his hair and forced him into the kitchen where she made him sit on a chair, then after taking her coat off said to “Evan you watched me the  other night didn’t you” Evan looked at Amy who said ” do not fucking lie because you were seen” Evan admitted he had seen her, then to his surprise Amy lifted her tee shirt over her head and off letting her boobs fall free and said ” you saw these tits of mine” Evan just looked and when Amy unclipped her skirt and let it fall free leaving herself naked saying you saw me like this Evan smiled and said and I saw you finger fuck yourself, Amy grabbed him by the hair and took him into the lounge and told him to strip and once he was naked Amy said now fuck me and after a couple of minutes Evan was ramming his seven inch dick into Amy’s love tube and soon Amy was groaning and after a few more minutes she climaxed not long after Evan was squirting his cum over her stomach. Three weeks later Amy left school and moved to Wales to live with her grandparents, the bank manager was surprised at the amount of money Amy had in her bank account, back in London the Bengali community were not missing Amy they had her best friend July working there now, dips dad was happy unlike with Amy he was only paying Amy’s fried four hundred pound but still charging the locals six hundred pound and when and when dip walked in with his class mate Sara all in the shop looked at her and when she went into the back of the shop there were big smiles all round.

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