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The Office Block – Dirty Sex Tales

It had taken nearly five years to build but now the multi storey office block had opened, sixteen year old Sharon who had just left school felt really lucky to have got in the office block, she was going to working taking mail around as well taking stuff from one office to another, all that Sharon knew about the company that she was going to be working for was that it was owned by an Indian billionaire who owned a large amount of property, Sharon knew that there were some other girls that had gone to the same school as had gone to. On her first day at her job Sharon went to the post room then after being shown round the large area took the morning post round the building after which she returned to the post room where she collected a small parcel to take to the boss when she got there she saw Tina who she had been at school with sat at a desk with her blouse wide open and the boss playing with her naked boobs after watching for a minute Sharon put the parcel down and left thinking he is old enough to be Tina’s dad, when Sharon took a set of plans to a office where a meeting was taking place she saw another former school mate stood naked with a man rubbing her love tube Sharon saw that Amy’s nipples were erect as she put the plans on the table Sharon felt someone rub her bum, Sharon left the office and returned to the post room where she saw July laying naked on the table with a man thrusting in and out of her love tube and another sucking her nipples, after watching for a few minutes Sharon went to the canteen where she saw Tina kneeling down sucking the dick of a man, Sharon thought three of my former school mates having sex with men old enough to be their dads, Sharon got a cup of tea as she turned she saw Tina had cum leaking from her mouth back in the post room Sharon saw July was now dressed after talking to her Sharon was surprised by what July had told her, July had said that the Indian men and boys were much better at sex than any white boy was and that lunch time was best lunch time when she went in the canteen Sharon saw her three friends laying naked on tables and groaning as different men thrust in and out of thier love tubes, as she watched she felt her bum get rubbed then hands reached round her from behind and cup her boobs then hands slide up her skirt and pull her panties down seconds after her skirt fell to the floor and somebody started to lick her love tube while hands were rubbing her naked bum, Sharon felt her blouse being unbuttoned and pulled from her shoulders followed by her bra being pulled off and realised that she was now naked in a room full of men old enough to be her dad, after a few minutes Sharon was laying on the table beside Tina groaning as a man thrust in and out of her love tube with another sucking her nipples after a hour Sharon had climaxed five times and was recovering on a table, when she dressed Sharon could not find her bra and panties.. Two hours later Sharon was walking along a corridor when she saw Tina who was naked on her hands and knees with the owners son who was two years younger than they were ramming and out of her bum while his brother who was four years younger laying on the floor sucking her nipples, when she went into an office she saw Tina’s sister Sandra who was four years younger laying naked on a table groaning while a man locked her love tube when she got back to the post room she saw Amy’s sister Emma who was two years younger than she was and two of her class mates naked bending over the table with three different men thrusting in and out of thier bums while the girls were sucking the dicks of different men one who squirted his cum in Emma’s face, when she was given a book to take to the boss she passed a few girls from her former school all naked having sex with different men, Emma arrived in the office she saw the bosses eldest son standing naked with a six inch erection and Tina sucking the dick of the youngest one she then saw the two Indian boys who lived next door to her standing naked the oldest who was sixteen had a seven inch erection while the other one who was two years younger had a six inch erection it was not long before Sharon was laying naked with the older boy thrusting in and out of her love tube while his brother was playing with her boobs after ten minutes Sharon felt the older boy’s cum as it splattered onto her body after he moved away his brother took his place thrusting his dick in and out of her love tube after he had finished Sharon saw the naked boss and with in a few minutes the boss was thrusting in and out of her love tube with his youngest son sucking her nipples Sharon climaxed three times before the boss was finished after ten minutes of the bosses spurting his cum over her body Sharon was stood beside the table she bent forward to pick her skirt up off the floor as she did she felt and arm go round her waist she then felt a dick rubbing over her bum cheeks then for the first time in her life Sharon felt a dick slide up her bum and start to thrust in and out of it then after a few minutes one of the men slid his dick into her mouth, Sharon started to suck it and after a few minutes gagged when her mouth was filled with cum but swallowed some it, shortly after she felt the dick in her bum pull out and cum splatter her back when she stood Sharon saw that it was a boy who was two years younger than her who had been up her bum. Later that night as she soaked in a bath at home Sharon thought better not be late for work in the morning and I will not bother wearing a bra or even any panties.

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