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The Old Laboratory – Dirty Sex Tales

The former government laboratory stood five miles outside of the nearest town, it had closed down two years ago but nobody apart from the authority’s knew what work had been carried out there in the ten years it had been open, those living near by had seen plenty of traffic going to and from the lab some of which had been under heavy police escort, all sorts of rumours went around about the site some people said it was a site testing drugs on animals, others said it housed aliens while others said it was a centre used to torture people but nobody knew for sure, the site was now boarded up quite securely with alarms on the fences but no security patrols, one evening there was a very heavy thunder storm and in the morning on her way to school twelve year old Sally saw that part of the fence was badly damaged and decided to report it but sixteen year old Tina her best mate Sara and Sara’s sister Amy who was the same age as Sally lied to her and told they had already reported it and after Sally had gone the three girls climbed through the damaged fence and started to look for a way into the lab intending to find out what all the secrecy surrounding the site was about, after checking the outside of the site they found a window where the boards were hanging off and after ripping the boards right off crawled into the building where to their surprise the girls found the lights were still working and started looking around the place when they got to a small gaged tunnel that lead into a big room the girls went on their hands and knees and started to crawl through the tunnel Amy was the last into the tunnel and heard a gate slam shut behind her as Tina crawled out of the tunnel she fell into a pool of liquid and was soon joined by Sara and Amy, the girls went under the liquid but were able to stand after a short Tina said ” what the fuck we are naked” the girls looked at each other and saw that their clothes had gone, Sara said ” must have been the liquid, the girls climbed out of the pool and stood shivering,  Tina pointed and said ” what the fuck is that” Sara and Amy looked to where Tina was pointing and saw what looked an eight foot tall hairy man, Sara said ” is that a cock” Tina said it is fucking massive, the beast started beating it’s chest and howling, Amy said ” if that is a cock it has gone on the hard” Tina said ” run” the girls could not find a way out and suddenly the beast grabbed Sara by her long blonde hair dragged her backwards and through a hole in the wall, Tina and Amy heard Sara shout ” for fuck sake help it is trying to fuck me” they then heard Sara scream out the girls slowly crept to the whole and saw Sara laying flat on her back and the beast pounding her love tube, Tina said ” fucking hell she got about eighteen inches of cock up her” suddenly Amy saw Tina slide backwards quickly turned and saw another beast had her by the legs and pushing it’s massive dick into her love tube, Amy then felt her hair being pulled as she was lifted off her feet by another monster and screamed when it slid it’s large dick into her tight virgin love tube, Sara had given up struggling and was just reaching her fourth orgasm when the beast pulled away from her, like Sara both Tina and Amy had cum multiple times before the beasts let them go, after half a hour the three girls had regrouped and after finding no way out were sat huddled in a corner the beasts had all vanished, After three weeks a big search had found no signs of the missing girls, then Sally remembered seeing them at the lab and government officials found the three naked girls and after controlling the beasts smuggled the girls out of the lab to a secret location. Nobody ever heard of the girls again and the lab was finally destroyed along with the beasts. Residents of the town reported seeing a massive gorilla prowling around and one day as June lay naked sunbathing in a secluded area a large shadow fell over her body.

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