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The one night in my life I regret

When I was 18 years old I was asked to go to a party By a guy I just met. Without asking any questions I accepted the invitation. The guy’s name was Kenny. That’s what he told me. I only known him for about an hour when he asked me to this party. I was flattered at 1st I was a very large woman not very attractive and didn’t have many friends. He told me to Dress very sexy. Which I thought was kind of odd being a big woman. I went home and went through my whole closet and didn’t have anything really sexy to wear. So I went to the store and bought some new clothes. I thought he was interested in me. When he got to my house to pick me up I was already dressed. He told me I need to put on more makeup. I thought that was kind of odd as well. I did what he asked and we left for this party. We drove for about an hour. I had no clue where we were going. On the ride to the party he asked a bunch of questions that were also odd. The 1st question he asked me was. Have I ever been with a black man before? I told him no I haven’t. Couldn’t figure out why he was asking me this considering he was white. Then he asked me if I was a Virgin? I told him that was none of his business. I was really getting uncomfortable with those questions. Then he asked me if I told anyone I was going to this party with him? I told him no but I didn’t have many friends. A little while later we pulled up to this house it was up this long road way off the main road. Thar wore a lot of cars out front. When we walked inside there was a party everybody there was pretty well drunk already. Me and Kenny were the only 2 white people there. Thought that was kind of strange as well. Kenny walked off with this guy and left me standing there. I went up and I got myself a drink and was sitting in the corner all alone. A little while later Kenny walked up to me and said you need to do me a favor? I asked him what was the favor? And he asked me to come with him. We went into a room and closed the door there was 2 men sitting on a bed. Kenny said I owe these guys money. And if you have sex with them then my Debt would be paid. I told Kenny no I wasn’t going to do that. Then Kenny told me that if I didn’t do that for him They were going to hurt him. Just then one of the men got up off the bed. He came over and pulled out his big black cock and told me to get on my knees and suck it. I stood there for A few minutes and didn’t say anything. Then I figured if I didn’t we probably wasn’t going to get out of there. So I got on my knees and I did what he asked. The other man walked behind me and ripped off my panties. And put his cock in my pussy. And the 2 of them fucked my mouth and pussy Why Kenny sat on the bed watching them fucking me. One of the men asked me if I liked it and if I Was enjoying it? I told him I was. And I really was enjoying it. When I looked up there were 6 more men in the room Watching with Kenny. They all had their cocks out jerking off as they watch. When the 1st man came in my mouth Before I had a chance to spit it out another one of the men showed his cock in my mouth. Then I felt the other man cum in my pussy. By this time I didn’t have any clothes on they took all of them all off me. And 1 by 1 they took their turn with me. All of them coming inside of me. They fucking me for hours and hours. And some of them If not all of them I lost Count Took a second Turn coming inside of me. They used all of my holes that night. When they were all finally finished. And I was sitting there on the bed the one man asked me if they did anything I didn’t want? I told them no didn’t know what else to say at that point. Then one of the other men asked me if I enjoyed being gang Bang? I told them I wasn’t expecting that to happen to me. Then they told me Kenny’s name was not Kenny it was actually Jeff. And they paid him to find a woman to gangbang. They had no idea that I didn’t know What was going to happen at the party. So at this point I couldn’t be mad at them. The only one I could be mad at is Kenny Jeff whatever his name is. Who was Nowhere to be found. After he came in my mouth for the 3rd time. He left the party. Now I had another problem. I didn’t know where I was and I didn’t know how to get home. I asked one of the guys at the party if he could drive me home. He told me he would but in a little while. Then he told me to just hangout and have fun until he was ready to leave. I hung around for a little while then the man drove me home. On the way home the man apologized. Jeff told him that I was a prostitute. He also told them that he paid me $2000 to do that. I told the man I was not a prostitute. And I thought his name was Kenny that’s what he told me. And that he didn’t tell me I was going to a gang Bang party. He didn’t pay me a Anything. The man apologized again. He asked me if I was going to the police. I told him no it wasn’t therefore we were all Lied to. When I got home I looked in The mirror I was disgusted with myself. My pussy was stretched out and bleeding and full of cum. My asshole was stretched out it was huge gap. And I lost count on how many loads of cum I swallowed. I think that was the point in my life where my life changed completely. I had no control over anything going on around Me. I was just a big fat girl in the middle of a bunch of black men being used. I guess that’s probably why now I don’t mind letting people use me if it makes them happy. I do enjoy sex a lot and I do enjoy Making people happy. But the biggest regret in my life was believing this man and going to the party with him. I thought that he liked me. Now I know he just used me. That’s one of the downfalls of being a big woman. Men never have a problem fucking a big woman. But they all have a problem being seen with a big woman or being in a relationship with a big woman. But I’ve never met a man yet that wouldn’t fuck a big woman in Private. This is the biggest regret I have in my life was that night. Thank you for reading my story if you have any questions or comments or feedback you could reach me here.

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Darlene J Malewit

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